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NBC picks up 'Chase' and orders more 'Chuck,' while 'Undercovers' gets 4 more chances [Updated]


It's a good time to be a rookie. One day after greenlighting a full season for three upstart shows -- "The Event," "Outsourced," and "Law & Order: Los Angeles" -- NBC has announced that "Chase," its new Jerry Bruckheimer-produced U.S. marshal drama, has been picked up for a full season. The network's action-comedy "Chuck" has also been approved for 11 more episodes.

 “‘Chase’ has introduced an appealing new star to television audiences in Kelli Giddish and we think it has potential to grow,” said Angela Bromstad, NBC's president of primetime entertainment, in a statement on Tuesday. “We also are glad that ‘Chuck’ will be with us for a full season delivering its loyal, passionate audience.” 

The news that Chuck will live to see more episodes might come as a surprise to some. Though it's generated a loyal fan base, the show's ratings have dwindled, causing sites like TV by the Numbers to predict that it would be canceled. But NBC seems to be in a generous mood: It  also ordered four more episodes of their critically acclaimed but commercially struggling drama "Undercovers."

--Melissa Maerz

[Corrected at 3:20 p.m.: An earlier version of this post stated that "Chase" had been renewed for a second season and "Chuck" had been approved for 24 more episodes. In reality, "Chase" got a full-season order and "Chuck" was approved for 11 more episodes, for a Season 4 total of 24 episodes.]

Photo: Kelli Giddish as Annie Frost in "Chase." Credit: Vivian Zink / NBC

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please clarify with chuck - it's already on it's 4th season. are you saying they were upgraded from 13 eps to the full seaosn order? or that they were actually given a 5th season (which would be a little to awesome to believe)

U.S. Marshall ? Marshall McCluhan?

I think it is good for NBC to revew things that have some critical praise a'la Chuck and even Chase a bit. I don't see them putting anything in those slots right now that would do better. And while The Event isn't a good show, it has a slim bit of hope in its numbers.

As for Undercovers, that is reaching a bit, but hope if finds its way.

Chuck received a 13-episode Season 4 order in May; today they picked up the back 11 episodes to make 24 total. And that TV by the Numbers link is six months old.

Ms. Maertz:

This article, and the your previous article which you linked in the second sentence, are way off. NBC completed full-season orders for these shows, not picked them up for another season (yet). Very sloppy "reporting".

Not surprising that 'Chuck' got 11 more episodes. The show isn't as good as in previous seasons, but is still fun.

The shocker was that 'Outsourced' got picked up for a full season. The show is not funny and the premise reminds all the unemployed software and help desk people where their jobs went. The show is borderline depressing and reminds the masses of the major problem the US has with outsourcing to other countries.

Chase is so stupid. The acting, directing, writing and well pretty much everything is horrible. My girlfriend and I watch and goof on it. NBC should have those guys from Mystery Science Theater 3000 watching and cracking jokes. That would make it the best show ever!!!


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