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'The Vampire Diaries' recap: Nice day for a vampire carnival

1. Is Elena a fan of “The O.C.”?
With Caroline in the hospital, enjoying a blood cocktail, Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Bonnie (Katerina Graham) were left to handle preparations for the school's carnival. I was actually delighted to see the world of high school and its related activities back on the show. So many big moments last season -- and on many teen dramas -- were centered on a school function. For Elena, this was a chance to return to normalcy, as if that's possible in Mystic Falls. “I'm human. I have to do human stuff. Otherwise, I'm going to go crazy,” she declared. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who thought of “The O.C.” when Elena said she just wanted to enjoy a kiss at the top of the Ferris wheel with her boyfriend. (Check out Marissa and Ryan's first kiss on “The O.C.” here.) No one's afraid of heights on “Vampire Diaries,” though, as Stefan (Paul Wesley) demonstrated when he leaped with Elena to the top of the Ferris wheel. It was a sweet moment that quickly came crashing back down to reality when Elena realized normal was out for her and things were not going to get any easier. “I came back to this town to start a life with you. We can't forget to live it,” he reminded her.

2. Why doesn't the Council just dose the water supply with vervain? Problem solved! OK, there probably wouldn't be a show if they did that, but it certainly would be more effective that just giving out jewelry, which can't prevent you from becoming a vampire.

3. Do the forest animals talk? No, I'm not serious, but I found Damon's line about Stefan feeding on forest animals interesting because it hit on a theme in this episode: The different ways in which vampires come to be and exist. While Vicki had Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan guiding her along, Caroline (Candice Accola) woke up in the hospital alone and had to discover for herself what had happened. For the first time, we really saw a vampire go through the transition alone, and the confusion, panic and horror was palpable thanks to Accola's terrific performance. One by one, Caroline discovered blood thirst, not being able to go out into the sun, mind compulsion, super speed and strength while regaining the memories Damon had erased. I was glad to see that brought up again since the psychological damage and manipulation Damon inflicted always left a shiver on my skin. It's quite dark and twisted when you think about it. Vampire Caroline is not much different than human Caroline. She's still broken and grasping and sassy -- “You suck,” had to be one of the best lines of the episode -- and concerned about the carnival, which is once again the sight of a newbie, hungry vampire on the loose.

4. Are Caroline and Matt the new Stefan and Elena? Poor Matt (Zach Roerig) thought Caroline's weird behavior meant she didn't love him anymore. Just as I worried last week, Matt confirmed that he couldn't lose anybody else right now. And then he went in with the hook, line and sinker line, “Even though today I wanted to throttle you, I'm pretty sure that I'm in love with you.” How can you resist that? Caroline certainly couldn't and kissed him, but she managed to get control of her vamp face, which reminded me of Stefan and Elena in the pilot. He couldn't control himself around her at first, but eventually that changed and now he's trying to start a life with her. Could Caroline and Matt also make a successful go of it as a human/vampire couple? I think it's possible, but Matt will need to find out the truth. How else will he be able to understand why his girlfriend never comes out during the day? Or...

5. Is Caroline doomed? That's what Damon thinks. He doesn't believe Caroline will make it long, and Stefan's silence seems to suggest he agrees that this can only end badly, but he wants to prove Damon wrong and helps clean and calm her. Considering how characters die left and right on this show, especially female vampire characters, I'm definitely worried for Caroline's future.

6. “Why did Katherine do this to me?” Thanks to Caroline for that one. Poor confused girl couldn't understand why this was happening to her, and frankly, I couldn't either because I'm clueless about Katherine's (Nina Dobrev, part deux) motivations. Elena thought it was to get to her, while Stefan thought it was in response to his rejection. I still think this has more to do with Elena than the boys, but I could be wrong. After all, Caroline brought up another good question, “Why did she look like you?” Elena said Katherine is her ancestor –- did we know this before? -- but it doesn't explain their identical looks.

7. Is Jeremy going to seek revenge on Damon for killing him? Solved! After poorly whittling a wooden stake, Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) realizes killing Damon wouldn't accomplish anything. He wants to stand for something. Oh my, is Jeremy having a growth moment?

VD202b_1261b 8. Will Bonnie ever get a love interest? You know, one who doesn't end up being an evil vampire or dying at the hands of a vampire.

9. Is Bonnie starting to remind anyone else of Bad Willow from “Buffy”? Vengeance, power, magic. This all smells familiar. Willow (Alyson Hannigan) did it because her girlfriend was killed. Bonnie tried to send Damon up in flames because of what happened to Caroline, but Elena talked her down. “This isn't us,” she said, coming to Damon's defense despite the fact that she still had plenty of reason to be angry with him. Damon fed Caroline his blood, but Katherine killed her. I wonder if there's also some guilt mixed into Bonnie's rage because she encouraged Damon to do it in order to heal Caroline. And what does this mean for Bonnie and Caroline's friendship? Bonnie has made her feelings about vampires very clear. Will she make an exception for her friend?

10. What's up with that moonstone? After getting into a fight staged by Damon, who's cluing into the fact that something's different about the Lockwoods, Tyler (Michael Trevino) confronted his Uncle Mason (Taylor Kinney) about his crazy yellow eyes. You probably want to come up with a better excuse than a reflection from glowing headlights, Mason. Earlier, Tyler caught him looking for a moonstone that Mason claimed was a family heirloom. Yes, it's another special, possibly mystical prop! Tyler must be smarting up because he doesn't give away that he knows where it is and instead takes it for himself. So what does this thing to do? Does it make you zen like Uncle Mason? Does it counteract the effects of a full moon? Does it find where Alaric has (Matthew Davis) been hiding?

