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Pilot View: Logo's 'The A-List: New York' inspires lots and lots of exercising

Wednesday night, we spent a little time with the rich and gaymous, which is to say we watched the first episode of Logo's new reality series "The A-List: New York."

You may know this show by its nickname, "Gay Housewives."  It was once titled "Kept," which we really liked.

Produced by True Entertainment ("The Real Housewives of Atlanta"), the series follows "boys who brunch" in New York City. But these are no ordinary brunching boys. They're members of Manhattan's gay elite, and the show follows their exploits from "boardroom to benefit to beach house to bedroom."  (Those are quotes from a charming Logo news release.)

And did we say they're all gorgeous? Do not make the mistake of ordering Mexican takeout before you watch the first episode. Trust us. Along with beauty, there's plenty of bitchiness, of course.

The blogosphere has been reacting strongly to the trailer you can watch above, which Logo released this week. Perez Hilton was beside himself. Others woo-hooed.

We think "The A List" could become an addiction.

Because we don't want to ruin the fun, we won't spoil the first episode. But we'd like to introduce the men by way of things they told us about themselves in the pilot:

SHOT_04_161_silo_LCROPPED-1 Reichen Lehmkuhl

Bragging rights: "My claim to fame is that I won 'The Amazing Race" and I was in a very public relationship with Lance Bass. And then through being seen together, he was kind of forced out of the closet and it still follows me around. But I don't like that to represent me."

Hot button: "I am afraid that people are going to laugh at my dancing." (He starred in "My Big Italian Gay Wedding" off Broadway).


SHOT_04_058_silo_LCROPPED2 Mike Ruiz

Bragging rights: "My claim to fame is that I transform celebrities. What I do is I take them out of context and style-wise just change them and present them in a way that's jarring to the general public. I would have to say that I'm probably one of the most in-demand celebrity photographers in the world."

Hot button: "Vanity is subjective. I have a healthier relationship with my appearance. I'm not 21 anymore, so I like to take care of myself. I need to stay on top of things. Otherwise things start falling apart really fast. I like to take care of myself and look attractive for my partner and attractive for, you know, everyone. Yes, yes, I'm vain. I'm guilty."

SHOT_04_047_silo_LCROPPED Ryan Nickulas

Bragging rights: "I own one of the top downtown salons. On any given day, you can come into my salon and run into Pamela Anderson, Isaac Mizrahi and Rachael Ray."

Hot button: "Desmond is my Mr. Big. Not that I'm really Carrie Bradshaw, but he's definitely my Mr. Big."


Austin Armacost

Bragging rights: "My biggest claim to fame would have to be the time I spent with famed designer Marc Jacobs. Our friendship led to a relationship. And then Marc swooped me away into his world that is all luxury and glamour. And I loved it. I just didn't know how to handle it."

Hot button: "Every time my name is mentioned, I want Marc's name to be nonexistent."


SHOT_04_123_silo_LCROPPED Derek Lloyd Saathoff

Bragging rights: "I never have to wait behind a velvet rope. My name is on every VIP list in the city. I'm friends with Lindsay Lohan. She stays at my apartment when she's in New York. Seann William Scott is a close friend of mine. I'm photographed and written about in blogs, in magazines. If you're reading about me on Monday morning, it was a fierce weekend."

Hot button: "I'm obsessed with spray tanning. If I look in the mirror and I see a pale face, I instantly shriek. I'm like 'AHH, I have to spray tan.' It's instant. No one sees me without it. It's almost like putting on your face. Girls wake up and put on makeup. I wake up and put on a spray tan."

SHOT_04_098_silo_LCROPPED Rodiney Santiago (Reichen's boyfriend)

Bragging rights as told by Reichen: "Rodiney is a model. He's done really well in Brazil, in Miami, and L.A. And now he wants to establish himself as a model in New York. And that's really hard to do."

Hot button: "Reichen is working all day, and I feel kind of alone, by myself here. And I have to figure out everything by myself. ... Do you think I'm going to find some agents here? Do you think it's going to be easy?"

No, it's not. But neither is all the working out we're going to have to do while this show is on the air. Incidentally, it premieres Oct. 4.

Special request for Logo: Can T.J. (Ryan's best friend) be added as a lead? We love it when he says "delicious."

--Maria Elena Fernandez

Photos credit: Logo

Video credit: Logo

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Dear reader:

Based on the comments I've read at two different gay websites, I feel like I can comment on behalf of the gay community when I say this: Please do not think for a second that anything you see on this show is representative of the gay community. Before anyone uses clips from this show as reasoning to ban gay marriage, please remember that we do not believe that "Jon & Kate Plus 8" represents all straight marriages.

Wow - you researched comments of people who never saw this show from TWO web sites?

This show is going to become a addiction. I mean come on who doesn't love gay guys and Reichen Lehmkuhl.

Ugh I'm gay and these people are annoying me. I mean.... if you are going to be on the A List....get a better voice.

