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ABC orders full seasons of 'No Ordinary Family' and 'Better With You'

If you're enjoying the time you're spending with two ABC families — the Powells and the Putneys — this is a good day for you.

ABC President of Entertainment Paul Lee gave two freshmen series full-season orders Monday: the drama "No Ordinary Family," about the supernatural Powell family, and the sitcom "Better With You," starring Joanna Garcia and Jennifer Finnigan.

The network also is letting you spend more time with two other families — the Detroit police and the Walkers. Lee ordered five more episodes of the new Michael Imperioli-led drama "Detroit 1-8-7" and four more of "Brothers & Sisters."

— Maria Elena Fernandez


Photo: Cast of "No Ordinary Family." Credit: ABC.


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Glad ABC is giving "No Ordinary Family" a chance. Chiklis and Benz make a good combination.

Sounds like Paul Lee is running NBC instead of ABC...I thought only NBC keeps renewing shows that are failing to attract viewers, failing to build audience week to week. The development trend now is to reboot old shows...so we got remakes of The Munsters, Charlie's Angels, Wonder-Woman, Get Smart coming...to join Hawaii Five O with its recent older skewering demo numbers and huge production costs. Paul Lee recently brought in "retread" drama execs who failed to develop hit scripted shows at other companies. Like a game of musical chairs. Didn't Ben Silverman think a remake of Knightrider was going to be a hit with audiences? I say remake Gunsmoke, Mash and All in the Family...while your at it. Broadcast TV = DOA.


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