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ABC pulls the plug on 'The Whole Truth' but will air all episodes


ABC's "The Whole Truth" joins three other freshmen series that failed to make the grade this fall.

The drama, starring Rob Morrow and Maura Tierney, will complete production on 13 episodes, according to co-executive producer Kristie Anne Reed, who tweeted Tuesday morning that ABC "gave us the word." ABC will air all 13 episodes, though the show will be preempted for two specials for the next two weeks.

Fox's "Lone Star," NBC's "Outlaw," which is airing remaining episodes on Saturdays, and ABC's "My Generation" have already been canceled.  NBC's "Undercovers" and Fox's "Running Wilde" are on shaky ground and will probably also face elimination.

On Monday, ABC gave extra episode orders to the drama "Detroit 1-8-7," but the Michael Imperioli-led drama hasn't earned a full-season order.

The rest of the freshman class indeed has.

-- Maria Elena Ferandez

Photo: Rob Morrow and Maura Tierney in "The Whole Truth." Credit: Michael Desmond / ABC


ABC yanks 'My Generation' from the schedule

NBC cancels 'Outlaw'

Fox's 'Lone Star' fizzles out after just two episodes

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I am really disappointment about The Whole Truth canceled. ABC please give it some time. Dexter is on their 5th season and excited about having 5 million viewers. You got that many in 3 episodes. What's up with that. It's a great show.

... cancelling shows - especially this kind of show in this manner -

simply destroys your audience - really ...

there may come a day when yo would love to have 5.3 million viewers ...

find another way to gauge shows - find another way ...

I'm also disappointed that ABC is has already canceled The Whole Truth - and after only FOUR EPISODES!! I don't understand why TV networks are so quick to jump the gun when canceling new shows in their first season. CBS made a BIG mistake with canceling Three Rivers and Ghost Whisperer, and FOX made a BIG mistake when they canceled Past Life. I hope NBC doesn't cancel Chase. I don't understand why ABC doesn't let dramas like this show stick around. They jumped the gun and canceled The Forgotten way too early and now they have made another error in a long line of errors. They will regret this when they come to see all the angry fans. ABC hasn't been doing so hot when it comes to getting great new shows on air - they should have been appreciative that they got 5.3 million viewers - that's pretty damn good for only 4 episodes!

This show has so much potential, so much comradarie & chemistry between
the actors characters, why not give it a chance. I loved the show>

Is there any movement underway to try to save The Whole Truth or is it a lost cause? I really enjoyed it!

Another show cancelled. Lately, every show I like is cancelled! I completely agree about 3 rivers, too. I loved that show and I think there was some promise with Lonestar, but with only two episodes it wasn't really given a chance. But I am really surprised at this one being pulled. Two great lead characters and a good supporting cast. I hope they change their mind since they are airing 13 episodes, maybe they will get a bigger audience and see that it is worth keeping. I hope so. With so much reality crap on now, I wish we could have some quality shows. I loved Maura on ER and Rob was great on Numbers as well as back when he was on Northern Exposure. I think they have a great chemistry on the show. Let's see if the next shows pick up viewers and save this show.

Looks like ABC is joining those idiots at NBC who just don't give a new show a chance to gain a following! No wonder there is so much dumb crap on network TV, the way these networks are running things! And no wonder that I don't even bother with the broadcast networks anymore. I'll take my cable channels and movie networks anyday!

My sister is NOT going to be happy to hear this! She is already upset because NBC has cancelled Outlaw. And now this. SMH

Why would ABC cancel "The Whole Truth"?? I love love love that show and now I am bummed that they are just pulling the plug... They should pull the plug on "The Undercovers" before "The Whole Truth"... this is crap!!!

I can't believe ABC canceled The Whole Truth. My husband and I have been telling everyone about it, and how great the acting and the writing have been. Please ABC keep it. It is new and refreshing to watch.

I can't believe NBC canceled The Outlaw. Why are my favorite shows going off the air. I enjoy strong acting and New Story Lines that are found in these new shows. If you can, please give this show another chance.

I think The Whole Truth is brilliant! The fact that you find out if the accused is actually guilty or not is novel. The chemistry is great between the Maura and Rob. I'm so disappointed that the show got cancelled. I'm with anyone who wants to try to start a movement to save it. What can we do????? I'll take The Whole Truth over Law and Order any day.

No, I love this show! Actually a good show with good actors and story line. So disappointing!

The big problem with all entertainment media is the way in which they gauge ratings. Having come from sales in one of the entertainment forums (radio) I have a bit of an insight on the subject. The problem is that true ratings are never achieved because they believe it is possible to garner who is watching/listening/reading based on an incredibly minute sample size. Often times this sample size isnt even the size of a small suburb and I have even seen cases of 3 whole people being the sample size for a city wide ratings call. The biggest problem is that shows/stations and the like that are doing well dont want any change because they are obviously rigged in their favor. As such stations/channels etc. are so quick to just get rid shows that seem shaky as its not worth the risk to their bottom line. Until networks grow the cajones to put their decisions on the line and get a real valid sample size of say 25% or more and include a way to gauge DVR set ups as well we are just going to be at the mercy of a small set of people in a high-rise office.

Why would they cancel this? I'm a law student, and love it. It sort of was my way to end my hectic week. I loved the stories and the potential romance between the attorneys (the DA and the defense attorney). I am sick of reality TV, and wanted something different!

This is truly disappointing! The Whole Truth was one of my favorite shows this season. I mean really they did not give the show a real chance. There is no other show like it, my husband and I watch it together and spend the whole time debating on whether or not the person is guilty.

The show is great, actors are perfect (Yay to the outstanding casting director), the writing is superb. Maybe if ABC wasn't so greedy they will try a second season.

This was such a good show. Its ashame how fast these networks pull shows. 20yrs ago when Seinfield came on tv it didn't have great or even good ratings if I remember correctly but NBC stuck with it and well the rest is history. Shame on these networks today for the scumbag moves they pull.

i am so disappointed in the cancelation of "the whole truth". i love the show !
the wayyou get both sides of the of the law, what really happened & the chemistry of the charectors involved. please give it a chance!!!!!!!!!!!

what a waste. I can't watch it when it airs, but watch it on the site the next day, are they not counting people like me?....

If the networks ever wonder why audiences are running away from their programming in droves, it might be because they cancel great shows like "The Whole Truth, without giving it a chance to win more viewers.
I endured the excruciating "Cougar Town" sandwiched between "Modern Family" and "The Whole Truth." Now, I have no reason to watch ABC.

just sent my complaint to abc.

Great show! Nothing they have will hold my attention at that time. What a shame!

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