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Three Emmys earn Bryan Cranston a 'Saturday Night Live' guest host spot

Bryansnl The third time really WAS the charm for Emmy-winner Bryan Cranston.

The actor who just scored his third-consecutive Emmy for lead actor in a drama for "Breaking Bad" announced on ESPN Radio's Mason & Ireland show that he would be a guest host on "Saturday Night Live" Oct. 2. It will be the first appearance on the sketch comedy series for the actor, who starred as the buffoonish father in "Malcolm In The Middle" before his stint on the hit AMC drama, where he plays a chemistry teacher who gradually becomes a drug dealer.

"I'm so thrilled and excited," Cranston said.

Vince Gilligan, the creator of "Breaking Bad," said in an interview earlier this year that he was mystified that Cranston, whom he called a "courageous actor," had never been asked to host "SNL": If Bryan "hosted 'Saturday Night Live,' he would hit it out of the park."

Cranston said in a corresponding interview that he was philosophical about not being asked to host "Saturday Night Live": "Would I like to host 'Saturday Night Live?' Hell, yes, I'd love to. But it's not going to have a big impact on my life if it doesn't happen."

--Greg Braxton


Photo: Bryan Cranston                               Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/ Getty Images

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I think he won these Emmy's purely for the jokes.

Can't wait!!! I LOVE both Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul (his co-star on BB) We became ADDICTED to "Breaking Bad" via Netflix in the last few weeks. I hadn't really heard of it before this summer when a friend of ours couldn't say enough about it. We've only gone through the first 2 seasons since season 3 isn't available yet on DVD, so this SNL appearance will help us get through the waiting!

Breaking Bad is easily the best show on tv (followed by Mad Men and Dexter) and I'm surprised that Bryan Cranston doesn't get more recognition. I think everyone just thinks of him as the Malcom in the Middle dad. No love for Walt White and Tim Whatley.

"Not a drug DEALER. A drug... manufacturer." --Walter White

I will bet anyone, any amount of money that Bryan Cranston will appear in at least one skit in only his underwear.


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