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'Caprica' recap: Sam, cylons and 'False Labor,' by your command

October 27, 2010 |  8:29 am

The women often drive "Caprica," but this "False Labor" episode brought the men to the forefront while giving us another small glimpse into the home life of polygamous Clarice Willow through the eyes of Amanda Graystone. And a cylon fulfills its purpose.

No sooner is the new "Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome" series announced than we get another quick look at lil William Adama and the man who is seemingly the most influential in his life. Not daddy Joseph, but good (or bad) ol' uncle Sam. We knew of Sam's love for Tauron, but did we ever figure him for a rebel sympathizer and a gun runner? The latter of those got him in a bit of trouble with a rival and got his comrade killed. Of course, you know that Sam won't take this lying down and was ordered by the Guatrau to do something about it.

Danielholoband The Guatrau also makes his presence and power known this episode, exerting control over Graystone Industries with the Ha'la'tha out in the open in the boardroom. He even overrules Daniel Graystone, CEO of the company, on the simple matter of using his likeness to sell the company's new holoband grief relievers.

Daniel, working with a holoband/V-World version of Amanda, has begun to make a breakthrough in terms of making them as lifelike as possible, while Cyrus begins to see discrepancies in the company's books. We have to wonder how long the Daniel/Ha'la'tha union will go on before there's a blowup.

Daniel's real wife continues her undercover work in the Willow household, trying to get more information on the STO leader. Amanda runs into a bit of a problem with MarBeth, a wife of Clarice and one of the house leaders. The about-to-have-birth MarBeth wants Amanda gone despite Clarice's objection and her assurance that it's destiny. MarBeth's statement -- "Funny how God's will always seems to suit your needs" -- was a great line and showed the character's strength. But that strength was muted by Amanda's guile. Her supposedly heartfelt story about being envious of MarBeth's loving household allowed her to stick around and even help deliver MarBeth's baby. She's in now, to the delight of Agent Duram.

Speaking of babies, or making them ... Joseph Adama's assistant Evelyn finally made her move -- with mom's blessing, no less! That look that she gave when Joseph said that his brother Sam was lucky to have someone in his life who loves him ... Wow. It was shock, but it was an it's-time-to-go-for-it look as well. The innuendo has been there all series, and now it's action.

Joseph's relationship heats up with Ev, but it still hasn't really moved much with Daniel. They're doing business together, and have been for a few episodes now, but an exchange on the outside landing showed that Joseph is still plenty upset. They spoke of having good people around them to keep them on the right path:

Daniel: "Did your wife do that for you?"
Joseph: "Yeah -- 'til your daughter blew her up."

That was cold, but not as cold as Joseph's brother's retaliation against the guys that confronted him earlier. In what, I guess, could be the first live field test of a cylon (Zoe's not counted), Sam brought one, and its considerable firepower, to take out his rival. It was easy, ruthless and efficient -- and that "Mission accomplished, by your command" line that the cylon uttered felt sooo ominous. Sam wanted to use cylons to help out his people on Tauron, but he was taught a lesson on not getting involved in politics: Governments rise and fall, but the Guatrau will always be there!

Sam's story, and an integral part of the cylon's history, was laid out before us this episode. The Amanda-making-nice storyline is needed because we knew there were problems of acceptance before she came, but it's still not exciting. Daniel's small strides may help boost his confidence, while Joseph's budding romance will undoubtedly cause a bit of guilt for him and some possible confusion from William. "False Labor" was not as flashy as the rest of the season has been, despite the gunfire, but seeing Sam use the cylon and knowing his willingness to do so, planted some big signposts for the series.

-- Jevon Phillips

Photos: Daniel Graystone (Eric Stoltz) with a holoband; and Sam Adama (Sasha Roiz) exacting revenge. Credit: Syfy