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Pilot View: NBC's new drama, 'Undercovers' [Updated]

July 1, 2010 | 12:00 pm

Editor’s note:  We offer our first impressions of the original pilots for fall shows. Keep in mind these are not reviews and the networks may make significant changes to these shows before they air. We reserve the right to love them or hate them more later.

"Undercovers" is a spy love story about a couple that retired from espionage when they fell in love and got married. When we meet Steven and Samantha, they are operating a small catering company in Los Angeles with the help of her younger sister, Lizzy. They are sucked back into the CIA to help rescue another spy who has disappeared and realize what they've been missing.

Who's in it: Boris Kodjoe ("Tyler Perry's Madea's Family Vacation" and "Soul Food") as Steven Bloom, Gugu Mbatha-Raw ("Dr. Who" and "Bonekickers") as Samantha, Jessica Parker Kennedy ("Smallville") as Lizzy, and Gerald McRaney ("Jericho") as Carlton Shaw, Steven and Samantha's agency liaison.

Who made it: J.J. Abrams co-wrote the pilot with Josh Reims ("Brothers & Sisters" and "What About Brian").

Thumbs up: Although it's nutty that we need to point this out in 2010, it's refreshing that the series is led by two black actors. Kodjoe and Mbatha-Raw are sexy, appealing and believable as a couple.

Thumbs down: Some cheesy moments in the writing.

Verdict: With some improvements in the writing/editing, this romantic-adventure story could have a shot.

[Update: 2:26 p.m. The version of the pilot we saw featured Kennedy as the sister. But the role has now been recast. Mekia Cox ("90210) will play the part.]

-- Maria Elena Fernandez

Video credit: NBC


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