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'Hell's Kitchen': Jay and Holli sittin' in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g....

It's a "Hell's Kitchen" first: rivals turned lovers in the finale.

The last four cheftestants standing were clearly rattled by their surprise family visits -- but while Holli and Jay used that to fuel their ambition, Benjamin seemingly used it to wimp out. He claimed his back was so bad that he couldn't prep, so he spent the day sleeping and hanging in the whirlpool and getting worked over by a chiropractor. He even told the other players that he was too injured to continue cooking, and said as much to chef Gordon Ramsay.

Perhaps Ramsay holds some secret restorative powers: After giving Ben a talking to, Ben was ready to go back into the kitchen.

This week, the first challenge was a "taste it, now make it" contest that Holli handily won. (Her prize was spending the day on a boat with her son and baby daddy, still raising questions about how close these two really are.) That caused Jay and Ben to act like little spoiled brats complaining about her. "I know I can beat Holli," Jay said of the woman he has been pitching woo with. And then he added an "Oh, of course," when Benjamin bragged that no matter what happened, he would be further along than Holli, career-wise, in three years. (We have no idea yet whether Holli and Jay are still involved, but if they are, that could not have gone over well if they were watching the episode together.)

The bigger challenge was all about taking turns overseeing every dish before it makes its way out into the dining room. Jay set the bar high, handling it all with ease. Holli was nervous when she started out but then pulled it together. Benjamin and Autumn had less-than-stellar performances. So it was no surprise that the two of them were sent home, leaving Holli and Jay in the final challenge: Creating their own restaurants.

"I'm going to clean the floor with him," Holli vowed.

So, who do you think is going to win? And does this relationship have a snowball's chance in ... hell?

-- Rene Lynch
Twitter / renelynch

Photo: Holli and Jay in a sneak peek at next week's finale. Photo credit: Fox.

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A roll in the hay/ one night of fun, at most : That's as far as Jay will get, and I suspect that's all he wants anyway. No matter who wins, a longterm relationship for him and Holli seems unrealistic. The "winner" gets to work long hours and undergo management training at the Savoy in London England.
That doesn't leave much time leftover for fun, unless it's with another chef at the Savoy.

I want Holli to win. I think she and jay really are fond of each other, but when it comes down to it, the returning contestants will be there to Help them along for final dinner service. Check out my blog post and then the link to another post I wrote about this today. the link is at the bottom of my first post. Enjoy ... the gloves are going on.

Congratulations to you, Holli. You are awesome and your son is so adorable. A suggestion...get rid of Jay Santos. He totally disrespected you on the finale show when he said that he would rather go to bed with you and later said that he would like to get your pants off. You do not need trash like him. You are a class act. Find yourself a nice London boy like I did. They respect their women. Best of everything to you.

@Joyce Wilson - Holli admitted on the show to filming videos of her and old boyfriends having sex, and was grinding her butt into Jay's crotch uninhibitedly in the whirlpool earlier in the season in front of a national audience.

I'm curious as to your definition of a "class act?"

Either way, Holli winning was a total sham, but so is the whole show. Gordon weeds out whomever he wants, puts whomever he wants up for elimination even when they weren't picked by the team, and picks the winner. And anyone who watches is only wanting to see Gordon Blow his top, so who cares? I'm sure Jay's stellar performance will come in handy on a future resume, possibly working for someone with less of a boorish temper.

Holli and Jay were both great. And Holli seems like a really great person. I really hope her and Jay ended up together, then it would be a total WIN. Great job Holli !


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