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NBC cancels 'Outlaw'

NUP_141704_0292 It looks like Jimmy Smits isn't going to be an "Outlaw" much longer.

After getting trounced by CBS' "Blue Bloods" week after week, NBC is pulling the plug on the legal drama.

The network will air the last four episodes on Saturdays, beginning Oct. 16.  The last one will air on Nov. 13 because of a preemption on Oct. 30.

Although NBC isn't officially announcing the show as canceled, the network stopped production on "Outlaw" last week and will begin airing "Dateline" in its place on Friday.

"Outlaw" is the third new series to fail this TV season. Earlier, Fox canceled "Lone Star" and ABC canceled "My Generation."

--Maria Elena Fernandez

Photo: Jimmy Smits as Cyrus Garza on "Outlaw." Credit: Trae Patton/NBC

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Boo. Hiss. I love the "Dexter" spin off.

Love Outlaw. Am very disappointed.

I am SO DISSAPPOINTED "Outlaw" has been canceled. We loved the show. Don't understnad NBC, and replacing it with "Dateline" REALLY??? Seems like they always take anything off worth watching! Loving Jimmy Smith here in HOUSTON TX!!!

I really liked the show; it was a shocker and my show to watch on Fridays, like "Friday Night Lights," which was a terrific must-see show. What a shame! NBC execs pull the plug too soon. What a shame! They spend all that money hypping the show up and then when it has a slow start--bam, it's sliced! Hopefully, they will change their minds.

This is an excellent, thought provoking show with great acting. I'm so very tired of stupid sitcoms with laugh tracks and even more stupid reality shows with superficial "wanna be" famous shallow people! I am disappointed that NBC has not even tried moving this show to a better time slot and giving it a chance!

I am so disappointed that NBC decided to cancel Outlaw. It is such an intelligent show with great writers and I will stop watching NBC altogether if the cancellation isn't reversed.

Why does such a great program with excellent actors like Jimmy Smitts have to be cancelled when so much garbage is retained. It's like NBC does not understand that there is an intelligent audience out there.

No wonder NBC is always in last place. When you get a good show such as Outlaw some dim wit cancels it.

My husband and I looked forward to sitting and watching Jimmy Smits in "Outlaw" every Friday night. Besides loving Jimmy, we also enjoyed the show.
We just can't believe that a truly good show just starting off is being suspended. GIVE IT A CHANCE.......There are so many shows that we just can't get ourselves to watch because they are so terrible and boring, but a good show is discontinued..really?

NBC Cancelled Outlaw.. really!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

One of the more well written drama's,the timing, acting and subject content rocked. We appreciate the risky subject matter especially during such a hot political election. Which may have had an effect on viewership.

They were willing to take on subjects not so popular, BUT this show and The Whole Truth were fresh and exciting and made me want to turn on NBC.

Jimmy Smitt and team OUTLAW "WE LOVE YOU" for taking the risk on this project and hope NBC realizes before its too late what a superb show they have. Why not air the show at 9 PM if Buebloods is an issue ( I tape both). Finally after all theses years something decent to watch on Friday (excepti0n / Friday night lights) and they have to pull it ..

NBC PLEASE Change your minds..<3

I liked the outlaw show a lot,Im very mad when I liked a program it got cancelled,pleased can you put it back?



I will miss this show, I can't believe it has been canceled.

I can't fathom why "Outlaw" didn't rate well in the US. We have just seen the last episode here in Australia and I am sorry that there won't be any more. I thought that the whole cast, especially Jimmy Smits, was very talented and believable, the storylines strong and the whole production classy.

Shame on you, money-chasing MBAs at NBC, for canceling the gently subtle and thought-provoking TV series 'Outlaw'! Don't you people realize that you just killed off one of your finest productions? Top-class stuff! Jimmy Smits is a superb actor and this was one of his finest efforts. The music was exceptional, which elevated the viewing experience even further. Outlaw, no doubt, was one of the finest 'Law' dramas on TV since 'The Practice'. This is certainly the age of ‘idiocracy,’ so no wonder most idiots prefer shitty things like reality shows instead of character-enhancing stuff such as this. Again, shame on you, NBC!

This is pathetic.

Ratings are just a numbeer that grows with word of mouth advertising rather than the ridiculous amounts of money advertising it to the demographic executives "believe" will want to watch a particular show.

The depth to the show is alot more compelling than the dull crime shows that have a sub series for every state in America which become more about who guest stars than the actual substance of the storyline.

Although Jimmy was used to push publicity for this show because of his star status. Outlaw actually has an incredibly deep steeming set of morals and public issues which its scripts address. Its disapointing that shows such as this get cancelled so soon when it isnt even given the chance to develop following from members of the community who actually care about such issues and enjoy watching a group of talented actors find ways to produce a positive outcome while we stand helpless to the real life acts which we have no control over.


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