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Steven Tyler joins 'American Idol' as a judge

Getprev The "American Idol" judges table is beginning to take shape: Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler has signed a deal to join the Fox talent competition for Season 10.

A source close to the negotiations has confirmed reports that Tyler has signed on the dotted line to fill one of the vacancies left by Simon Cowell and Ellen DeGeneres.  Fox, as usual, declined to comment.

Rumors that Fox was in talks with Tyler and Jennifer Lopez leaked out in July. But Fox and the producers have consistently declined to comment, saying no announcements would be made until the deals were completed. In an interview with the New Jersey Star-Ledger published Wednesday, Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton said his band's frontman was definitely heading to "Idol."

"Steven is doing `American Idol.' The ink is dry on that," Hamilton said. "So, we'll have to work around his schedule for a new record.

Although talks with Lopez have reached an impasse, sources close to the negotiations told The Times that Fox expects the actress-singer-dancer to return to the bargaining table. Lopez's side has been trying to negotiate a sweetened package that would wrap a development deal and other enticements into her contract.

The hiring of the new judges amounts to a sweeping overhaul of the No. 1 show on TV, with an impact that is hard to predict. "Idol" producers have tightly controlled the show's image over the years, but the program was tossed into disarray following the recent exits of Cowell and  DeGeneres. Although it's been reported that Kara DioGuardi was fired from the job she's held for two years, her father has said in the media that Fox has not informed her of her contract status.

Earlier this month, Fox announced that Nigel Lythgoe, who resigned as the show's executive producer in 2008, will return next season in the same role.

--Maria Elena Fernandez and Joe Flint



Photo: Steven Tyler in Los Angeles in May. Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images


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Dude Falls Like A Lady!

Get Jlo Tyler Jackson and She bang she boom.
Thats a great panel.

Wow. I thought it was Carly Simon!

It was an endurance to watch the show last year. With Cowell gone and Steven Tyler in, I'm out.

It's turning into a freak show.

This should be fun.

Amazing - who'd ever have guessed this one?

Well that's the end of my idol watching if Tyler is in. He's a major druggie and sex maniac.

He's definitely qualified, but he's kind of scary looking for TV. I can't picture he and J-Lo and Randy as the judges. I think this will be the last season.

I would just as soon see William Hung on the panel as JLo. I think he would increase viewership more than she will.

Steven Tyler is a favorite of mine. I am excited they picked such a great performer. I'm much happier about Joel Diamond winning the online "Simon Replacement" vote. Joel Diamond has so much more to bring, like a lifetime of picking talent? Is it bad to have record producers who "make" the music, as opposed to those who "play" the music? Diamond has written hits, produced hits and managed idols.

Joel Diamond even pulled David Hasselhoff Platinum in Europe when every label turned him down. My money is on Joel Diamond and real credibility to American Idol.

Ha, this is awesome! I'm a huge Aerosmith fan and Steven Tyler is so talented. I hope his musical talent translates into competent and helpful judging on the show. Ellen was a bit of a let down last year, I hope he can improve upon her spot. We shall see!

What does a hard rocker have to do with pablum pop? I wish they would have given up on JLo. And please, no DiGuardia! Oh well, I was on the edge of not wasting my time watching anymore anyway.

Maybe you could use a bit of both, pshinn6.
I doubt AI will care if you tune out, lol

HUGE mistake. American Idol has now officially jumped the shark. I'll be finding something else to watch

I feel like American Idol is becoming a show more about the judges and their remarks then about the contestants themselves. I guess we'll have to await what this year will hold for AI.

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gene simmons is the guy to save the show

Ok, then after season 10 the show will retire, right???

What is his personality like? I wonder if he'll be the nice or harsh judge.

Tyler will be the best judge yet. That is a man that knows talent when he sees it. Idol will well rewarded for picking up Steven Tyler. Fic

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