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Fox's 'Lone Star' fizzles out after just two episodes

Fox's conman drama "Lone Star" earned the dubious distinction of being the first show canceled in the 2010-11 television season after just two episodes.

The drama, about a Texas hustler juggling two families and his overbearing father, failed to generate a spark with viewers despite getting lots of praise from television critics.

"Lone Star" averaged just 3.7 million viewers in its two airings, according to Nielsen, and was losing more than half of its lead-in audience from "House."

Fox said it would fill the 9 p.m. Monday slot "Lone Star" occupied with new episodes of its drama "Lie to Me," which stars Tim Roth.

— Joe Flint

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Doing away with Lone Star after two episodes is ridiculous, have you seen some of the recycled same-same stuff that is out there, at least this show was different and had some good actors. Also Leigh is an idiot, the lead actor was very cool and I had pegged as the next ladies man.

HUGE MISTAKE!!! I really loved this show. Much better than any reality show. David Keith and Jon Voight were a joy to watch. Please, another network pick up this show! It was still introducing the characters and, I believe, had the potential to become a TV classic like DALLAS. People in the business do something!

I was on vacation and didn't even get to see it. Would 6 episodes have been too much to ask?

So disappointed that they cancelled lone star

With each succeeding premature cancel of shows I enjoy, I feel less and less likely to want to watch anything that is more than a few weeks in duration. That way I cannot get hooked on a show and experience the disappointment. At least with cable shows (Burn Notice, Mad Men, Damages, Big Love etc.) I have less to fear of getting hooked albeit having to wait for the next 6-8 installments. Fox has made a bad move by not giving Lone Star a chance as both my husband and I were enjoying its brief appearance.

Terrible idea to cancel Lone Star! ..try it in another time slot please!

I was hooked on Lone Star! Finally a unique drama. Give it a chance to build an audience! FOX made a hasty mistake.

Yeah, Lone Star actually got my husband interested--and he hates watching TV! I sure hope this show gets picked up by another, more intelligent network. The cast and crew did not deserve to be pushed aside :(

The problem is the time slot - there are too many good shows to watch - and they are all on at the same time! This was competing against new show The Event, well established Two and a Half Men, Monday Night Football, and stupid Dancing With the Stars. If this show was moved to a slightly less competitive slot, it would be a hit for FOX. They should give it a shot elsewhere in ther line-up.


I LOVE this show!! The music, the cast, the story line, everything is just great!!

I think the reason why it didn't get very many views was because of the advertisement..or lack of advertisement.. I hadn't even heard of the show before it was on! Also, maybe FOX wasn't a good fit for the show. I think it would have been successful on ABC or CBS, but FOX is just so full with other shows, and this one doesn't really belong to the "family" of traditional shows on FOX.

It's an excellent show and I think it undoubtedly deserves a second chance!


I LOVE this show! The music, the cast, the story line, everything is great!

I think the reason why it didn't pull in a lot of views was because of the advertisement for the show..or lack of advertisement.. I hadn't even heard much about the show prior to it being on.
Also, I think that it would have done better on a different station like ABC or CBS. Lone Star doesn't really fit into the "family" of the shows on FOX and also it was not on at a good time slot. There are too many other shows on at this time that people are ALready watching, so why should they start watching a new show and forfeiting their old one?

This show undoubtedly deserves a second chance and I think with more advertising and a different time, it will do a LOT better!

They brought back family guy after cutting it after two season...and look at what a hit it has become..hopefully the same will happen with Lone Star!

This was a GREAT!!! show. It was exciting, interesting and full of drama. I was looking forward to the next episode all week. I thought maybe FOX was just going to changes days. It was a terrible discovery finding out that it was cut. What a disappointment. This was the best new season on FOX for my husband and me. We enjoyed it. Terrible decision to whoever did this. I just can't believe it.

I have been looking all over for the next episode of Lone Star, and a friend told me today that she thought it was cancelled. I am soo disappointed. Finally a show that is a not a cop show or crime scence investigation with an actually original script idea & "they" cancel it. I loved it; I hope somehow someone else will pick it up! Is that possible? BTW . . ."Lie to Me" is stupid and boring; why has it not been canceled? THIS SHOW SHOULD HAVE BEEN GIVEN A CHANCE TO DEVELOP AN AUDIENCE. It had me from the first episode.

I cant believe they canceled this show... i loved it!!! it was just favorite new show...SAD!!!

Really hated to see Lone Star cancelled. Keep hoping that FX, Amc, or other cable channel would pick it. Freeing it from network restrictions could make it a really good show like white color, etc.

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