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Fox's 'Lone Star' fizzles out after just two episodes

Fox's conman drama "Lone Star" earned the dubious distinction of being the first show canceled in the 2010-11 television season after just two episodes.

The drama, about a Texas hustler juggling two families and his overbearing father, failed to generate a spark with viewers despite getting lots of praise from television critics.

"Lone Star" averaged just 3.7 million viewers in its two airings, according to Nielsen, and was losing more than half of its lead-in audience from "House."

Fox said it would fill the 9 p.m. Monday slot "Lone Star" occupied with new episodes of its drama "Lie to Me," which stars Tim Roth.

— Joe Flint

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It was a good show. Too bad...it should have been allowed to try to build an audience. Lie to Me is boring beyond belief - just another formulaic b.s. detective show.

I thought Lone Star had a lot of potential & was fun to watch. What a disappointment to have it so quickly taken off the air. What a dumb thing to do. Yet another Fox stupidity.

Hey...I liked this show. Like Andy said Lie To Me is boring and it sucks!

TERRIBLE decision.

The show was GREAT!! Monday night it was up against Monday night football that was a big one to watch....so you cant base it on Monday against football. They really should have given it more of a chance....the show was fantastic and the acting was great. I really liked the premise of it.....really bad move to pull the plug on it. I hope another station can pick it up.

This was a GREAT show! What genius at Fox decided to air a critically acclaimed show opposite 2 1/2 men? Hey Fox genius, you own baseball world series! Why on earth wouldn't you have kept Lonestar for it's debut after the series? Seriously, you guys just blew a really interesting and smart show.

Good riddance! And welcome back Lie to Me!

Fox should be tarred, feathered & run out of town on a rail for canceling "LoneStar"! Just when the show was really interesting & catching your attention after last night's episode. Fox never gave them a chance! Hopefully TNT, FX, Showtime or HBO will pick-up this very excellent series!

Unbelievable! That was my favorite show of the season. It was unique and interesting. Not the same old, same old. Where did all the smart TV execs go?

Goodbye boring Lone Star that critics loved but audiences didn't.

I really enjoyed this show, and looked forward to it on Monday nights. Guess its best to just watch cable shows. Then I know the entire 13 episodes will air.

Thank god! Awful mess of a show-terrible performances, stupid story line, drip of a lead actor. Goodbye and good riddance!

What a huge blunder! Every time I turned on the TV for the past three months I'd see "Lone Star" being heavily promoted. Yet the show "fizzled out" after two episodes!

My husband and I were watching this show and really getting into it. Why wasn't it given a fairer shake??? Is there a chance another network could pick it up?

The only new show on Fox that I enjoyed. Only goes to reinforce my opinion of Fox. They never gave it a fair chance to develop. Bye Bye Fox.

Lone Star was good. Too good for Fox really. Perfect for FX. Too bad it wasn't a cop/investigation show. That's the only thing that passes nowadays with one "sci-fi" show for each network (Fringe, The Event, Medium, V). TV viewers are begging for better ideas and less reality tv. Cancel after two, really? Can't even move it to Friday at least try to pretend to put up a fight for it? Jon Voight people! You can't cancel a show with Jon Voight!

Thats to bad. It was a great show and something completely different. They should have given it more of a chance or moved it to a timeslot without so much competition. Too bad and bad move Fox.

They ought to air more of those programs where folks get knocked into the water.

Maybe Fox should have had Keith and Voigt perform dance routines to low-brow teen music...

We need to start a write-in campaign to save the show. Why couldn't they have moved it to another night when there's nothing on that's good? Well I won't have to keep flipping back and forth between Lone Star and the CBS comedies. Lie to Me is a horrible, stupid show and I won't waste a second watching it. BRING BACK LONE STAR!!! you dummies

Great show and James Wolk and supporting were right on, right out of the box. Did you see the 1st run of Bones, I like the show but I thought it would never end, I am bored with Bones. Keep Lone Star on....the story line will catch on and build.

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