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'So You Think You Can Dance': Three dancers left walking on the tightrope

August 6, 2010 |  6:49 am

_PG17595 I apologize, readers: For some reason Wednesday night I was under the impression that we’d have only two dancers in next week’s finale, but happily for the "SYTYCD" contestants, only one person was sent home last night. Of course, that’s not so happy for the person who was sent home.

The results show was pretty typical as results shows go, with a little additional fluff thrown in for your pleasure (or annoyance).  I enjoyed the Dee Caspary opening group number, featuring the dancers in Victorian garb: It was quirkily dynamic, a little dark but not twisted. And even though I didn’t participate in National Dance Day, the footage from the event made it look like a lot of fun (and who doesn’t enjoy seeing Nigel -- and Mia! -- dance?)

I loved Janelle Monae’s performance. I think she’s a unique and talented lady, and I loved the classy, elegant look of her and her backup dancers as she performed “Tightrope.” I put out a call on Twitter to learn if there’s a name for the smooth footwork they did in their two-tone shoes, and although I couldn’t find a specific style name, someone pointed me to this interesting post on dance history and gender (plus the song’s video).  

Although the dancers didn’t really have any reason to perform solos, I thought they all did a great job Thursday night (and the solos really aren’t my favorite part of the show). It seemed like they all tried a little extra hard to show us why they deserve to be on the show.

We also got a wonderful solo performance from Desmond Richardson, the co-founder and co-artistic director of Complexions Contemporary Ballet who choreographed for Wednesday’s episode. He danced to "Sympathy for the Devil," and there was clearly a little influence from Mick Jagger in his performance, a swaggering, sexual, elegant humor.  

Of the celebrity performances, I thought Flo Rida’s was the least impressive, if only compared with who else performed and because Cat built him up so much. "Club Can’t Handle Me" is a fun, up-tempo jam, though, that would be perfect for my exercise playlist (maybe next to "I Gotta Feeling"), and the all-star dancers behind him looked like they were having fun and being themselves.  

I could have lived without the glorified Gatorade commercial in which the dancers went into the labs to learn that (duh) dancers have athletic bodies. I also started rolling my eyes for the promotion of "Step Up 3-D," but I have to admit that, from the clips shown, I started thinking I wouldn’t really complain if someone took me to see that movie.  

As for the results, it was revealed early on that Lauren would be in the finale, and then later, that Kent would also be a finalist (thus clearing up my confusion over how many people would be eliminated Thursday night). Wednesday night’s prediction that the judges’ "congratulations" to Adechike signaled his impending departure was correct: Robert will be back with us Wednesday night, but not Adechike.

So who’s your pick to win? This season I’m not feeling especially strong about the outcome, although I do prefer that it’s Lauren or Robert -- just because if Kent wins, his grin will probably break my TV.

-- Claire Zulkey

Photo: Janelle Monae. Credit: Frank Micelotta / Fox

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