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'Lost' producer says Emmy nominations are akin to 'playing in the bonus round'

Of all the dearly departed series this year, "Lost" is the only one that got some real Emmy love. With 12 nominations, including outstanding drama, outstanding writing for executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, and acting nominations for Matthew Fox, Terry O'Quinn and Michael Emerson, the ABC series could be on its way to a big send-off.

Cuse said he didn't rise early to receive the good news in case it was bad. But Lindelof said his "masochist" nature forced him to watch it live, taking in E!'s "100 Celebrity Oops Moments" before the announcements were made.

"So I was taken out of my misery," Lindelof said. "Some years we've been up on the board and some years we haven't. The is enormously gratifying. After all the hoopla over the finale, whether you loved it or you hated it or found it polarizing, what feels good is that people still care. The ending of 'Lost' still matters, which is a sweet feeling. So many shows just peter off into existence without being recognized."

The producers' writing nomination is for the series finale, which was titled "The End."

"The expectations of the finale were incredibly high," Cuse said. "We knew it would be impossible to please everyone. The fact that we got the nomination is a reflection of the fact that we connected with enough people. We feel proud of that."

Lindelof acknowledged "Lost" had its highs and lows throughout its run, and said that aspect of it was just "part of the process."

"We're really lucky that we were able to end the show on our own terms," Cuse said. "To be recognized is the whipped cream on the frosting of the cake. It's like playing in the bonus round."

-- Greg Braxton and Maria Elena Fernandez (twitter.com/writerchica)


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I'm very surprised the writing nomination was for the series finale. I guess it's like one of those "lifetime achievement" awards because the finale was just not award-worthy. Very happy to see Michael Emerson and Terry O'Quinn were nominated. For me, "Lost" always was about the great acting; some of the best I've seen on television in my 50+ years of viewing.

That's fantastic the writing nomination is for the finale. The naysayers get a long overdue slap in the face, thank god. It's about time this ridiculous immaturity over the outcome of LOST come to an end. If you didn't like it, get over it and get on with your life - oops, that's right, you obviously don't have one or you would have moved on already!

Hi Laura: Good news. Terry O'Quinn was nominated in supporting. So was Michael Emerson.

Thanks for the response! I still think he should have been in the lead actor category, but both him and Michael Emerson (my favorite 2 characters on the show) totally deserve their nominations.


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