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Jon Stewart fans embrace his 'Rally to Restore Sanity' to send a serious political message [updated]

Jon Stewart insists that he's not looking to get into politics. But plenty of his fans appear eager to join him in a political movement, if the response to his "Rally to Restore Sanity" is any indication. By Thursday morning, more than 138,000 people had indicated on the event's Facebook page that they planned to join "The Daily Show" host Oct. 30 on the National Mall. Those who can't make it are organizing satellite events in cities around the country.

As a Times story on Thursday details, many attendees view the gathering as an opportunity to shape the political discourse. "We want to send a message to Washington that there are a lot of us out here that want you to get something done and stop pandering to the fringe," said Lorrie Sparrow, 45, a business analyst who plans to drive all night from Xenia, Ohio, to attend the event with two friends and her 8-year-old son.

[Updated at 9:35 a.m.: Los Angeles residents are now seeking to create their own "Rally to Restore Sanity" satellite event for Oct. 30. Volunteers are working to secure a permits and a website has been set up to solicit donations.]

-- Matea Gold

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I'm enjoying the faux handwringing of can't we all just get along, why such generalizing of liberals etc. Where have you been the last 9 years where conservatives have been branded as idiots, rednecks, racist, fascist? Where was your outrage then. You can't punch people then get outraged when they hit back.

This is not about restoring sanity this is nothing but mocking the Beck and Tea Party rallies, thumbing their nose at a large portion of the country. If you believe anything else then I can comfortably say you really are an idiot. Stewart is and always has been a partisan hack.

Frankly I'm not a fan of either party and am a Libertarian. I'm exhausted of watching Left and Right compete to see who can screw things up worse. Government. Is. The. Problem. We've given too much power to too few and surely you can all agree with that. Stewart is preaching to keep the elites in power and give them even more power and is thus part of the problem. This is why anyone following him is in fact a sheep.

Hondo, If anyone "follows" Stewart or Colbert like they were politicians it would be very funny. Yes they are mostly liberal, but the reason people like them is they are funny and smart. They make fun of politicians and the media when they are ridiculous or hypocritical or when they get too tabloid. The current political hyperpartisanship has made Stewart and Colbert's shows big hits. But I think they could find other work if the country suddenly got sane.

"Serious message"? Please.

A bunch of liberals out to insult their betters.

When the "132,000" show up, or 61,000, or 5,000...however small the number..the deathbed press will report it as "several million rally against the racist Glenn Beck and the Tea-Baggers. LOL

The same people going to the "rally" voted for Obama who thinks there are 58 states,"I've been to 57 states and have one more to go," who see's dead people, "I see many of our fallen heroes out there," can't give a speech to school children w/out a teleprompter. What does that say about Obama voters and Jon Stewart? This is the best you can do? this is the smartest guy you could find. It will be interesting to see how clean they leave the National Mall. Watch and see, it will be a Pigstye I am betting..Yes, Jon is a very brave man, I saw the other night he had no problem mocking Jesus, but I will take him more seriously when he mocks/draws a cartoon of Muhammad.

To: Jon Stewart, The Daily Show 09-23-10

The Republican's "Pledge to America" was not even written by them. It was written by a lobbyist for AIG, Exxon, Pfizer and Comcast, who paid out a minimum of $3,000,000 for political favors from our politicians. We have to do something about corporate America taking over the Tea Party, other organizations, and our Federal Government. The Tea Party was supposed to be a grass roots organization. What a lie! You, Rachel Maddow, Keith Olberman, Ed Schultz, and the others have the ability to get together and help us. Those of us who used to be in the middle class need your media organizing capabilities. I am in real estate in California, and we are still facing foreclosures (the highest number ever in 08/2010) and short sales while the government is saying the recession ended in 2009. What is wrong with these people? Is this just because 11/2/10 is right around the corner? Please help us win this fight. It's getting so crazy. We can't sit back and let this happen. Americans need to be informed and know the truth on both sides, so that the voting booth results are genuine. Most Americans are in the dark. We need to bring jobs back to this Country and begin investing here again. I was thinking that a reality show with real people telling their true stories in the field of politics would be great. We have to "out" these politicians, lobbyists, corporate giants, and people like Dick Armey (Tea Party Organizer, Corporate Lobbyist and former House Majority Leader). I would love to be involved in developing a show.


Repbush are always angry,they prefer wars than peace,they wish they can just shoot anyone they don't agree with always watch them on TV they can't let other people give their opinion,they always think they know much than anybody else even Sarah and 1/2 baked they think they know better.
this country has to show a good example to claim the super power tittle nobody will respect you when some people behave like animals.

