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Syfy cancels the slow-starting 'Caprica'

Caprica As a prequel spinoff, "Caprica" has tried in vain to capture the imagination of both new viewers and "Battlestar Galactica" stalwarts -- but its journey toward the first Cylon war has been cut short.

Syfy has decided not to renew the series for a second season, cutting short the possibility of seeing how cylons get to fully develop (at least in this series). The recently announced "Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome" will have to carry on the storyline.  Here's the release that the network's publicity group sent out:

The remaining first run episodes of "Caprica" -- airing Tuesdays at 10/9c -- will be removed from the schedule as of next Tuesday, November 2. These final five episodes of the season will be re-scheduled to air at a to-be-announced time in the first quarter of 2011, and will conclude the run of the series.

"We appreciate all the support that fans have shown for ‘Caprica’ and are very proud of the producers, cast, writers and the rest of the amazing team that has been committed to this fine series," said Mark Stern, Executive Vice President of Original Programming, Syfy and Co-Head of Content for Universal Cable Productions. "Unfortunately, despite its obvious quality, ‘Caprica’ has not been able to build the audience necessary to justify a second season."

A detailed schedule change with complete and updated listings information will be issued tomorrow morning (Thursday, October 28).

At least we do get to see the remainder of the current season. The collection of actors -- Eric Stolz, Esai Morales, Paula Malcomson, Polly Walker, Alessandra Torresani, Magda Apowicz, Sasha Roiz and more -- were solid, but apparently could never capture the Starbuck/Apollo/Adama magic of the original.

-- Jevon Phillips

Photo: Esai Morales, left, and Eric Stoltz in "Caprica." Credit: Syfy


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Caprica had good potential, but the moronic execs at SyFy ruined it. First there was waaaaaay too much talking and not enough action, then for some stupid reason, split the first season.

As for the WWE? What are you guys smoking? Nuff said on that subject.

Hopefully someone will start up a REAL Science Fiction Network, cuz it damn sure ain't this group of jokers.

It was a mistake to air the new season 2 Caprica episodes on Tuesday evenings…how stupid is that. A series of such quality should have been scheduled on Friday or Sunday evenings to maximize the opportunity to capture a larger audience. It takes more than providence for a new science fiction series to work even when it’s a dovetail to an earlier success story. I hope someone at SyFy has the balls and/or sense to bring it back, and at least let it play out with smooth finality.

I don't think I can say anything that hasn't been said in the posts before me. The show did run slow (which wasn't helped by the terrible scheduling by any means) but it did seem to be building to a point. Its too bad most of us can't handle hard science fiction (more thought, less explosions) and have no patience. It was better than the Battlestar rip off they have on before it. Only Syfy can take a crap movie like Stargate, throw in some other random ripoff crap and run copies it forever. I can see that production meeting in my head, "Battlestar was good for us, I wonder how we can make it into a Stargate."

So in short the execs at SyFy are idiots (which is no surprise if you look at the parent company) and Stargate sucks almost as much as wrestling.

Oh and if you're looking forward to "Blood and Chrome," all of this has happened before...

With the huge time gaps between airing episodes Caprica never had a chance...that kind of schedule build up audiences only to make them wait forever for things to resume. They should expect us to move on at watch other shows in frustration if nothing else.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

It began with a ridiculous promotion that completely misrepresented the show as some kind of sci-fi Dallas. And it ends with an even more ridiculous decision to pull the series mid-season.

I wouldn't be shocked if the final five episodes never air. That's how much I believe Syfy's lying lies right now.

I think what everyone is saying is this...The Caprica pilot was great and then the writers of the show got addicted to heroin.

WTF!!!! SYFY - YOU SHOULD BE SHOT!! The Best SCIFI Show ever made and you take it off the air. Do you know how many people use to watch Battlestar Galactica? evidently not enough for you! You don't bring this series back, I will never watch SYFY AGAIN! (and see how your rating's go)

Caprica was the only tv series I looked forward to during the week. What a shame. The actors were solid, I loved the storyline and the ideas that were played out in the show... What a shame....

10PM is too late!!!!!!!! We've got to work! You have nothing else on to justify this showing not being on earlier. NOTHING. Universe is ok, getting better slowly, but it's on to late too. I almost fall asleep watching it, cause....I've got to get up in the morning.

I loved BSG, too, and also really wanted to love Caprica. The cast was outstanding. But the Cylons came from a spoiled, hot-headed teenage girl? Couldn't get my head around it. So I just tuned in to watch the fabulous Esai Morales. Then you stopped showing it and said (again) that you would "finish the season" (again)in six months (again). Annoying! I didn't even know it had come back until the second night cause you stuck it on Tuesday and I am watching Sons of Anarchy. I have alot more hope for Blood and Chrome but SyFy could air the entire BSG series again and build even more ratings. Pretty please?

TV execs are generally Jocks. Science fiction watchers are typically nerdy. No wonder the execs have a HATE ON for actual science fiction shows to the degree they changed the name of the network. Wrestling? Gee can you think of anything more Jockstrap on TV?! What needs to happen to ScyFy is for a very rich science fiction loving nerd to buy the network, fire every Jock executive that works there, and change the name BACK to SciFi. Then stock the network with quality NEW production hard core science fiction.

Split seasons is just a way for the Jocks to be mean to the nerds but putting a maximum delay time between episodes.

Stargate Universe is a DIRT CHEAP to produce show. Small cast, small sets, recycled scripts. Yawn.

When a company despises the product that it makes what do you expect to happen?

Yep - you spread one season over a year and a half with one half season, and then two quarter seasons, move its time slot, and generally pursue a plan of complete marketing incompetence and you too could kill a show.

NBC and Syfy - Mediocrity Embraced.

SyFy has been pulling this kind of stuff for years. It started with Farscape and continues today. If it wasn't for SU I wouldn't be watching. SU is stalling as a series too, so I might drop the station altogether. I stopped watching BSG midway through the final season because I got sick of the season format, and I figured I could pick it up on Netflix later. These talented writers and actors always manage to put out their story eventually, and you just have to hope it gets put on Netflix/DVD. Screw the old format of watching scheduled TV to give these screwy cable network execs any viewership.

Too Bad, This was an interesting show but maybe a bit too cerebral for TV. I wonder how blood and chrome will be.

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