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About (Late) Last Night: Liza Minnelli would never marry again

October 6, 2010 |  7:52 am

"Are you nuts?" Liza Minnelli asked Larry King last night when he wondered aloud whether she'd ever marry again. "Yeah, I am," King chuckled, as if realizing the absurdity of his own question. "Well, why aren't you smart about men, do you think?" he pressed. The two were like old pals. "The best taste in my career, the worst taste in husbands... I have no idea," Minnelli said. "I think maybe because I grew up in the land of dreams." At the age of 64, and born into fame, she's never not performing. It's a fair enough defense mechanism, and still fun to watch. To kick off the show, billed "her final LKL interview," she even serenaded King a cappella.

Elsewhere last night, David Letterman took a trip into "The Late Show" future. Apparently, in an upcoming episode, Rachel Ray sits in the splash zone while Letterman carries on like a lunatic, with middle fingers flying, about our "culture of abundance. "The end is nigh," he raves, and it's at least partly because of shows like "Cupcake Wars."

His as-of-yet unaired rant about world hunger and how "this culture will beat you out of your diet," seems to have scared Ray and her people, who e-mailed Letterman later, wondering whether he was mad at the food host. For that, Letterman says he's sorry. "I'm not mad at Rachel, I'm just nuts," he admitted. But, for the record, "People are starving!" so he still hates "Cupcake Wars."

-- Joe Coscarelli