Don't sound like a ninny.

If you are A List, You don't announce to the World you are A List.

Being a proud gay, this show is no more interesting than a two headed monkey in a jar of formaldehyde!!! This pathetic cast of wannabes should stop making fools of themselves and our community!!!

This show is tragic. After watching the first episode I felt dirty and had to take a shower.

Bill- Alex may have been to two websites but I can tell you that the reviews of the show are pretty universal.

After 20 years of being comfortable being a gay man, this is the first show that might actually drive me back into the closet. What a horrendous embarrassment on every level.

At a time when gay Americans are fighting for equality, we have Logo's A list depicting gays as selfish, superficial, and oversexed party animals. When junk programing like the A-List hits the air, how are we ever to be taken seriously? The A- List is a poor example of gay culture, lifestyle, and sexuality. For young people struggling to come out of the closet, this is not reality, its staged and dramatized crap. The "A-Listers" need to get a life.

These guys bored the bejeezus out of me. If Logo is going for a "Real Housewives" ambience then they've certainly hit their mark, albeit with less caché and less believability (if that's possible). NYC's gay A-listers don't appear to be a step up from WeHo's D-listers, the kind of parasitic climbers that are best avoided unless one really needs a crowd.

"A" stands for "appalling".

Horrifying! Dreadful! Abysmal! And those are my compliments regarding this show...

Clearly, none of these people would make ANY list at all. And I agree with other posters, that at this time in this country the last thing we need is a show that seems to say that all gay men are just as bad as the straights thought we were. OK, Real Housewives can be a guilty pleasure, but housewives are not committing suicide over bullying or not allowed to serve in the army, or get married.

What a shame.

HORRIBLE Show. Where's PLAGS comments on this trash?

Oh wow I read all the comments and Im stunned...I am a straight married female and I think this show that I just stumbled across is Fantatic..They all seem so real..down to earth..they are who they are..Derek, Ryan, and RJ just to mention a few are my favs..I personally find that gay men make the best of best friends..Reichen is too much of a drama queen..no pun intended..he needs to stop being a tramp..I love his momma..I know I would not fit in with these guys as Im overweight and no where near their financial class..but I think they are awesome..and I loved when Ryan said he and his husband are going to have Seal and Heidi babies..They are just fun with a twist of real life bitch and I love it..Hope you all remain successful and happy..Derek you will find your Mr. Right..:o)

Leave it to Logo to come up with an "A List" crowd who are even more unstable and unsympathetic than the original fictional "Boys in the Band." Forty years of gay liberation have culminated in Reichen Lemkuhl? It's as though there is some evil straight person behind the scenes, choosing our celebrities for us in order to make gays look bad!

Well I must say Derek is such a cutee and very sweet. He does not put up with BS and people take that for being a bitch. I would love to have a date with him....

I think the show started off badly with the confusing three way. Rodney/Reichen having the main story line is a huge bore. Ryan and TJ are definitely my favorites. Oh well I keep recording it each week and hope it gets better..... Anyone know where I can get one of those love muscle shirts?

This show is a train wreck.

Ryan seems decent, and the rest of the drama queens are just annoying.

This is NOT representative of gays in general. Most PEOPLE couldn't stand to be around these little wannabes, much less self respecting gay people.

It's like Jersey Shore on estrogen, and it's disgusting. Most or all of these guys are psychotic and have the mentality of a teenager.

I like Ryan, though. He's dramatic, but at least he seems to be able to be nice and hold a stable relationship. The others should all just go to drag queen hell.

There is not *one single person* on this program who has a single redeeming quality about them. Speaking as a middle-aged gay man, when I watch this program I see shallow, petty male bitches who really believe their wealth and looks somehow makes them "special" and gives them the right to look down on anybody who doesn't match up to their vapid, fatuous idea of "beauty".

I'm going to tell you this, guys: "pretty" gets you only so far, and your bitchy pettiness does NOT look nice after you pass age 35. At some point it would behoove EVERY SINGLE ONE of those self-obsessed narcissists to GROW UP, get over their cheap-ass selves, and join the human race as productive, compassionate members of society if they don't want to enter middle age as lonely, bitchy alcoholics whom nobody wants to be around.

Love the series. Hope it becomes very successful. It's not my life, even though I'm gay, but I enjoy watching it - emmensely. I like all the characters even thought they don't look like or in anyway represent me. It is just an entertaining show to watch and that's it.

I cannot express enough how vile this show is and how shameful it is of logo to air this bitchery. I'm an avid follower of the real housewives stories and they're fun... At the least watercooler conversation pieces. Unfortunately a list doesn't even come close to it's predecessors. The lifestyle of these men Is hardly noteworthy - a bunch of unknown , unimportant people who have no real talent (except maybe for mike). It simply feeds the mainstream sensationalist representation of the gay faction of society. It's utter bullshit. Take it off the air and show me men of substance. Something appreciable.

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