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"So You Think You Can Dance": Tap tap tappin' on heaven's door

July 1, 2010 | 10:37 pm
_MG_7013Well, if you’ve been watching the last few weeks of "SYTYCD," tonight’s results show shouldn’t be that much of a surprise, but if for some reason you still want to be surprised, I’ll save the reveal for the end. It won’t take long.

It was a pretty low-key results show, where the biggest enticement was the announcement that next week, the dancers will perform two routines, one with an All-Star they’ve never danced with and then one of their fellow contestants, so that should quiet down some of us who miss the inter-show dancing. And to sate those hungry for more All-Stars, the results shows from now on will feature footage of their auditions, along with an reprise of an especially beloved dance. Mark and Courtney once again danced to "The Garden" by Sonya Tayeh, still one of her best routines. I still wouldn’t mind knowing what the All-Stars are up to now, but I was happy with what I got.

Then we saw a performance from the Cirque du Soleil show "Viva ELVIS."  It was a strange routine, featuring drill-team-type choreography (by hot guys and girls in fatigues) and then a little dance, off to the side, of “Return to Sender” featuring two men and young women. The two styles looked strange next to each other.The dancing was definitely good, but if that was representative of the show, I was more confused than enticed. At least the confusion was more intriguing than Ne-Yo’s rather unoriginal performance of the somewhat bland song “Beautiful Monster.”

The dancers performed their solos, but even before they started I thought, "Let’s just save time and send Melinda home," but of course they danced and, predictably, Melinda was sent home. You can be in the bottom three only so many times. I think next week Robert really needs to pull something out of a hat or else that will be him next week.   compared him to Mark Kanemura when he danced, and wished he had a bit more of Mark’s quirkiness and smolder.  If he can emulate Mark in "The Garden" in the future, he might escape Melinda’s fate.

-- Claire Zulkey

Photo: Robert Roldan, right, and Courtney Galiano. Credit: Kelsey McNeal / Fox