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Whoopi Goldberg fights back: 'The View' co-host rages against bloggers and callers

Whoopi Goldberg
freaked out on "The View"  on Wednesday after being widely criticized Tuesday over statements she made on the show that, in her opinion, actor Mel Gibson is not a racist.

And when we say freak out, we mean freak out. She faux-spit at the camera, intending for it to hit the "coward" who called her office and was apparently nasty to her assistant.

"You can kiss my behind!" she shouted. "You cowardly piece of dog mess!"

That was actually pretty funny, and we understand her wanting to defend the poor soul who answered her phone. But there seems to be something missing when it comes to Whoopi and her opinion of Gibson, whose recorded tirades just keep coming.

Radar Online released a fourth disturbing tape Wednesday. This time, the actor is ranting at his girlfriend and mother of his daughter, Oksana Grigorieva, about falling asleep without having sex with him.  And as we all know by now, when Gibson screams, it's pretty scary. (The Times has not independently verified the authenticity of the tapes, but no one connected to Gibson has called them into question).

"People lost their minds and said, 'Oh, you are defending him!' " Whoopi said on "The View" on Wednesday. "I do believe had you actually watched the show -- all of you nice bloggers out there and all the folks that sit around at home and try to figure out stuff to do -- if you had actually watched the show, you would have heard us say, and you would have heard me specifically say, 'I don't condone this. I don't think this is right. I don't think this is smart. But here's the piece of information I have that I don't think this is right: My experience tells me this is not a racist. Being a black woman, you'd think you'd give me a little bit of leeway to have some feel if I was around a racist. But I understand you don't get it. I understand that.' "

While it's true that on Tuesday Whoopi did say that she doesn't "like what he did here" and went on to call Gibson a "bonehead" instead of a "racist," her laser focus on the racial issue may have sparked some of the public ire simply because this story stopped being about a racism quite a few Mel Gibson tapes ago.

Maybe that's why bloggers and others have "lost their minds," as Whoopi says. Maybe it's just a tad bit strange to go out on a limb at this moment in time to defend Mel Gibson for anything? And to call him a "bonehead" seemed oddly mild, didn't it?

Please don't spit at me, Whoopi. Just sayin'.

Oh, one last thing: Those "folks that sit around at home" are your viewers. No need to be condescending toward them.

-- Maria Elena Fernandez


Photo: Whoopi Goldberg. Credit: Donna Svennevik/ABC


Whoopi Goldberg: Mel Gibson is not a racist

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Whoopi has been in Hollywood for too long...she's lost touch with reality.

According to her, what Polanski did wasn't "felony felony*" and Mel's sober conversation with his ex using multiple racial slurs doesn't mean he actually is racist.

*I'm not gonna write that word

Looks like an idiot defending an idiot.

Her lack of smarts are always on display!

It is totally captivating to tune into more of his rant each day. I'm addicted!!! There is supposed to be new information on Mel tonight on the show "Issues." Issues was one of the first to cover this recording with radar. They have something more tonight.

First Whoopie defends Ted Danson & his black face act. Then she defended Don Imus and his racist rant. NOW she defends Mel Gibson and his sickening,racist, and abusive tirade.

Whoopie, Mel is an ACTOR. Just because he was in your home doesn't make him exempt of being a racist. What in the world is wrong with you?


Whoopi is smart to defend Mel Gibson. Smarter than William Morris Endeavor for that matter, who should withhold access to their clients from any news organization, publication or journalist that is repeating and perpetuating this story.

I don't defend or support ANYTHING that Mel Gibson is ranting or his actions or thoughts. But in this age, having private conversations recorded and illegally aired to the destruction of someone's career should be frightening to any Agent, Studio Executive, Network Executive, Director, Producer, Actor, Actress, etc. so forth and so on.

Whoopi Goldberg of all people has probably said some pretty outrageous career ending statements in private conversations that if they were recorded and illegally aired without her consent could possibly destroy her. Same goes for any talent or famous individual who has banked on their persona and cult of personality. They'd be wise to follow Whoopi's example lest it were to happen to them.

What's happening right now to Mel Gibson is selective schadenfreude.

But remember, the blogosphere and the internet is too big to be biased.

A racially charged statement said, and secretly recorded in a private conversation could be equally as damaging to whomever.

Whoopi Goldberg
Joy Behar
Oprah Winfrey
Michelle Obama
The list goes on

Can you imagine what any of these individuals private thoughts and unvarnished statements would do to their persona and those who have chosen to invest themselves in their personas, if their most private conversations and thoughts were recorded and aired for all to see.

