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TCA Press Tour: Elisabeth Hasselbeck's ears burn as 'The Real L World' cast fights back

 The cast of Showtime's "The Real L Word" had some fighting words for Elisabeth Hasselbeck Thursday because of comments she made about lesbians on Tuesday.

"The View" co-host said on the ABC talk show that she thinks a lot of older lesbians wold have turned straight if they could only land a man.

"All the older men are going for younger women, leaving the women with no one," Hasselbeck said.

The cast of Showtime's reality show about a group of lesbians who live in Los Angeles brought up Hasselbeck's comments during a panel session for the show.

"Ignorant," said Nikki Weiss to start off the discussion.

"I was gonna say something a little less PC," added Rose Garcia.

"And hurtful," Weiss added.

Garcia continued: "You know, Elisabeth, it's not the first time you've said some boneheaded comment."

Weiss: "It's amazing that she has such a big platform for such an ignorant woman."

Then they wondered aloud if Hasselbeck would soon call them and apologize, and said they'd respond by asking her out on a date.

-- Maria Elena Fernandez

Photo: Clockwise from left,Tracy Ryerson, Whitney Mixter, Nikki Weiss, Rose Garcia, Mikey Koffman and Jill Goldstein (seated) in "The Real L Word." Credit: Ondrea Barbe / Showtime


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Ok can someone tell me how this woman still has a job? Easy to see why Rosie was always butting heads with her. Elizabeth is the reason I dont watch the view any more. Hope keeping her is worth the drop in ratings thats sure to come if she doesnt keep her mouth shut.

All my life I have heard this stuff. Being gay is a choice, gays only are gay because no opposite sex person would want them, and (even MORE maddening) that well, you're gay and he's gay, why don't you guys date (as if that's all it takes to pair us up). I came out at 14 and did NOT choose this - let's see..nationwide only 2-7% of the estimated population claims to be exclusively attracted to the same sex, versus over 90-95% who claim to be heterosexual. Have you straight people any idea - based on those numbers - how many YEARS we wait just to MAYBE find someone? How many of us never find anyone at all? You seriously think I would choose to be 15 romantically with little to no available dating material? Let's see YOU or any heterosexual person try to survive the lives we DIDN'T CHOOSE. I'd estimate 75% of you would suicide within a year after the realization that no matter how hard you try, no matter where you go, you're not meeting anyone; the gay community surprisingly has no intererst in your well-being and would rather rip you apart than be friends, then the realization comes about that you're not going to find anyone, making this marriage fight useless since you can't even meet anyone and there go your dreams of being a dad someday too (who has the money with one income for a surrogate and who wants to do this alone?).

Straight people know as much about our lives as non-Native Americans know about life on the reservations and Indian life. Straight people need to stop ripping off gay people for cheap laughs or their own personal gain at our expense. These are our lives, you'll never know what it's like, so shut up and you better thank your lucky stars you aren't gay and have the luxury of a life with a person you were able to find without 30 years of hoop jumping and wading through our culture of anonymity and dishonesty.


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