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'The Biggest Loser' recap: Calling in the big guns

September 22, 2010 | 11:01 am

Looks like we'll finally have the answer to that age-old question. No, not the chicken-and-the-egg question. The "would you rather have a drill seargeant yelling at you, or Bob and Jillian?" question.

This crop of recruits has no idea what they're in for, starting with the news that they had to fight for the right to even step foot on the ranch. It's not even worth debating anymore whether it's unfair to leave behind the people who, arguably, need the ranch most. (Such as the breast cancer survivor, or Elizabeth, above at left, who keeled over during the step-up challenge and was taken to the hospital.) That's the game, folks!

But at least we know it's not really over: Corey and the rest of the folks who came in last in the pop challenges will have a chance to battle their way onto the ranch. And we can expect everyone's jaw to hit the ground -- like mine did -- at the news that the dreaded yellow line will be shifting ... upward and upward.

A genius twist to keep things fresh as we hit Season 10.

What do we think of this group so far? I normally do not try to call this game on Day One because, well, I'm always wrong. But I have a good feeling about Frado -- who told me that if he wins he will donate every penny to charity -- and Adam of Santa Ana, the hometown player. (Guys, I hope I did not just jinx you.)

We know this much! The fur is gonna fly with sharp-elbowed Jessica, and it looks like the strong-willed Sophia and Jillian get into it from Day One.

We'll definitely need the big guns for this one.

Any other guesses as to who has staying power?

--Rene Lynch / renelynch

Photo credit: Jillian administers the step up challenge. NBC Universal