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TCA Press Tour: 'The Cove's' Ric O'Barry knows his work isn't done


Ric O’Barry is returning to "The Cove."

The star of the Academy Award-winning documentary is continuing the effort to expose the plight of dolphins who are subjected to a brutal world of captivity and oftentimes wind up slaughtered for their meat.

O'Barry and his filmmaker son, Lincoln, are set to premiere "Blood Dolphins," a three-part miniseries on Animal Planet.

Ric O’Barry said he hopes the show not only shows the brutality of the trade but paints a portrait of the people behind it. 

"We’re hoping 'Blood Dolphins' is going to change everything. It's going to be a game-changer," he said. "There is no point in saving the dolphins without saving their habitat."

In the series, which premieres Aug. 27, the O'Berrys return to Taiji, Japan (the same setting as "The Cove"), the epicenter of the annual slaughter of approximately 20,000 dolphins. The father-and-son team, along with a crew, go back to see if the critical acclaim for the film had any impact on the six-month hunting season. It hasn’t. 

Dolphins are one of America's most beloved animals, according to a survey conducted by the Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums. The survey found that the more people interact with dolphins and see them in aquariums, parks and zoos, the more people learn about their importance. However, the O’Barrys believe that dolphins should always be free and should not be confined in order to entertain or educate the general public.

"It makes you ask, where do these animals come from," Lincoln O'Barry said. "They didn’t just magically appear in the aquarium. We are showing where they come from."

Ric, who is best known for his work on the 1960s TV show “Flipper,” said he hopes that seeing the show will make people think twice before buying tickets to see dolphins.

"We have been brainwashed by this society to think dolphins belong in a concrete tank doing tricks for us," he said. "Flipper was a blood dolphin."

-- Gerrick D. Kennedy

Photo: Ric and Lincoln O' Barry. Credit: Animal Planet

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I loved the film 'the cove' and it seriously changed my life. I've gone from wanting to be an architect to a marine biologist after watching that movie. I hope one day to meet Ric O'Barry, and help him change the world, as corny as that sounds. Cant wait to see 'Blood Dolphins'

I never realized what a tragedy this was until I watched The Cove. I can't count the tears I cried during the movie and just can't imagine how anyone could justify such a slaughter or even the capture of these beautiful creatures. Where once I would have paid to see an aquatic show with dolphins, it will never happen again. If people would stop paying to see them, there would be no market for the shows.
My hats off to Ric for exposing the truth and enlightening those of us who were totally in the dark on the subject. THANK YOU RIC for trying to make the difference!

It's all so sad... Dolphins are such wonderful creatures, I love them so much. Thank you for what you do. Don't give up. Good luck with everything. I wish there's more I could do besides sitting here, thinking and typing. We're with you. Let's make that change! Sending out L.O.V.E. to you and your team all the way from Serbia.

I look forward to the follow-up to The Cove. I mentioned The Cove to a Japanese teacher. He became very angry and defensive, saying that the purpose behind The Cove had a hidden agenda behind it to "hate Japanese". He brought up WWII atomic bombings, and said that the NanJing (NanKing) war crimes never took place. He said Japanese have a term "ABCD" for America, Britain, China, and Denmark, who all spread lies and hate about poor Japanese. I said I saw the entire film The Cove and saw a love for dolphins, not a hate towards Japanese people. In fact most Japanese people, according to the film, were not aware of the slaughter of dolphins. He did not see the entire film, but apparently much propaganda against the movie The Cove is being shared in Japan, stirring up Japanese nationalism, to the point of banning the film in places, and bomb threats against theaters willing to show the film in Japan. One point that I wish was more emphasized in The Cove was the large numbers, great numbers, of dolphins who died due to getting caught in fishing nets. I was pleased that The Cove showed the crisis of running out of fish in the sea due to over-fishing, not due to dolphins.

I am visiting the U.S from India and i was pretty excited about seeing the Orca whales and Dolphins i have always loved at San Diego Sea World but that was before i saw the Cove. Now i cant even bear the thought of having sea food. I cant imagine how people can be so cruel to animals.
The Cove was a reality check , hats off to Ric for such great work.
I as a teacher will do my part by teaching my students to respect and cherish wildlife.
Me and my friend love dolphins and i do hope that one day we'll have the opportunity to see them in the wild where they belong.

The Cove is a phenomenal documentary, an absolute must-see.

i saw the cove and it made me cry but im glad u are carrying on to put this out in the open people need to know whats going on. Cant wait to watch blood dolphins and see if any thing has changed but one day i hope it stops for good

I have seen the Cove and I cried a lot. I can't understand how anyone can be so brutal to such a wonderful mammal. These dolphins really need our help, and one way I plan on helping is to never see a dolphin show again. I pray that God will interfere soon and put this tragedy to an end. This is truly a disaster in my eyes. Ric, I thank both you and your son for the hard work and dedication that both of you have committed to in saving these mammals.

We all know there are horrific things going on in the world but "to what extent?" is the question! It is the bravery, passion and commitment from people such as Ric O'Barry and his team that strive to show and teach us about the plights of others in the world whether it be human or animal and then it is up to us to assist them to make it right!! How hard can it be to sign up to petitions around the world or give a couple of dollars here and there to attempt to eradicate the 'unreal' slaughter that is happening in Taiji. My children and I are telling everyone who will listen about 'The Cove' and we hope that, however small our actions, we can help assist with the education of people as to what is really happening there. I WOULD LIKE TO CONGRATULATE EVERYONE INVOLVED IN THE MAKING OF 'THE COVE', ESPECIALLY RIC O'BARRY FOR OPENING MY EYES TO THIS ATROCITY AND HOPE THAT ALL YOUR HARD WORK CHANGES THE WORLD!!!!!

this is so sad i am amased @ the cold heartless ppl there r in this world. the cove was very sad and hard 2 watch but so glad i did. the world needs 2 b educated in this so it will stop. i will only see dolphins in the wild where they belong. i have lived in orange and lake county florida my whole life and will b spreading this 2 everyone i know. thanks 2 u all for risking ur lives 2 get this out. if i could i would b there in taiji japan sept. 1st 2 help with protesting i am truely hoping the japan ppl who knew nothing of this will be there 2 stop this cruelity. thank u so much for getting this out! i will do everything i possibly can! thank u ric and lincoln o'barry<3

I ask for excuses him for my bad English wait understand the written thing and the important thing that is for my to help

Gentleman obarry. I must say to him that I admire his labor. My name is hernan I have 23 years of age, am of venezuela and am ready to help in what is and as to be. You are my example to continuing...

I have just seen the documentary ..., and I must say that I am really sad, for my the dolphins mean very much, not if this is read by you or someone who has communication with you but here I am arranged to what is ... we must save to these wonderful creatures


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