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About (Late) Last Night: Jon Stewart ribs an absent Sean Penn

October 8, 2010 |  7:59 am
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Naomi Watts
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During "The Daily Show" on Thursday night, Jon Stewart managed the impressive feat of insulting Sean Penn by comparing him to Marlon Brando.

Talking to Naomi Watts, Penn's co-star in the upcoming political thriller "Fair Game" about the Valerie Plame affair, Stewart chided the notoriously self-serious actor for his unwillingness to make press appearances in support of the film. "He obviously couldn't do press because he's ... somewhere," Stewart said, "camoflauged like Col. Kurtz," the deranged Brando character in "Apocalypse Now." While Watts stayed almost uncomfortably quiet and sort of giggled, Stewart continued, "I swear to God he's just going to rise up out of a river with paint on his face like, 'Who needs my help now?'"

"He does a lot of good work," Watts countered, shyly. "Yes, he does," said Stewart with a faux-comforting pat of the table.

Speaking of good work, Stewart dominated the Watts interview with talk of his own. Instead of asking her anything about the movie, the pair discussed last weekend's "Night of Too Many Stars," Stewart's benefit for autism awareness. Watts made an appearance at the show on stage with Steve Carrell, whom Stewart compared to Fozzie Bear in moments of intimacy. Stewart thanked Watts for being a good sport and the actress raved vaguely about Robin Williams and Chris Rock. "Let's talk about it as if it was historic, but not tell anybody what happened," deadpanned Stewart. But that's what they did.

And though his casual rapport with Watts indicated that Stewart did indeed bring out the stars for charity, it's safe to say Penn didn't make it.

-- Joe Coscarelli