Readers, did you like vampire Caroline? Is there such a thing as normal in Mystic Falls? Are you holding out for Ninja Turtles? Sound off below in the comments, and as always, chime in with your thoughts on my 10 questions!

-- Vlada Gelman (follow my TV musings on Twitter at @stayingin)


'The Vampire Diaries' recap: Game on

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Photos: Stefan (Paul Wesley) helps Caroline (Candice Accola); Bonnie (Katerina Graham) before the wreckage. Credit: Quantrell Colbert / The CW.
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Technically one could say that Bonnie hurt Damon because she was hurting and needed someone else to blame. Caroline got hurt in the first place because Bonnie lied about taking the spell off the Gilbert device (which cause tyler to crash the car). Then Bonnie was also the one who made Damon feed Caroline the blood to heal her, and was the one who told Katherine that Damon had given Caroline the blood( when she thought she was Elena at the Lockwood mansion). I think Bonnie may step aside and help Caroline, cause despite everything it's not Caroline's fault that she is what she is and as much as Bonnie hates what she is they're still friends.

Hopefully Caroline won't be killed off anytime soon or at all. Candice Accola killed it in last night episode (literally :P) and showed that she has staying power. Also Caroline showed that she had what it takes to stay on the DL when she got it under control whilst she was with Matt. Hopefully shell stick around a while. It's quite depressing when so many kick ass females get killed off (Vicki,Anna...).

It'll also be interesting to see where the Tyler/Mason thing goes....uncle mason didn't seem so zen and calm when he got angry at that kid. Hopefully next weeks episode will answer some of those questions and see if Bonnie can see past what Damon is and his actions and using every bad thing that happens/ goes wrong as an excuse to kill him. (as much as I hate to say it, considering what Damon did to Jeremy, not everything is his fault).

This episode reminded me why I love this show!

When something gets old and boring, like a century-old incestuos love triange, do something new and exciting.

I love Caroline as a vampire, and I love Bonnie's predicament. She's been telling anyone who'll listen that she will take down the next vampire to cause trouble and her it is - her best bud! haha bring on next week


I sure hope Caroline stays, I hated Vicky before she was a vampire and as a vampire, but I quite love and adore Caroline. I'd like to see more of her relationship with Matt and her being a vampire sure adds a nice twist since her mother is a part of the council.

I think Bonnie is mad at herself and hence she took it out on Damon but I hope she helps Caroline, maybe a special ring? she is a witch after all.

I wasn't sad to see Vicky go, but I was horrified when Pearl and Anna were both killed. They were amazing vampires, and could they please give Jeremy a love interest that is not a 'party girl' it was nice when he was with Anna because she was the opposite of Vicky and she knew what she wanted.

You forgot an important question that is much more important than the ones you asked?:

Why do the black people and all of the people of color always DIE on the Vampire Diaries, This also begs the question: Why is Bonnie the only female character on the show who never has a romantic relationship? (Other women characters who are only on the show for a single episode have more developed romantic lives than Bonnie)

Bonnie is the only Black person who gets to live in the VD world. Anytime I see black characters introduced on the Vampire Diaries, I know they're going to die by the end of the episode! As soon as I saw the cute carnival guy on the last episode, I knew he was a goner. I was like, "Oh, it's a black guy; he's going to die within the hour." And, of course, he did.

The two Asian American characters have died, too. There haven't been any Latinos or other people of color on the show. If there were, they'd probably be dead by now, too.

Is Bonnie the only living black person living in the entire state of Virginia?- where there are actually lots of black people IRL? We have never seen her family, other then her Grandma, who is, of course, dead. She is the only teen character whose family has never appeared on the show.

At this rate, Bonnie will never get a boyfriend because they will die before their first date, and the show can't seem to handle her dating a white guy. (The one white guy who showed interest was really a vampire whose only goal was to kidnap her.)

So, when the next person of color gets knocked off, instead of writing about the O.C. please write the question: Why do the producers kill off every single person of color who isn't Bonnie?

The reason I put together that Kathrine was Elena's ancestor last season is in the episode 'Isobel' when Elena asks Isobel why she knew Kathrine, Isobel says Kathrine sought her out because of genetic curiosity. Considering that was most likely before Kathrine even knew of her resemblance to Elena, it seems like their relation is through Elena's mother's side and not the Gilbert one.

I like the comparison of Dark Willow to Bonnie, but it also highlights why I am quickly growing to dislike Bonnie this season. Willow's need for power and magical vengeance I felt was much more understandable, while Bonnie just seems to put all of her rage on Damon even when he never did anything directly. I could be biased because I love Damon so much, but at times I think Bonnie is just too ridiculous when placing all the blame on him. I hope she gets another run in with Kathrine soon, so she can be put in her place again rather than running around town acting like she is all-powerful.

D.B. While I do agree with you, that this season Bonnie is due a multiple episode romantic plot (maybe with Tyler?)
I will disagree about the killing off every single person of color. I don't think it is done exclusively. The fact remains they are in company with every other killed character on this show. As an avid watcher, this show does not hesitate to kill off guest characters. There is a body count by the end of every episode, a black and white one.
And it sucks that this show actually does provides interesting and dynamic characters of color, only for them to eventually meet their demise.

So here is hoping for Bonnie getting some angsty lovin'.
And if they do get another great actor of color for this show (like the witch Gabby played by the lovely GINA TORRES--that one hurt as bad as Bonnie's grandmother played by Jasmine Guy) they won't meet the same fate.

I'd like to point out that Michael Trevino is latino, tho he does play a white character on the show. It seems that most vamps on the show that are not involved in the salvatorre love triangle have a shelf life. vicki, lexie, pearl, anna, tomb vamps...so watch out isabel!

Does Elena get married to Stefan in the Vampire Diaries


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