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TCA Press Tour: Shutting it down with 'The Rachel Zoe Project's' Brad Goreski

Fans of “The Rachel Zoe Project” will be going bananas come Tuesday. The pint-sized stylista and her crew (minus the curmudgeon known as Taylor) return for a new season brimming with meltdowns, a star-studded clientele (Demi Moore, Gwen Stefani) and enough racks full of couture frocks to make you scream “I die! I die!” 

We caught up with Zoe’s fashionably bespectacled style director Brad Goreski (unfortunately he wasn’t wearing those spiffy white shorts from last season) at a TCA after-party this weekend. Take a look to hear what he has to say about Taylor’s departure and what to expect this season. Oh, and  “Housewives” beware (I'm looking at you, LuAnn and Kim): should Goreski enter the music business, the title of his nonexistent single promises to be a hit.

“The Rachel Zoe Project" premieres Tuesday at 10 p.m.

-- Yvonne Villarreal

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Both of these “women”, Zoe and Taylor, are ridiculous, vapid, and an embarrassment to all professional women.

Zoe can’t string a sentence together, “like, um, like, ya know”, is a trend slave, and posseses NO unique style.

Her assistant is/was rude, immature, and not particularly bright.
(clothes can be stolen to sell, they don’t have to be worn by the thief). Hopefully Taylor won’t give up her day job to assist Sherlock Holmes.

Neither knows how to wear and style clothes.

THAT is why they style women who know NOTHING about clothes, Garner, a sporty small town girl who wears old jeans everyday (and looks adorable), Demi Moore admitted uneducated trailer trash, and other assorted women who don’t know better.

Money does NOT buy taste.

However, it will pay Zoe to shop for you.

God Forbid!


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