Bravo for Whoopi.

Very very very smart position for her to take

Just have to say GOOD FOR YOU WHOOPI! We need more people like you in the business to be honest, not affraid to tell the truth even if its not popular! There is no more second or third chances in this society. We've become condem and forget them. there no more understanding, concern, love, compassion.
This world has gone to hell and I don't know if its going to come back.

Whoppi, good for you! you are standing up with your honest feelings! We are so full of the first exposure of an incident that the judgement lies there, there are three sides to every story but as you know with the media theres only one and your convicted. there is no making mistakes hell you have to be perfect, the people in this blog who are even making comments cant say they are totally innocent and can say in all honesty they havent said any ugly disgusting words or threatened anyone in the heat of the moment. There is no more second or third chance only conviction. Its a sad "state" of affairs. Those who live in glass houses. Peace out

Mel Gibson merely confirmed what we already know. He is a jerk, but that does not set him off from the rest of the Hollywood crowd. For the most part they are a gang of misfits who or so insecure & arrogant they all fit the "jerk" description. Does that end his career, give me a break. He'll be back in action just like they all are after making fools of themselves.

I do enjoy her work, but I totally lost respect for her the minute she defended Polanski's behavior as not really "rape rape." You have to be kidding me....if it was her daughter, she'd have cut off his member. So it doesn't surprise me she's defending Mel. He's a grown man, certainly an adult, who prides himself on being a good Catholic and yet, he can't see that he has serious addiction and emotional issues. He has been in the entertainment/media business for years and understands how it all works. The man doesn't need defending. He's sabotaging himself and digging his own grave and what I don't understand is, he's got seven children, probably adults and has no consideration for how they feel at having to see this behavior through the media. It's tragically sad. But it doesn't need defending at all BY ANYONE.

Whoopi, you are an idiot. You are a has-been and your opinion is just that--your opinion. You do not know the ins and outs of this case and neither does the public. But how you can defend this person is unbelievable. I've known those who are nice to everyone at face value, but a horrible about others/to others in private. Mel does need help on many levels. But that does not make Oksana a bad person, gold digger, etc. In fact, HOW did she profit from this situation?? Thank god she wasn't 'raped/raped' by your standards. Please retire.

Go Whoopi!!!! (And, for the record, I find Mel revolting!)

Ok, so I read that mel has said and did some crazy stuff. He is human. I think the bigger idiot is the person letting everyone hear the stuff. Mel ment it to be to one person. But, some jackass let everyone hear it. If everyone was recorded and what was said was on TV, a lot of people would be ashamed of themselves. I don't know if he hit the lady. I hope not. But, there is no denying the fact that he was pissed off. Private things need stay that way.

Thank you Maria.

Thank you Maria...Yes Whoopie, we are the viewers. We provide you with the privledge to be on television to speak your mind. Have some respect. We can't ALL be wrong.

i agree with whoopi.

If he was racist he would not hang out with coloured people.

she is defending someone she knows and likes, that's loyal. I enjoy his crazy rants! He's nuts and his ex girlfriend is obviously the one leaking the tapes

Well well Ms. Fernandez. What have you done to be spouting morality in the LA Times?
Whoopi Goldberg is a talented person who has the guts to say something which YOU find distasteful.
What happened to free speech?
You are given the freedom to spout your views and you denigrate her right.
Are you supposed to be a journalist or is this just a way to get your copy and move up in the world.
If you were a true journalist, you would be out there talking and reporting about important issues.
Obviously your just a hack looking for some space to encourage the less intelligent of your readers.

i think you guys are attacking the wrong person. whoopie says it like it is. mel gibson is the has been. he's a jerk!!!!!! a total a-hole!!! how many kids does this creep have? doesn't he have 6 with his first wife? and why did they get a divorce? hmmmm..... makes ya wonder. maybe this stuff has been going on for a long time , she just kept silent. the guy is a time bomb ready to explode! and now he's claiming he is bi polar! GIVE ME A BREAK!!!! and then he'll probably go into some fancy re-hab and say he's ok. don't think so. that'a bunch of B.S. he's a loser and a idiot and a racist.

Leave Whoopi alone she has a right to her opinion just as you have a right to yours. Did you ever stop to think that she may know Mel Gibson just a tad better than you or I. So her opinion is a little more educated than ours. We have all said and done things that we are not proud of, so perhaps we should not be throwing stones.

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