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'Hell's Kitchen' recap: Can we get a fresh risotto, please?

October 14, 2010 |  9:35 am

Thank goodness I don't have to watch Boris sweat anymore.

These back-to-back dinner services were the most pressure filled in "Hell's Kitchen" history -- and that's saying something. First up was Family Night, featuring a carnival theme for the wee ones -- including chef Gordon Ramsay's very own family. You'd think that a contestant on "Hell's Kitchen" would pull out the stops for this first family. You would be wrong. Vinny decides it would be a good idea to cut corners and give the Ramsay table a risotto that has been cooked -- but not used.

Cue what just may be the worst dressing down in "Hell's Kitchen" history -- and that's saying something.

"That's old!" Ramsay says as he goes ballistic and then lets lose with "shut your fat East Coast mouth. Even if it's not [for] my family, they deserve a fresh risotto." But that's not all: "Dirty little ... . I'd make your family, or your wife or your children a fresh risotto."

Poor, poor Vinny. He looked shock, mortified, ashamed. Poor guy.

Amazingly, miraculously, 90% of the customers report they are happy with their meals, and no one goes home. We had one of my favorite challenges -- the profitability challenge -- but when we get to the dinner service to celebrate 100 episodes of "Hell's Kitchen" -- it all falls apart again, and Boris ends up getting the boot. I wish we'd had more time with the past winners, including Rock, Christina, Holli and Danny, to see whether they were suffering flashbacks.

And some of these folks just don't learn. Gail later made the same slip-up as Vinny -- bringing up a dish that had been cooked but not used, all in a bid to save time. I wasn't exactly surprised that Vinny did that. But I didn't expect that from Gail, whom I see as a front-runner. Albeit a meek one.

So what do you think is going to happen to Trevor, who had a kitchen meltdown. Will Ramsay toss him? Or move him back to the blue team? Or give him a dressing down? Did you see the delight on Sabrina's face when she realized this "To Be Continued" moment?

Speaking of Sabrina: How the heck is she still there? She acts like a know-it-all, then relies on everyone else to help her, and then blames them when something goes wrong. She needs to take those "hooker boots" -- her words, not mine -- and hit the road.

Has it really been 100 episodes? Check out this photo gallery of some "hellacious" moments on "Hell's Kitchen":

Plus: A video look back through the seasons

--Rene Lynch / renelynch

Photo credit: Ramsay gives Vinny the business. Fox.