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'House' recap: Hallelujah, Huddy fans

September 20, 2010 |  9:01 pm

House1 Was it good for you?

When last we saw our heroes, House had just lost a patient and had rushed home to excavate hidden Vicodin vials. Cuddy arrives, marches into House’s bathroom (why does so much of their relationship take place in his bathroom?!), and admits that despite her recent engagement, she could think of only one man -- and it wasn’t her fiance. Lips are pressed.

Hallelujah! Six seasons of sexual tension released! About the only medical mystery solved during this season’s Episode 1 is where babies come from. House and Cuddy (heretofore to be known as Huddy) are hot and heavy (She’s hot; he’s a wee bit heavy. Girlfriend, that yoga has paid off -- I’m sold!)

No patient roulette in this episode (You know, when Thirteen says, “Patient No. 1: Bleeding from every orifice.” And House says, “Boooriiing!”). The case this time is dropped into their laps by Cuddy’s new assistant (whose role model is evidently that teacher’s pet from “Leave It to Beaver” -- ew). He reports that Dr. Richardson, one of the resident neurosurgeons, has vomited in the operating room. A Technicolor yawn would be most people’s reactions when observing surgery, but as Richardson is a surgeon, this is an anomaly. Richardson subsequently has a mini-psychotic break and starts peeling off his clothes faster than, for lack of a better term, Huddy in the bedroom. It later turns out to be food poisoning from the local “Seafood Convention,” but “psychotic break” sounds so much sexier than “Steer clear of the uni.”

Now, Princeton Plainsboro needs a neurosurgeon on campus 24/7 or it loses accreditation as a Level 1 Trauma Center. The accreditation police show up. House’s team (Huddy are still rutting like teens) leaps into action: It lies to cover the hospital’s ample posterior. Foreman, Thirteen, Chase and Taub confer, administer drugs, happy ending.

Oh, except Thirteen leaves for Europe, saying she’s part of a Huntington’s trial. So, of course, Chase wants to have sex with her. Makes perfect sense. But something isn’t adding up. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, things are too good to be true for House. The lust of his life for the last six years has said, yes, yes, a thousand times yes. So, of course, he starts to overanalyze himself out of the relationship. Cuddy’s going to hold all the terrible things that he’s ever done to her against him and it’s going to ruin everything, yada, yada. Dude, you sound like one of those pathetic chicks from “Sex and the City.” Don’t fight it. Give into the private parts side.

Will the Huddy storyline be a mistake, like Scully and Mulder (Sculder)?

“It’ll be great,” Cuddy promises a reluctant House.

Said the shark to Fonzie. We shall see.

-- Linda Whitmore

Photo: Lisa Edelstein and Hugh Laurie. Credit: Adam Taylor / Fox