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ABC yanks 'My Generation' from schedule

Looks like "My Generation" died before it got old.

ABC pulled the plug on "My Generation," its drama about a bunch of high school buddies trying to make sense of their lives 10 years after graduation, after just two episodes had aired.

The hourlong show, which was in the highly competitive Thursday 8 p.m. time slot, averaged just 3.9 million viewers this week. ABC has yet to say how it will fill the hour.

"My Generation" becomes the second show this season to get a quick hook. Earlier this week, Fox canceled its con-man drama "Lone Star."

Another show that may have a short life is ABC's legal drama "The Whole Truth," which has also posted very low ratings in its two airings.

-- Joe Flint

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Fox, and ABC, huh. Maybe it's a sign. People need to start coming up with better shows and show ideas. It's usually either about cops, teens, drugs, gangs, or something else that is stereotypical/generic. Even shows that have ended have more variety.

that's insane to yank that show so early. I certainly enjoyed the posters all around town! all those resources and they cancel the show after two episodes.
talk about network insecurity issues!

@Freud, glad someone enjoyed those Godforsaken posters. If I had to read, "Baby, I'll be home before she's born" or "I never lied to you. Except that one night" one more time I was going to crash my car into a median and hope for a fiery death.

The premise was to show a diverse group of graduating high school seniors from the class of 2000 and then show them ten years later. I mistakenly assumed this would some sort of documentary about the lives of young people.

The show was incredibly lame from the start. Cliched high school characters. The on-the-move jock becomes a laid back surfer. Riveting stuff.

Most of them are young looking twenty-somethings and you can see no difference between the 2000 high school seniors and the supposedly 28 year-olds from 2010.

I actually recognized a couple of the "students" from various bit parts in movies and TV shows ("Eggs" from True Blood).

It is a shame that they pulled the show. I have never seen the show, but wanted to. The real reason it was pulled was the ratings. It was pretty stupid to air a show called "My Generation," which is really truly my generation. Wake up idiots; an 8:00 time slot does not work for my generation which has children. My generation cannot watch the show unless it is after 9:00 PM.

I would like to say that it is terrible that ABC would cancel the show. I am a high school student and was excited to see a show that doesnt involve drugs, sex, etc. I am in a Survival Skills class which pretty much helps you with real world stuff such as managing a checking account, a budget, setting goals, and doing every day normal stuff people do when they are out of highschool. When I told my teacher about this show she was thrilled. It shows us lives of people who they were in highschool and where they are now.

Like I said before, all tv shows are showing involve sex, drugs, etc such as the Jersey Shore which alarminly had a 6.7 million viewers! It's wrong to say that we wouldnt want our kids or teens to be acting this way, but yet we will show them it on tv?

"My Generation", was an amazing show. ABC should put it back on. I have a bet, if ABC would like to particapate.
I bet I can get 6.7 million people to agree that they want My Generation to be put back on, BEATING JERSEY SHORE (:

Are you up for the challenge?

I actually really enjoyed this show. Tough time slot. I only found out it was canceled by going to itunes to pay for the next episode only to see there was not one. I think it would really catch on and be well received if given some time. Hell, there are many shows that might have been canceled after the first two episodes that went on to be quite successful.


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