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'American Idol': Kara is reportedly out [Updated]

The musical chairs at the judges' table of "American Idol" continued, as reports circulated Friday morning that Kara DioGuardi had been fired from the hit series.

TMZ reported that the songwriter-judge has been let go. That follows Thursday's announcement from Fox that Ellen DeGeneres, who appeared for only a single season, has also departed the program. Meanwhile, Deadline.com identified actress-singer Jennifer Lopez as a judge when the show returns for its 10th season next year.

The reshuffling is far from over as the network scrambles to replace star judge Simon Cowell, who left the show in May amid great fanfare. Of the judges from last season, only Randy Jackson remains a judge on what is still America's most popular television series.

Executives for Fox and the series could not be immediately reached for comment.

[Updated 9:18 a.m.: A Fox spokeswoman said the network would not comment on TMZ's report.]

-- Greg Braxton

Photo: Kara DioGuardi. Credit: Mario Anzuoni / Reuters


"American Idol:" Ellen DeGeneres is out, and the guessing game begins

Ellen DeGeneres is out as "American Idol" judge

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I never like to see people lose their jobs, but I was no fan of Kara - see came across as arrogant and wanted the focus to be on her rather than contestants, i.e. her bikini vs. bikini girl. Talked funny too. Hasta la vista Kara.

Marley, Kara was interviewed by Ryan Seacrest about that bikini showing performance. She didn't want to do it but was pushed by producers to do it as a stunt. If you seen the video, after showing her bikini Kara embarassingly tried to cover herself up

Until 'American Idol' focuses on music and musicians, not pop tarts, the show will be on a road to ruin.

What's this about Jello joining the show? We old folks love Jello... J-E-L-L-O!

The end of an era.

Kara *should* have been an interesting judge, bringing her songwriter's insight to the show. Instead, she over-emoted, cheer-led the under-talented Lee DeWyze, and disparaged the vocally gifted Siobhan Magnus. I was calling for Kara's firing during the middle of the season.

How do you watch that crap?

It was a mistake to even bring Kara on the show- we don't need to hear from four judges. I only care about what Simon says anway. Kara was plain annoying. The fact that the final contestants had to sing the crappy sing she wrote two seasons ago was also mega annoying. Her arrival seemed to spark Paula's departure and Ellen's unfortunate arrival. I like Ellen on HER show, but she had no experience or knowledge of the music industry to make any insightful comment other than to parrot what the judge before her said. Not to mention the slew of mediocre talent this year. It looks like they were trying to tap into the teen scene but forgot about the talent.

I like Ellen, but she was a total bomb functioning as a judge on this show. I guess I'm one of the few who had the hots for Kara, and you certainly can't question her credentials. As an adult male, it's a total turn off for me that millions of 10 year old girls can sit and serially vote for 2 hours and push contestants far beyond what should have been their demise on the show. Also, so many of the contestants are so ordinary that they simply can't hold the interest of me and many of my friends. We need more Siobhans and Adam Lamberts, and less 20 something guys who simply stand and play the guitar as thousands of others can do equally as well. No insult to the guys from Texas on last season's show, but, hey, how many people want to watch them week after week after week.

Good riddance to Simon and Kara and whoever else is leaving. The problem with the show for the past few years has been the judges' total inability to choose talented and interesting contestants to compete for the public's vote. The show is usually over for me now as soon as the top 16 is announced.

Simon let it slip a couple of seasons ago that the top 16 is "cast." Rather than choosing the 16 most talented singers, they choose a "cast" made up of "teen girl," "teen guy," "black soul/gospel girl," "rocker chick," "country dude," etc. The rot at the core of AI simply reflects the rot at the core of the music business in general.

AI jumped the shark when it hired Ellen. There is no going back, its on a downward spiral and its a shadow of what it used to be and of what it still could be.

I think Kara is talented and she IS a proven entity in the business. Unfortunately, she was put in a no win situation as the fourth wheel of a tricycle. Randy is a veteran in the business, he's cool and harmless. Paula was a ditzy train wreck, but always a big supporter of the contestants, even though it may haven't been warranted. I tuned it just to watch what crazy/stupid/inane things she would do. Simon was keen and brutally honest. I've stolen more one liner put downs from Simon than anyone else! There was no where for Kara to fit in and her desparate attempts to carve out an identity/niche failed on multiple levels. She needs to do what she advises the contestants - know who you are and stay true to it. She struggled to find he footing, but its obvious she knows the stuff. Ellen was a failure as a judge. There is no question she LOVES music and is a big fan, but she added NOTHING to the show.

Steve Tyler is an interesting choice. I think proven industry arrangers and produces like Barry Manilow, David Foster, or Babyface could add wonderful insight and advice as a judge or guest judge. I still remember when Barry was the guest star on one week. I'm not a big fan of his genre of music, but I have to admit he did a GREAT job of pulling out the best in each contestant. That is just plain talent!

the show has "JUMPED THE SHARK"


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