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Piers Morgan nearing 'happy resolution' with CNN for Larry King's slot

Just how close is Piers Morgan to taking over Larry King's coveted prime-time interview slot on CNN?

Pretty darn close, or so he told us on the red carpet at the Emmys Sunday night.

"We're near the end of negotiations and we're getting to what I hope will be a very happy resolution," he said.

He described the prospect of working for one of the "great holy grails of television" as "very exciting," but said his interview -- and personal -- style would differ greatly from King's.

"I love Larry King. He's one of my all-time heroes," he said. "So I wouldn't want to try and copy him because he's a legend. They're the biggest suspenders to fill imaginable. So I won't even try. I'll just be myself and no suspenders."

--Amy Kaufman



Piers Morgan mum on whether he's succeeding Larry King

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Unfortunately, another reason to stop watching CNN. I have no desire to watch Piers Morgan interview anyone. Larry King was one of the worst interviewers around if not THE worst, but he made his guest feel comfortable. I can't see famous people flocking to to be interviewed by the pompous Piers Morgan.

Glad Larry is being put out to pasture, but Piers is not the answer...

Shazam, you don't even know what you're talking about. In Britain, this is what Morgan does for a living. He is known as an excellent interviewer and gets his guests to open up about all sorts of things. If you're basing your opinion on him based on his persona as a judge on America's Got Talent, you're way off. He is a serious and professional journalist first. AGT is just fun and games to him.

I can't believe in a country of 300 million, we can't find a single American to take over Larry's job. Anglophilia is becoming a problem in this country. A British accent does not represent 'sophistication.' I love PBS, but their obsession with British t.v. rubs me wrong just as selecting Morgan. Come on, my fellow Americans, what's up with the insecurity?


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