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Michaele Salahi stirs more controversy with Whoopi Goldberg feud

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A feud between “The Real Housewives of D.C.” cast member Michaele Salahi and “The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg escalated Thursday when the infamous reality show figure told NBC’s “Today” show that Goldberg peppered her with profanities after her appearance on the daytime talk show.

Less than an hour later, a defiant Goldberg responded on the air. “I make no apology for my choice words,” she said on “The View,” adding that she was upset by an allegation that she hit Salahi.

It’s the latest dust-up involving the Virginia socialite, who first stepped into the limelight in November when she and her husband, Tariq, allegedly attended a reception for a White House state dinner without being on the official guest list. That prompted the Secret Service to launch an internal investigation, saying its procedure wasn’t followed, and Congress to hold a hearing on presidential security. The Salahis refused to testify at the hearing, invoking the Fifth Amendment. Since then, they have repeatedly insisted they were invited.

The incident that kicked off the newest furor occurred Wednesday, when Salahi and her fellow castmates appeared on “The View” to promote their Bravo show, which premieres Thursday.

During an interview conducted by co-hosts Joy Behar and Sherri Shepherd, Goldberg came out from backstage, lightly touched Salahi’s arm and said, “Excuse me, could you get back to the White House, please?” according to a full clip aired by “The View” on Thursday.

According to the Salahis’ attorney, Lisa Bloom, Salahi was “unnerved” when Goldberg came up to her on stage and felt demeaned and degraded by the whole experience because of the frequent references that she was a “gate crasher.”

After the taping, Salahi was crying backstage and, according to ABC, told a producer that Goldberg “hit” her. Salahi maintains that she merely said that she was upset that Goldberg had come up behind her on the air and “grabbed” her arm.

Both sides agree that the exchange that followed was heated: Goldberg went into Salahi’s dressing room and had an angry confrontation with the “Housewives” cast member and her husband. “Her husband got in my face, had his BlackBerry out and started taking pictures of me,” Goldberg said on Thursday. “And needless to say, I really went off then. And there was even more choicer words. I mean, they were so choice, you could have cut them with a knife and eaten them.”

On “Today,” Salahi said that she wasn’t upset about what Goldberg did on the air but how she treated her afterward. “I think I started crying because now I have someone I don’t even know, I’m a guest of their show, and they’re berating me,” she said.

Salahi’s fellow cast mates, who appeared with her on “Today,” didn’t appear to buy her claims. The four other women repeatedly exchanged looks of exasperation and said they were fed up with her and all the attention she generated.

“This is a show about five people,” said Mary Schmidt Amons. “We’re so finished with it.”

Lynda Erkiletian, the one cast member who was friends with Salahi before the show, said she no longer trusted Michaele and Tariq: “They live a phony fake Bonnie-and-Clyde life.”

The drama, coming right as Bravo launches the show, appears likely to heighten interest in the program.

“It’s perfect, perfect, because you couldn’t pay for this kind of publicity,” noted “Today” co-host Kathie Lee Gifford.

-- Matea Gold


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Lisa Bloom is the Salahis' attorney?

My, how the mighty have fallen.

What an embarrassment! As much as I love Bravo and their Real Housewives, they stopped being "real" after their original OC version. Each version after that has at least one fame wh*re. Yeah, I'm looking at you, Danielle, from Jersey.

Both the husband and wife Salai are just a different level of white trash. Just presented in a cleaner package which is pretty transparent.

Interesting Gifford comment that "you couldn't pay for this kind of publicity". What makes her think they didn't?

White girls always think black girls want to hit them or are jealous of them. They always want to make the black woman out to be the "bad black woman" not good bad but bad want to beat up white girl bad. lol! That woman is so old school, today's black women are 2010 bad and could care less about a white woman, and today's black woman WILL stand up to a white woman and tell her what time it is!

Who cares about these faux celebrities anyway? Salahi and the other "housewives" (and what a sexist, archaic, demeaning term THAT is) are no one and mean nothing to me.

Goldberg is an idiot, so I'm not surprised by what she did. I can't believe I ever liked her--but once she turned her back on the VASTLY SUPERIOR Hillary Clinton to jump on the Obama bandwagon, I was over her.

This whole incident is a non-story, yet it will get lots of airplay and boost the new show's ratings. Whatever...

There is no such thing as bad publicity. They both gross me out.

chef Sun

This is a "trash on trash" crime.

The blonde bimbo & her husband acted in an illegal, inappropriate fashion. They have total disregard for the laws of our nation that everyone else follows and they are UPSET because people call them on their illegal activities? If our SICK press would stop glorifying these criminals they would go AWAY instead of on TV, writing books & giving interviews - raking in cash as they go crying all the way to the bank that we are crucifying them. What we need are MORE Whoopi Goldbergs to keep these jerks in tow. STOP putting them on TV and instead put them in prison for their illegal activities. Lisa Bloom must be hard up for money if she's defending these nuts.

Desperate housewife indeed!

What kind of dog attacks a gracious host like Ms Goldberg for attention?

Would someone please give this low down dog a flea dip before we are all infested?

You know what's stunning is that Mrs. Salahi thinks that anyone actually cares about her.

Anyone who watches any of these "reality shows"-be they the "real housewives", the "Tools", the Kardashians or the rest of the made-up celebs gets what they deserve-trash tv! If people weren't low enough to watch them-they wouldn't be on tv!

Whoopi is disgusting. This and earlier her defense of Roman Polanski in which she described the incident as not being a "rape-rape".

She's just vile.

"The drama, coming right as Bravo launches the show, appears likely to heighten interest in the program."

Enough said. Whoopi, Salahi, LATIMES, please shut up and collect your checks.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'd say that when it comes to that Solahi woman, she's more "desperate" than housewife! LOL

Send this charming couple to either Arizona or Russia. Their choice.

The Salahi's are the worst couple i have seen in a long time. They are only got "famous", if u wanna call it that, for crashing a party they weren't invited to and that will always follow them. So i say to them "GO GET A LIFE AND STOP LYING ON REAL CELEBRITIES WHO WORK HARD TO BE WHO THEY ARE..."


Lisa Bloom is Gloria Allred's daughter. That may help explain "how the mighty have fallen."

Lisa Bloom should be ashamed of herself for representing those freaks.

Remember when people became famous because they'd done something remarkable with their lives or had great ability in some field or were truly entertaining?

We are truly "slouching toward Bethlehem" when this idiocy gets this much coverage, when Elmer Gantry retread Glenn Beck pied pipers half the country toward the cliff's edge, and even more of said country has been Big Lied into thinking Obama isn't native born.

It's all one continuum of the progressive lobotomization of our nation.

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