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'The City' sneak peek: Roxy Olin gets tough love from her dad, 'Brothers & Sisters'' Ken Olin

The tension between Whitney Port and Roxy Olin on “The City” has been building for quite a while and last week it hit an all-time high.

After Roxy successfully placed a Whitney Eve jacket on Canadian singer Lights, all seemed to be OK. That was until the performer apparently pulled the jacket off and threw it to the ground just moments after hitting the stage. By the way, according to our readers who attended the performance, Lights kept the jacket on for about half her set! Nevertheless, Whitney blamed Roxy, yet we’re unsure how Roxy could have avoided that. Later at home, the two argued over the incident and Whitney suggested that living and working together was no longer good for their relationship.

In Tuesday’s episode, Roxy takes to the streets for apartments, but realizes the harsh truth about living alone in the city. It’s way too expensive for a current PR Girl who's in-between careers. In our exclusive preview clip above, Roxy appeals to her father, Ken Olin of “Thirtysomething” and “Brothers & Sisters” fame, for help and she doesn't like what he has to say.

Also in the next episode, Olivia Palermo begrudgingly interviews someone wearing Whitney Eve and Erin Kaplan sees another way to oust her nemesis.

“The City” airs Tuesdays at 10:30 p.m. on MTV.

-- Jethro Nededog


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WHO is that gorgeous and oh so stylish real estate broker showing Roxy her potential new apartment in tonight’s episode of “The City”??? I think her name is Linette Semino. I’ve seen her out and about a lot at society events and fashion shows in NYC…Maybe she is a new character on the show coming to spice some things up with Roxy and now supposedly Stephanie (they should get apartments right next door to each other..wink, wink)..I hope so, the show needs some new cool chicks who are in glamorous careers other than fashion…so happy Roxy is finally deciding to move out of Whitney’s apartment..it is about time she starts to establish her independence..Can’t wait to see what happens tonite and see if she find a way to afford the apartment!

Looks like Linette has a publicist. :-)

I think Roxy's dad was harsh. Roxy has a show on tv and a job at peoples revolution she has been pulling her own weight. Whitney was unreasonable and roxy turned to family. That is what family is for... Give me a break ken olin, were you never young just starting out.. You go roxy, keep working hard. I'm a mom of two young girls.. Everyone deserves a break.......

It's about time a celebrity parent stopped footing the bill. Way to go Ken.

Good for him! I'm happy that Ken Olin pointed out that his daughter was running away from her problems rather than trying to find other ways to get the things that she wants. He is already supporting her (to some extent financially) so that she can pursue a pr/fashion career. He's her father but there is no reason that he should have to give her more money because she doesn't want to fight with her roommate. He told her that it was up to her to find a career that will afford her the lifestyle she wants. This was not tough love; this was just good common sense parenting!


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