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Bravo officially announces 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' lineup and premiere date

Lest you think there’d ever be a “Real Housewives” hiatus in your life, think again! Bravo is taking viewers into the zany, palm tree-lined world of rich women ( or “woman,” if you’re Danielle Staub) in Beverly Hills. Vivian Ward, your strut down Rodeo Drive will now be considered child’s play. The network officially announced Wednesday the bevy of ladies of the newest edition to the franchise (but if you're a ShowTracker reader, you're already familiar with the names).

Meet “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”:

Taylor Armstrong: The Oklahoma native who now runs a consulting firm is having marriage troubles. But nonmarital bliss isn’t keeping her from throwing  extravagant $50,000 birthday parties for her 4-year-old daughter.

Camille Grammer: Yep, she’s the soon to be ex-wife of actor Kelsey and she promises to not speak of her divorce. (Right!) Her hobbies, according to the news release, include “dancing, skiing, paddle boarding, tennis, hiking, and collecting rare first edition books, such as Pride and Prejudice, Works of Byron 1833, The Sound and the Fury, and the works of William Faulker and Roald Dahl.” (Oh, that Faulker, he's a rare treasure!) I guess having four nannies allows for a lot of reading time?

Lisa Vanderpump:  D.C.’s Kat isn’t the only one with a British accent anymore! Vanderpump is a British designer and restaurant owner who moved to Beverly Hills five years ago. More important, she wears a lot of pink (a lot) and is slightly obsessed with her dog Giggy.

Kim Richards: This former “Disney Girl” appeared in films like “Escape to Witch Mountain” and "No Deposit, No Return.” We hear crickets. She’s also a mother of four … and an aunt to Paris Hilton. Enough said. Wait. We spoke too soon. She’s also the older sister to fellow housewife Kyle Richards.

Kyle Richards: She's also an aunt to Paris and Nicky Hilton — she must be if she believes “If you obey all the rules, you'll miss all the fun." And she’s also an “actress,” with credits that include “The Watcher in the Woods” and “Down to Earth.” Again with the crickets.

Adrienne Maloof: A resident of Beverly Hills for 15 years, she’s one of those Maloofs — the dynasty with an enterprise that includes the Sacramento Kings and the Palms Resort in Las Vegas. And it looks like the Albuquerque-raised housewife  doesn’t have to go far to keep up her appearance; she’s married to prominent Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Paul Nassif. Oh, and she has three sons ages 7 and younger.

Check out a preview of the season, which is slated to premiere Oct. 14 at 9 p.m.:

ShowTrackers, are you excited for this latest installment in the “Houswives” franchise? What do you think of the new crop of women? The ladies of Atlanta had peaches. New York had apples. Orange County had, uh, oranges. What should the ladies of Beverly Hills be holding in the opener?

--Yvonne Villarreal


Photo:  Taylor Armstrong, left, Camille Grammer, Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards, Kim Richards, Adrienne Maloof. Credit: Bravo

Video credit: Bravo

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My greatest wish for our nation: A day will soon come when NOBODY will care about shows such as this; the money will dry up and they will simply go away.

Stop watching this c#ap people!!!! Live your own lives; enjoy them!
Your life belongs to you and the good is to live it. Quit giving attention to ignorant, class-less, ugly individuals who only promote their sick brand of narcissistic disorders.

Life has so much to offer and we are not alive on this planet very long. Make use of every day, every hour. Don't waste it on TV shows like this. Think about it.

My IQ dropped 10 points just reading about this show, another in an unfortunate long line of TV's reality-show bottom-dwellers.

I love the series! I can't wait to see to the new season. Drama drama drama

Why won't these shows just go away? Who cares about these ridiculous women and their insufferable lives. I have never and will never watch anything so pathetic as this crap. This is reality?!

So excited about the Beverly Hills Franchise! It looks like Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous made for 2010 on Steroids! Loves it!

The Works of Lord Byron was published in 1833; the year isn't part of the title. And what's the point of a first edition "works" of anyone? It's like getting "R & B Hits of the '70s" on CD instead of EW&F on vinyl.

deeee-pressing, vulgar and grotesque. I need a bath after watching this sad example of human waste. 8(

Now this looks simply amazing. I like NY HWs but the rest to me are trash. This looks like NY on the West Coast with extra glamour! The women look hot rich and very interesting! I need smelling sauces I am so excited! OMG.

I,m not sure of the type of fruit but what I am sure of is all the fruit will be plastic.

They should be holding Botox syringes :)

Cant wait to watch this!!

They need Leisa Lampanelli in this mix.

This is going to be THE GREATEST! Chewy, gooey bubble gum for the mind and I love it! By the way, I DO have a life and love watching these train wrecks flaunt theirs for my amusement. Can't wait. opening night party at my house, here in the OC.

OMG x 1000 lives! I have had to reach for smelling sauce after watching this over the top trailor! The richness oozess from their delicate skin! OMG the private jets, the way they all strut all so confident and care free OMG.. grabs smelling sauce again! Lisa looks like the uber glammy poo matriarch bitch who tries to control the herd of these prime ladies! She is ferosh! Adrienne looks what a Zillionaire should look like and act! Beautiful Eyes Trotting around her Hotel like home in huge 2000 dollar shoes OMG sauce again! Camille... holy smokes.. hot and confident as hell OMG.. more sauce!Look how she struts her stuff! Taylor is very pretty and fiesty and we see all sorts of emotion from her! Love the facial expressions! Did you see her Yellow Diamond! OMG! Kyle is also ferosh big time! She is a Hilton Beautty! Hello bad girl meets Beverly Hills! She tells off everyone and looks perfect doing it OMG hottie! Kim..hmm I am not seeing a lot of happiness or depth.. (putting away smelling sauce). OMG the JEWELS! The CARATS! OMG.. Sauce again... I have fainted at the thought. Can't wait!

- Krista K.

They should open this series of Beverly Hills by calling it..... Ready!!!... The rich and the spoil brats of beverly hills.. Seriously what's next?? I have an Idea why don't you do a spin on The Real House wifes of the gutter!! at least will see women at thier worst and not pretending they have a perfect little life with money and "fame".. Bravo give us the viewer something with substance!! were not all morons like the people you put on your shows..Thanks!!

Hey, I didn't hear crickets for Kim Richards!! It brings a smile to my face to see that lovable little tyke from "Nanny and the Professor," "James at 15," and "Hello Larry." I know I'm dating myself, but I'm just 2 years older and loved watching her as we both grew up. Thanks a lot for insulting not only her, but those of us who actually know who she is!!

Smelling sauce? Hmmm.

I know the whole point of mass media is that it serves as a vehicle for advertising, and while I appreciate the "clever" use of an entire "reality" show as one big advertisement, I find these shows disgusting. They are so disingenuous and populated with famewhores who'll wallow in the gutter if that's the role they're paid to portray. At least with soap-operas, it's understood that the actors are acting.

The only redeeming quality of these shows is that they prove that money alone can't buy happiness.

Oh gosh, these women need to find a new plastic surgeon. They look like they are going to melt right off the screen. One looks like she has duck lips!!! Easy on the Botox and surgery girls you will age eventually but your fake boobs will live forever...lmao.

IF you like the series, this is a welcome break from people who are so unattractive that no plastic surgery would help (real housewives of NY, NJ and especially DC!!!)

i love the drama, but it's better when it's easier on the eyes - fewer adam's apples, frightening amounts of hair in the wrong places, etc.

only question is - are any of these people actually wives? it's starting to seem like the real divorcees of whatever....

I've seen Paris' white trash mother, why would anyone want to see her sisters?

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