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Mary Hart announces the upcoming season of 'Entertainment Tonight' will be her last

Mary Hart Mary Hart, an iconic figure in the world of entertainment news, announced Thursday that she will be stepping down as host of “Entertainment Tonight” at the end of the upcoming season.

It remains to be seen who will succeed her at the syndicated show, which now competes with a bevy of television and online outlets jostling for supremacy in celebrity gossip.

Hart, who joined the program as a correspondent in 1982, will have spent 30 seasons at the television newsmagazine. In a statement, she said simply that she decided it was time to make a change.

“I've had the privilege of spending 29 years doing something I love — how often does that happen?” she said, adding: “I only meant to be at ‘ET’ for three years, suddenly it's almost 30!  I've reached a point when I clearly realize it's time for a change. There are many things I want to do in my life, and I'd better get on with them. It will certainly be with mixed sentiments that I say goodbye at the end of the season, but it will definitely be with a sense of celebration … 30 years of 'Entertainment Tonight,' are you kidding me?  That's an accomplishment, and something I'm very proud of!”

The show’s executive producer, Linda Bell Blue, noted that Hart “is one of my closest friends.” “Although I respect her decision, I will miss her tremendously,” she said in a statement. “Right now we are focused on making this next season the very best in her long history with ‘ET.’ ”

John Nogawski, president of CBS Television Distribution, credited Hart and “Entertainment Tonight” with creating what is now a flourishing genre. “She’s defined entertainment journalism,” he said.

— Matea Gold 


Photo: Mary Hart at the Golden Globes in 2009. Credit: Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times.

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If you want her last season to be the best, add more to the program. Half of it is commercials. The other half is running clips of what will be covered later in the program over and over again. Talk about fillers!!

It's obvious that she was forced out to find someone younger and they are letting her go with dignity.

She's very likely been pushed out do to age... but it's to her benefit. "ET" bears no resemblance to the show it once was in the '80s and '90s.

Today, it's fecal garbage. And universal word is that it's tabloid producer Linda Bell Blue's doing.

Hart is above this trash.

Mary will be greatly missed, and has been. I hope they are not replacing her with the one that has been on most of the summer. I did not like her on Dancing With the Stars.

It's about time. She is way over rated and the show has never changed at all. Boring!

I agree with Chuckie...ET was a show that actually REPORTED what was going in important entertainment news, not trying to insert themselves into the lives of celebrities. It could very well be due to her age; she'll be 60 in November, but she's the signature personality of ET, and she deserves to go out on her own terms.

She is the only celebrity reporter who says something nice about everyone. She looks and talks about the good, not the trash of other reporters. She is a beautiful lady with a beautiful heart. I will miss her.

I know a few women , although they are not in the journalist field, that would be nice replacements for Ms. Hart.( myself included) .and although close to her in age ( a bit younger) whats wrong with looking ' outside the box' for when people are being replaced...? I do not like most of the people on DWTS, and I agree with the other post about her...( the one who has been on for the summer) .
I mean, really...how difficult is this ...??? If the woman from DWTS can do it, then I am pretty sure anyone can....

Sad if she truly is being let go because of her age. She has too much class for that show anyway. Sorry to say I don't want to watch all the young implanted chicks that are dumber than rocks!!! ET is not what it use to be anyway. Mary will go on to do bigger and better things

She should have left years ago before the show turned into an ugly, tabloid frenzied, dumpster fire of a show. The way they bought and paid for Anna Nicole Smith after her son's death, all the way through her own death was disgusting. Whoever is running that show should be embarrassed. It's a joke now. It was better when they did actual entertainment news.

Ditto to all of your previous comments. I will miss her greatly myself. As a guy I know she prided herself on how great her crossed legs looked. She even told how (on the Regis show)she kept them in shape. From all of us guys who appreciated her intellect as well as her acceptance of her own sexuality we wish her the best!

I agree with Cindy. All commercials and clips of what will be covered. They could fit in a lot more stories. I'm sure if you added all the time the run the clips of upcoming stories, they take up more time than the stories themselves.

I'll miss her and her beautifully sculpted legs. Not since Betty Grable has their been a woman with beautifully sculpted legs.

I think she is leaving SIMPLY because Oprah had announced she was leaving the television format as she originally was broadcast as well. and since they both are good friends, I betcha Oprah is gonna place her somewhere on the OWN Network for WOMEN, and Mary Hart will probably have her own reality and or talk show on the network. There is something fishy about all these people leaving the airwaves around the same time Oprah does and that is they will still be working and for guess who........................HINT....................................

Mary Hart symbolizes the BS of the entertainment industry...her sickly sweet delivery about everything always amazes me, whether triumph or tragedy, she is upbeat and over the moon, the way the film studio like it. After all ET and the other shows are PR agents dreams come true...total puff news and gossip to keep the non cable crowd's collective mind off the real problems of the country. But, i must admit, some is fun to watch.

In the 80's, she was the hottest lady on TV... next to Vanna White.

For all of you youngsters, I remember Mary when she was a local sidekick on a morning show in Oklahoma City loooong before ET. She IS just a beautiful, poised, and gracious as she was in the early, early days. She is a credit to women, young and old, not to be confused with the bimbos of today. Why all the trash? Is it so important to glorify all the worst in people when so many have much to be proud of? I enjoy the "gossip" of celebs as much as anyone, but, is gossip knowing where and what people are doing or is it the trash of who their last one night stand was and what they smoked before they got "hooked" up. (What a stupid word). Where is maturity and respect.

Mary, congrats, on a beautiful life and career, this ex-Okie is very proud.

"THIS JUST IN!" - a.k.a. breaking news = Ms. MARY HART's husband, BURT SUGARMAN, is also doing some QUITE fabulous RE-releases of his former highly rated and -- properly recognized -- much awarded TV programming - a.k.a. "MIDNIGHT SPECIAL" --- and I - for one - "am truly happy to KEEP the HART - SUGARMAN MARRIAGE fully & financially rewarded " in the style to which THEY HAVE BECOME PROPERLY[!] ACCUSTOMED" = over the past "few' years! ;-)

Still got the best legs on TV. There is no comparison between Mary and Vanna. How much brains (or Effort) does it take to turn a block of cardboard or, now, to touch a switch? Enough said. To Mary, may the next chapter in your career provide you with much Joy & Happiness and continued good fortune in your marriage & life. You will be missed.

I'm young but I have been watghing mary hart on ET for a long time and I'm not happy with your decision for making her to leave and if samantha harris is replacing her then I won't watch your show at all. I hope you reconsider and try to come to some sort of deal so she continue on ET and shame on you when some one gets a bit older on age you toss them away however she is still young and beautiful.

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