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Meet the newest additions to 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta'

Feeling like there’s a “Real Housewives” void in your life? If you answered yes, we can’t help but shake our heads in disbelief. Hello! Bravo is currently offering two nights of the popular franchise. But for those who simply can’t wait for more wig pulling, you can breathe a sigh of relief: Bravo announced Thursday that the third season of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" will return Monday, Oct. 4, at 9 p.m. ET/PT. But not every “Housewife” will be making the party.

That’s right. As rumored earlier this summer, Lisa Wu Hartwell is no longer part of the reality series. Maybe she’s banking on a movie career? She shot a film called “Black Ball” and is reportedly going to start production on another movie opposite … Robert Downey Jr.? Say what? But Kandi, Kim, NeNe and Sheree are back, and they’ll be joined by model Cynthia Bailey and entertainment lawyer Phaedra Parks.

Alabama-born Bailey, a model who worked the runways of Paris and Milan (not in one of Sheree's fashion shows, though), is on the brink of Splitsville with her boyfriend of three years, Peter Thomas, after he issues her an ultimatum. She seeks comfort from NeNe, a close friend whom we’ll see also struggle as tension arises in her marriage. Did we mention she once had a guest spot on “The Cosby Show”?

And Parks causes a stir with her arrival. Her marriage to a younger husband, Apollo, sparks gossip because of his prison stint for a “white-collar crime.” Wowza. Oh, and she is expecting her first child.

The other ladies, as expected,are up to their same ol' shenanigans ... and even some new ones.

Kim continues pursuing her “music” career (with the help of some half-naked men); NeNe lands a gig as an entertainment reporter for a local news station, Kandi is struggling with the loss of her fiancé and Sheree has a found a new passion … for acting. If that’s not enough, viewers will learn what makes a female’s nether regions, uh, “sticky.”


But things just won't be the same without Lisa. Now who's fashion show will Sheree (sporting jeans and a hoodie) show up tardy to? Who else will let us (force us to) watch as she and her hubby get cozy in the bathtub?

Here’s a look at the upcoming season:

So ShowTrackers, what do you think of Lisa’s departure? Will you be tuning-in? Are you “Housewives’d” out?

— Yvonne Villarreal


Photo and video credit: Bravo

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wow! I cannot wait to tune in & watch all of the drama! Hotlanta is the best of all of the 'housewives' sagas....

Why is there only one non-black person on this show? Talk about reverse racism!

Reverse racism, Robert? First, have you been to Atlanta recently? Second, aren't quota systems something people like you don't like when whites and Asians are displaced?

I would like to know what Kim does for a living??? - all the other housewife's are involved in one thing or another that provides an income but other then 'Big Papa" where does she get her money?...she doesn't work & she can forget a singing carer - she can't sing for beans. Wow....she's a flake!!!

I really do not care who is white or black...these woman are hilarious! Robert really? I have a question for you, have you seen the other housewives series? Orange? Jersey? Seriously, lets not go there on the one out of how many shows there is and how many black ladies are in the others.... on a different note, the only thing is..Kim is all twisted on who she is, black/white gay/straight, she is just a trip and the rest....LOVE them. I am a white girl raised in Georgia...let me tell ya... I could fit right in...I could replace Kim (she is like a train wreck, you cant help but watch her) in a beat, love me some Ne Ne!!!


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