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So long, Henrickson family: HBO announces the final season of 'Big Love'


Sister wives across America are gonna be crushed: "Big Love" is coming to an end. On Thursday, Michael Lombardo, president of HBO Programming, announced that the show's fifth season, which debuts Jan. 16, will also be its final one.

“It has been an honor and pleasure to work with series creators Mark V. Olsen and Will Scheffer on this unique and provocative series, and I’m happy that they will be able to bring the story to its close the way they always envisioned,” Lombardo said in a statement.  “We look forward with great anticipation to collaborating with Mark and Will on their next venture.”

Olsen and Scheffer explained that the Emmy- and Golden Globe-nominated series -- which follows the lives of Salt Lake City businessman Bill Henrickson, his three wives Barb, Nicki and Margene, their nine kids, and three houses -- had simply reached a natural conclusion. “When we created 'Big Love' in 2002, we had a strong conception of the journey the Henrickson family would make over the course of the series, of the story we had to tell,” said Olsen and Scheffer in a statement. “While we were in the writers’ room this year shaping our fifth season, we discovered that we were approaching the culmination of that story."

The series' creators promised that this would be "the most vibrant and satisfying final season of a television series that we can produce.” Both Olsen and Scheffer will continue to work with HBO, though their next project has not been announced yet.

-- Melissa Maerz

Photo: Chloe Sevigny, Bill Paxton, Jeanne Tripplehorn and Ginnifer Goodwin in HBO's "Big Love." Credit: Lacey Terrell / HBO


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Bless this 'Big Love' mess

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I only hope that Season 5 can recapture some of the third season glory and give us fans, many of whom have been faithful to this show since 2006, the ending we deserve, and the ending that this wonderful show deserves. I am going to miss Big Love very much. I can't help but feel, right or wrong, that Olsen and Scheffer let us down. After season 3 promised even greater things to come, we got the mess that was season 4. An enjoyable mess, but a mess all the same. Regarless of the reasons, the show and the performers, were let down by those at the helm. And personally, as a Chloe Sevigny fan, I'm going to miss the opportunity to see her terrific portrayal of Nicolette Grant. Sad news indeed.

So good. RIP.

The show really lost me last season.. I gave up after about half the season and would need to catch up a little.. I just had waaaaay too many issues with the storylines and the writing and the directions many of the characters were going that I bailed!

However I'd be down to try a new season and give the show it's final respects...

Rats! I will relish the final season. There was be a huge hole in HBO when it's gone. Before the show started, I really wasn't sure I was going to like it, but it hooked me right away.

This just about marks the end of the glory days for HBO. Bored to Death? I am. Broadwalk Empire is decent, but it isn't cutting edge like Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Deadwood, Rome or Big Love.

I sort of knew the show couldn't last when the family decided to come out.

Bout time, this show jumped the shark a while back. And to think... it was REALLY good for a while.

I agree with the other posts. The show's writing got stale in Season 4. The plotlines became boring and didn't keep the audience guessing. Sissy Spacek was a good character and had promise, but was poorly written.

I am a fan and will miss the show. I agree with Lisa Alkana 100% with her post:

"This just about marks the end of the glory days for HBO. Bored to Death? I am. Broadwalk Empire is decent, but it isn't cutting edge like Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Deadwood, Rome or Big Love."

True Blood is garbage (the writing went way downhill), Bored to Death is flat out dumb, and Boardwalk Empire is good, but not great. Eastbound and Down is hilarious, but isn't for everyone. HBO is done for now. Time to switch to Showtime for more Dexter.

my biggest problem with last season was how Bill suddenly turned into a sexist pig. i mean it was never about equality, but he at least didn't act like his wives weren't allowed to have opinions or thoughts. that's what I feel Barb must be rebelling against in this season

I will be sorry to see this show go, as it quite unexpectedly hooked me and hooked me good!

I think the writing, (especially the character development) could definitely be better. The characters seem to swing, in such bipolar manners, away from themselves, which I find disappointing. This is especially true with Bill's character. I think the success of the story, and the show, depend on our ability to see him as a truly loving husband and good man (though he may be driven to some less than upstanding behavior from time to time to protect his family). Here is hoping we see him come back to himself this season. If not, then why spend five years invested in seeing this family overcome the challenges and predjudices of their lifestyle?

This show had a potential goldmine of storylines that could have kept us baited for years to come. Perhaps outting them 'too early' limited those possibilities, though I am not convinced that is entirely true.

Oh well, let's see what they've got.

Now I dont need to keep HBO any more. I only had it for Big Love, I did think that it was going down hill when they came out. Oh well I can save some money on my cable bill.

This show will be missed because it was unique. No serious, mature show devoted so much honest attention to the subject of family love and religious faith. For this reason, and in spite of sometimes ridiculous subplots, the show was fascinating, and provided insights found nowhere else on TV. It's almost pitiful that something so basic is that exotic. Other show creators should think about how they could find similar windows into the real struggle and joy of everyday life.


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