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TCA Press Tour: How will NBC say goodbye to Steve Carell?

NUP_139112_0013  Angela Bromstad, president of NBC prime-time entertainment, addressed the departure of Steve Carell from "The Office."

Bromstad said the network and producers of the popular Thursday night comedy had known for months that Carell would be leaving the show. Writers are preparing story lines to say goodbye to the goofy boss Michael Scott, played by Carell, but the show would go on.  Bromstad said that though Carell is the star, the show is blessed with a strong ensemble cast.

"Would we have ended 'ER' when George Clooney left? That would have been a mistake," Bromstad said.  "The Office," she said would soldier on.  "Otherwise, I could not go home and face my 14-year-old son."

-- Meg James

Photo: Steve Carell in "The Office." Credit: Chris Haston / NBC

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They should make Dwight the new manager or Andy and that will make the same concept in line. Plus, Ricky Gervais should make a cameo this season.

Big shoes to fill. Carell is to Michael Scott what Sean Connery was to James bond. Maybe they could do a star-swap with CBS, since Charlie Sheen wants to leave CBS--fat chance, I know, but it never hurts to dream.

If Hugh Laurie decides to end House, he'd be a good fit--maybe even keeping the same character (House leaves medicine for an office job) or an unconventional choice of a talented character actor like Geoffrey Rush, Hugo Weaving (both Aussies) or, perhaps, John Cleese or any other member of Monty Python. Kevin Spacey has quite a flair for comedy and would be a natural. Other possibilities: Conan O'Brien, Alec Baldwin (when 30 Rock ends), Jeff Bridges, Burt Reynolds, or Kevin Kline. These are mostly movie stars, I realize, but Oscar-winner Kathy Bates joined The Office, so anything is possible.

I don't think promoting Dwight is a good idea, for he loses his position as the self-serving sycophant. This problem could be solved by making Jim Halpert the new Office boss, but Jim would not be receptive to Dwight's flattery and sucking-up.

Quite a dilemma. Whoever replaces Carell will have their work cut out for them. We'll miss you, Michael Scott.

Greg Maragos: The ''House" guy talking over for Michael Scott? Are you serious? That's the worst casting idea I've ever heard IN MY LIFE. You might as well hire Woody Allen to play Hercules. The kind of humor the guy does on his show isn't even REMOTELY related to the style of humor on the office. And the idea of actually keeping the stupid House character as a character on the office... AAARRRGHHGHRGH! THAT IS ENRAAGINGLY STUPID!

The only halfway intriguing suggestion you had was Jeff Bridges, and he's a movie actor, so I'm pretty sure he doesn't need or want to do T.V.

Carell is so annoying, he is sometimes unwatchable. I think "The Office" will be better without him, I know, call me crazy!

az 66, do you realize you are talking about Hugh Laurie? Did you know he was a member of Fry and Laurie, one of the greatest comedy duos in the history of comedy? Go on youtube, type in Fry and Laurie, and just watch a few. He will blow your mind. The "kind of humor the guy does" on House is a tiny slice of what he's capable of.

The Office without Michael won't be the successful. The Office would survive Jim leaving...he is the Trapper to Michael's Hawkeye. But NBC is nuts to believe the ensemble cast can survive without it's anchor.

huge mistake to keep the series going after carell leaves. the show is already suffering in quality from previous seasons, and carell is one of the only reasons to watch the show anymore. after he leaves you can bet i won't pay any attention to the show

I've been a faithful viewer, but maybe it's time to end the show when Carrell leaves. It's been rather uneven.

Appointing Dwight would be a disaster - I can only take him in small doses. Jim is too bland.


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