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'Hell's Kitchen': This just in...Gordon Ramsay laughs, smiles


What's that? You're suffering Gordon Ramsay withdrawals? How can that be, when we've barely had a week away from the cantankerous culinary maestro.

We went straight from "Hell's Kitchen" to "MasterChef" to..."Hell's Kitchen," which starts up again Wednesday night on Fox with 16 new victims -- er, contestants -- vying for a $250,000-a-year paycheck as a head chef at L.A. Market at the JW Marriott Hotel Los Angeles at L.A. Live.

As always, the show kicks off with a signature challenge -- the contestants make their signature dish -- and it takes a humiliating turn for one contestant. Keep the remote handy and watch for Ramsay actually throwing up -- not just spitting out -- what may rank as the worst dish in the show's history.

Before it's over, the ax will fall for two contestants, there will be sirens, a near wardrobe malfunction, Ramsay catches someone yawning, and one chef gets caught aping Ramsay.

Big mistake.

And we meet a new maitre'd. But of course, there is no replacing J.P.

In the meantime, if you really, truly are suffering a Ramsay withdrawal, check out this behind-the-scenes video of Ramsay horsing around with photographer Brian Bowen Smith.

--Rene Lynch
Twitter.com / renelynch

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Amazing that Trev McGrath won this contest. I thought that other guy was going to win. I know this was prerecorded 5 weeks and Trev won. Does he really have what it takes?


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