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Syfy cancels the slow-starting 'Caprica'

Caprica As a prequel spinoff, "Caprica" has tried in vain to capture the imagination of both new viewers and "Battlestar Galactica" stalwarts -- but its journey toward the first Cylon war has been cut short.

Syfy has decided not to renew the series for a second season, cutting short the possibility of seeing how cylons get to fully develop (at least in this series). The recently announced "Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome" will have to carry on the storyline.  Here's the release that the network's publicity group sent out:

The remaining first run episodes of "Caprica" -- airing Tuesdays at 10/9c -- will be removed from the schedule as of next Tuesday, November 2. These final five episodes of the season will be re-scheduled to air at a to-be-announced time in the first quarter of 2011, and will conclude the run of the series.

"We appreciate all the support that fans have shown for ‘Caprica’ and are very proud of the producers, cast, writers and the rest of the amazing team that has been committed to this fine series," said Mark Stern, Executive Vice President of Original Programming, Syfy and Co-Head of Content for Universal Cable Productions. "Unfortunately, despite its obvious quality, ‘Caprica’ has not been able to build the audience necessary to justify a second season."

A detailed schedule change with complete and updated listings information will be issued tomorrow morning (Thursday, October 28).

At least we do get to see the remainder of the current season. The collection of actors -- Eric Stolz, Esai Morales, Paula Malcomson, Polly Walker, Alessandra Torresani, Magda Apowicz, Sasha Roiz and more -- were solid, but apparently could never capture the Starbuck/Apollo/Adama magic of the original.

-- Jevon Phillips

Photo: Esai Morales, left, and Eric Stoltz in "Caprica." Credit: Syfy


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SyFy, you learned the lesson from the alpha networks - disrupt a show's schedule enough, expect it to achieve full audience from the first episode, and cancel it before it has a chance to make back your investment. Then again, I know who owns you, so no surprise.

they should have never put it on Tuesday night...

SyFy, why did you even air this, in the first place? Did someone lie to you guys in order to sneak such a good show onto your network? Here's some advice: Sell the rights to the BBC. Let THEM produce it. They're not afraid to air quality.

Write in campaigns have started. A rabid fan has spoken and is trying to get people organized.


Operation Airlock: An organized boycott of the SyFy network, and their sponsors, for the cancelation of Caprica.

So say we all!


The stunted season gaps have finally caught up to the BSG series; granted this show didn't have all the action of BSG, but I didn't need it to have that. I felt like they were building up to a big payoff. I was actually looking forward to having two simultaneous BSG shows on the air. Now, not only does the show get canceled, the season gets stunted yet again, and there may not be a big payoff in the last episode but a potential season-ending cliffhanger that will not get properly resolved.

Thanks a lot, Syfy!

That's unfortunate. I liked Caprica. I really hope Blood and Chrome is able to recapture the BSG greatness. Have they announced if Nico Cortez is reprising the role of the Young Adama? I think it would be foolish not to sign him on. He was spot on IMHO. I like the idea of not using people we don't know from other roles. I am hoping the scanned sets look real and not cheap.

Syfy doesn't know a great show when they have one. Caprica is a great show and deserves a second season.

This show started out with the right idea, but sadly it was to slow paced to make it exciting. For some reason the writers were taking to long to get the story moving. Hopefully they won't let BSG completely die. It would be cool to see a series about how the war with the cylons got started and follow Adama as a fighter pilot.

Deep existential exploration, or thumb sucking and navel gazing, makes really boring television. Caprica put some interesting ideas in the window, but execute? Give me Edward James Olmos, Katee Sackhoff and Tricia Helfer 10/10. Surprised Syfy tried to get Caprica Season 2 off the launchpad. Did the suits think something magical would change? The next Programmers' Anonymous meeting is 8 p.m. BTW: HUGE CONGRATS to Grace Park, headed for a long run post BSG on H 5-0.

I loved BSG. Really wanted to love this show. The cast was good and some of the concepts intriguing. But what made BSG a success was the mixture of those things with compelling action. Caprica was missing that, and as such did not keep me riveted as did its predecessor.

Here's hoping for Blood and Chrome.

So what now syfy more wresteling shows, or crappy made for tv movies? Thanks Alot

I figured it was over for Caprica when it got bumped for WWE Smackdown.

That and the second half of the show got bumped a full year.

I really liked this show. This is disappointing news.

Scheduling one half of one season at the beginning of the calendar year, and the rest of the run at the end of the year is ridiculous, and just annoys the hell out of viewers.

