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Stewart, Colbert plan dueling rallies in D.C.

Colbert-stewart Let the march madness begin.

Comedy Central cohorts Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert will rally their respective troops on Oct. 30 in a battle of the marches in Washington.

Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity (whose message is: Take it down a notch, America) will meet Colbert's March to Keep Fear Alive on the National Mall.

“It is happening, people,” Stewart said during his show Thursday. “A million moderate march where we take to the streets to send a message to our leaders and our national media that says, ‘We are here … we’re only here, though, until 6 because we have a sitter!’ ”

And, hey, Stewart already has signs made!

Stewart admitted that it was a twist of fate, since he would already be in Washington, with “The Daily Show” taping there Oct. 25-28

Not to be outdone, Colbert followed up with an announcement on his own show, urging his viewers to also assemble “because now is not the time to take it down a notch. Now is the time for all good men to freak out for freedom."

Both announcements come on the heels of Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally that took place this year on the anniversary of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s historic speech at the same monument.

Show Trackers, what do you think? Anyone plan to book a flight and join them?

In case you missed the announcements ...

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Rally to Restore Sanity
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The Colbert Report Mon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
March to Keep Fear Alive
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— Yvonne Villarreal


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Video credit: Comedy Central

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I’m there!

Literally-in a sleeping bag camping out a spot!

My sign reads: Sanity – I has it.

This will be a new level of epic.

Flights and hotel booked by 10am today

Take it down a notch, America-- LMAO

I definitely plan to be there. We're just having trouble deciding which rally to attend - Stewart's or Colbert's. :)

We're already working on sign ideas. Any suggestions?

Sanity, not Hannity

Take it down a notch, woo! I mean, woo... I'd go if I had time and could travel.

My wife and I booked our flight and hotel this morning. See you all there.

We live near D.C. so this is a no-brainer. Everybody should come!! Sanity will prevail and it will be fun too. FYI - Stewart and Colbert have filed together for a single permit so there will be faux dueling rallies.

what about satellite rallies in LA??!! two words: ahh-some!

Are you voters? I hope not.

For all the snarkiness of these rallies, they really do get at something important. The reasonable people on both sides of the aisle (for that matter, why do we even need to have an aisle, how about being on the same side of America?) who are ready and willing to talk things out and come up with solutions that nobody is entirely thrilled about but that most of us can live with are being drowned out by the loud-mouths on the left and right, though those on the right seem to be getting more attention this election cycle.

I love Stewart's sign "I disagree with you, but I don't think you're Hitler"

Hmm, never really cared to visit D.C. before. Quite a hike from L.A.
I'm gonna hide myself in a D.C. bound Air Freight crate marked: 'Hannity with Care: Unstable Tea Inside". Let 'Truthiness' prevail!

The message is "Take it down a notch for America".

Well those Becksters are going to label this: WARNING! WARNING!

1. 'look, these are the violent ones we've been warning you about,'.....look what Obama has done to America!
2. 'These people, are calling for sanity, what are they thinking?'
3.'We are under attack by Obama, he wants to turn America into heathens.'
4.'Watch out for those masturbators, those men and women who like each and get along, they are a danger to "our position of privilege" country.'
5. 'Watch out for those people of diverse backgrounds, they might join together and really get this country to work together, we cannot have that, we might lose our position of privilege.'
6. 'Obama is to blame for everything that has happened since the end of the GWBush Administration, it doesn't matter that for 8 years Bush set this country up for going to H in a hand basket and all of us with it, we cannot let the people believe that the current state of our affairs are the residue of the Bush empire.' ' We need to keep the people confused and ignorant, we must keep repeating lies, baseless facts until they believe us, no matter what.'

And now, for an additional $6.95 per minute you can sign up at BecksterSpeaks and hear, "H here we come, willingly, no matter what, we will not give up our position of privilege." and other affirmations... just sign up at PayPal, first!

The March To Keep Fear Alive - freak out for freedom!
Love it.

Their listeners? All ten of them? Remember these leftist idiots are on the COMEDY channel.

I have already started a campaign on Stewart's Facebook Invite. I not only wish to bring back sanity, but stranger kindness by anyone buying me a plane tickets to Washington D.C.

Don't hate America. Buy me a plane ticket to DC.

Its a big campaign of officially two postings. It will catch on like WILDFIRE.

If someone buys me a ticket I will bring a sign inspired by a comment here:

"LEFTIES WATCH COMEDY CENTRAL....but that's cool. They had Dennis Miller do comedy shows too."

It's actually "take it down a notch FOR America"

Just do your news program and be quiet.

I will also bring an alternative sign:

One side:
Just do your news program and be quiet!

The other side:
Sponsored by "Mimes for Irony"

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