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About (Late) Last Night: Heidi Klum turns Jay Leno into a creepy old man

October 13, 2010 |  6:55 am

When Heidi Klum announced her retirement from Victoria's Secret, she disappointed creepy old men everywhere, including, apparently, Jay Leno. "I like seeing you run around in those underpants," Leno whined. "What happened?" He also called her "kiddo."

A radiant Klum seemed perfectly content to ham it up on the "The Tonight Show," teasing the host whenever she could. "I can come by your house and sell underpants," she said, appropriating his term. For a man to say "panties," Leno explained, makes him sound like a sleazy old guy. "Which I am," he clarified.

He played the role well. Speaking on her family vacation, Klum said, "It's never boring with four children." Sensing an opening, Leno pounced. "Well, five, counting Seal," said Leno of Klum's husband. Sorry, Jay -- she's taken.

But the host had one last semi-creepy round of questions. "Are you still going to wear the product?" Leno asked. "Do you wear the wings around the house?" he wondered, referring to the traditional Victoria's Secret angel costume. Leave it alone, Jay! "Of course," Klum said. Then she clarified, "For my husband, mostly."

-- Joe Coscarelli