Let me repeat that again for any executives reading this. No one has ever enjoyed split seasons. Ever.

Nobody wants to wait the better part of a year to get the rest of the season they're watching, only to be asked to wait again after the season concludes. It's a momentum-killer. It's an interest-killer. If you lose momentum and the interest of your viewers - you've got nothing. And now SyFy has nothing. Sure it has programming that make money, but the network lacks an identity. It's known as the channel that shows "whatever". A haphazard collection of shows that don't really seem to have anything to do with one another.

It's very true that a show about "nothing" was once a great success, but a channel about "whatever" is doomed.

SyFy (née SciFi) has never proven itself capable of making the decisions necessary to build an audience. Nor has it shown itself to be capable of reflecting on its past performance and making decisions based on what has worked, and what hasn't.

SyFy has damaged its own brand by seemingly operating under the assumption that it is the only thing vying for the interest of viewers. How much have we heard about people having all kinds of demands on their attention these days, and how you have to hold it in a vise once you've got it? I've seen little to suggest that memo ever made it to the network.

SyFy has attempted to expand its brand by diluting its brand. Wrestling... seriously? Are home makeover shows next? I know some crab fishermen that need money, let's do lunch. The audience for Caprica hasn't been served by the rest of the channel's programming. They've been liable to wander elsewhere during the show's ridiculous hiatus. SyFy hoped they'd come back. A gamble it lost.

Forcing a specialty network to appeal to absolutely everyone has devastated TLC, Discovery and The History Channel, to name but a few. The quality of the programming takes a nosedive, the rare good shows are lost in the mediocrity that surrounds them. The channels become interchangeable. The programming on one would feel at home on any other. The network logos at the bottom of the screen have grown larger, and persist longer. They need to. We can't even tell what channel we're watching based on the shows we see.

After years of carefully cultivating a reputation for embarrassing itself with horrible programming, SciFi decided that the likes of its terrible made-for-TV movies was not the problem. Its horrible scheduling was not the problem. The genre was the problem. Change the network's name. Add the WWE.

Science fiction fans have endured years of laughably bad product from SyFy. Its executives have never seemed to grasp the audience is not laughing with the worthless films they've pumped out with disturbing regularity, but at them. The network is a classic example of alienating an audience by losing respect for it, and expecting it to happily accept anything that lands on the schedule.

SyFy / SciFi has produced some amazing content. Battlestar Galactica, The Dune Miniseries, to name but two, but they feel more like happy accidents than part of a concerted effort. Nothing that airs meshes with anything else. SyFy's own programming often feels like a random collection of shows it found in another channel's bin of leftovers.

The network's solution to the problems it's never addressed are cosmetic, and have done nothing to counter the image that it is stumbling ahead with no clear direction.

The rest of this post is coming in August.

What a miserable shame! This show was smart, stylish and intriguing.

As noted below, when "the suits" start playing 3-card monte with a fledgling series, viewers would be wise to expect their loyalty to be rewarded with frustration and cancellation. The last couple of years have been littered with the wrecks of good programs that were started, stopped and moved so frequently that even dogged viewers needed a GPS system to track them. And I won't belabor the lament that -- once upon a time -- a new series had the luxury of 30-40 episodes to build a following.

It's ironic, of course, that the original BSG only lasted one season before being pulled and that Star Trek almost suffered a similar fate. We will never know if Caprica might have followed those shows into sci-fi (or Syfy?) mythos. And since Syfy is already pretty much the last house on the block, we can't even hope it will be picked up by a smart cable network.

Finally. This show was boring and a disgrace to the BSG franchise. It moved so slowly and the characters were weak. Not enough action, too much drama for a Syfy show.

Hopefully Blood and Chrome can recapture the BSG rhythm

I cant wait for the new show. Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome. I am glad they canceled Caprica so they can put more effort into a story that wont be so boring.

Now there is no reason to watch the drek that remains on Syfy. Only Haven will be watched in this household. But you can count on Syfy to do its normal great job of not announcing the return of that show and then canceling it. Considering the close numbers of StarGate Universe to Caprica, why is SGU not on the cancellation block? Thank God Dr Who was wrestled away from Syfy by BBC America or Syfy would be canceling 'Who' too. The ratings woes of shows on the Syfy channel are the fault of the channel.

I guess those with short short attention spans and ADD win again. I will definitely miss the show. I'm really disappointed in SyFy (wrestling, really!!!). This is a quality show, quality cast, and great story. I've been a fan of BSG from back in the day.

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