I think you will be surprised at how many people are showing up. Lots of tickets purchased and hotel rooms booked. We're coming from California and are meeting family members and friends from Alaska, Michigan, Arizona and Florida. Tonight between Steven Colbert and Jon Stewart we have over 200,000 attendees with a month to go. East coasters can hop a train and make it a day trip.

Talk about the dumming down America. These right wing zealots have dominated the White House for decades with the likes of Nixon, Reagan, Bush and Bush. Everytime they leave office the nation is in an econmic mess! Now they are promoting the Queen of Ignorance, Shara "I don't know anything" Palin. Give me a break.

Our political system is still broken and I am tired of the extreme sides tearing it apart further and getting all the press. Sarah Palin is cashing in on all this garbage, not to mention the Gold Scam on FOX News. This causes too many distractions which is what the Republicans want. The Democrats are a bunch of wimps and I don't see them standing up or hear them fighting for change that our country desperately needs. They are all failing!!!!!!!!!!!

The Republicans are repeating exactly what they said a few years ago to get reelected and the country is falling for it again. Their Manifesto is a bunch a crap and was written by a lobbyist who worked for some the biggest corporations in America like AIG. There are no new ideas from the Republicans and John Baynard admitted we would revert back to Bush type politics when they take the majority. There are too many political idiots in this country. This will lead to a big mess and a lot more fighting in the future if the Republicans take a majority in the house and senate. Nothing will get done for the next two years our country will stay stagnant politically.

We are wasting too much money on wars that are not needed. End the war now! instead of July of 2011. Lets use this money for the United States infrastructure instead of attacking bedouins in the desert.

This is both the Republicans and the Democrats fault. Everyone is only interested in their own groups agenda instead of helping our country move forward. There is still too much destructive group dynamics working within the Republican Party and their conservative think tanks. It is Obama's responsibility to change the group dynamics to move the country forward. The only way to do this is to expose the hypocrisy and corruption that continues in our Government.

Everyone in this country has an opinion but I see very few people with real solutions.

Mark Oppenheim

Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.

R.A. Heinlein

Good for Jon Stewart on having a rally to Restore Sanity and he should run for office. Anyone can knock of those 10 Sarah Palin Witches....no problemo. But Jon is better than that, should be an interesting rally. At least the crazies won't be there. LOL - Go Jon.

@RogerCotton:"The Liberal Era is over. The cultural insanity it has unleashed over the past 80 years has resulted in the perpetuation of poverty, the dumbing down of citizens (as exemplified by those who consider The Daily Show "news"), and the weakening of our economy."

Dumbing down the citizens? Sir, may i say that you cannot be far away from the truth on this...Can you please tell me if there is even one intellectual leader from the right, palin? (BTW, daily show is far far better than fox news)...You, tea party idiots speak about fiscal responsiblity, but gloat when someone says tax cuts for the rich...can i ask if the tea party will support medicare cuts? or privatizing social security? All i can see from the tea party is this: fiscal responsibility, lesser government and support the troups...can u guys even say something about how you will do it, or is it too intellectual for your old, white guys turned on by hate and fear (again thanks to glenn beck and fox).

I see that the tea party people always try to distance themselves from the bush policies and the republican party by calling themselves "liberterian"..If tea party is all about fiscal responsibility, then what did you see in christine odonnell to be supported? She is an extreme right winger and doesn't seem to be qualified to talk about fiscal responsibility? At least she doesn't seem to demonstrate it in her own, damn personal life...and what about palin? The lady with the acid tongue you love...what has she done? Blow 50,000$ campaign fund for personal stuff...In my mind, i have no doubt about tea party...it is just a channel for funnelling the white anger towards everyone else (read gays, immigrants, hispanics, blacks)....In case anybody disagrees with me, can you please point out how many candidates did you actually elect from the republican primaries who actually care about fiscal responsibility? And also, answer my questions on you will achieve fiscal responsibility simply by cutting off the government? Don't you want individuals to do the same with their lives to avoid wasteful spending? or is that too unpleasant?

The rally is great. I am sick and tired of the yelling, screaming, demonizing and name calling. This may get folks mad, but I observe it is primarily form the right wing/Tea Party/GOP folks. I can recall when people could disagree as Americans without being disagreeable. The fringe now has to demonize the other side.

So three cheers for John Stewart. I would certainly go to DC form the West Cost if I was not already on vacation. The decent people of American need to take the country back. It no longer right vs. left, or DEM vs. GOP. Now its about decency and rationality vs. screamers and extremists.

Sign idea: "Yes, I'm pretty sure we can but I'm willing to discuss it."

I think Jon is doing a good thing, his rally won't be whites
only like the TEA Party.

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