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'Breaking Bad' actors and creator say the Emmy nominations 'mean more each time'

July 8, 2010 | 10:09 am

It wasn't just about "Mad Men" Thursday at AMC. The network's second original series, "Breaking Bad," again hit a few home runs in the Emmy nominations, earning seven nods including outstanding drama series, lead actor for Bryan Cranston and supporting actor for Aaron Paul.

"These honors are so significant," said creator and executive producer Vince Gilligan. "It means more each time, has a richer and deeper meaning. It leaves me scratching my head because it's a show that is getting darker. But we're not being dark for darkness sake. We're telling a very realistic story about a guy who made the world's worst decision, to sell crystal meth for profit. Nothing good can come from it. It's great that there are viewers who seem to be along for the long run, as long as we keep things interesting to the bitter end."

If you watched the third season, you'd probably agree that "interesting" is an understatement. Walt turned into a coldblooded murderer, and it worked. But it wasn't easy for Cranston, who plays him and has already won two Emmys for it.

"When Walter White makes a drastic step toward the person he's becoming, using his car as a weapon to run over two guys, then pick up a gun and shoot one of them, I had to accept and go with what was going to happen," Cranston said. "There was some level of resistance. I was initially playing a good person, but I have to embrace the dark side of the character at the same time the character is embracing that side of himself. It's a cathartic and emotional ride."

Cranston says the third nomination reminds him of "how freakin' lucky I am. If you believe in past lives, I must have been so mistreated in my previous life."

Walt's sidekick -- for better or for worse -- Jesse Pinkman is played by Paul, who was also nominated last year.

"We may have some champagne later," Paul said. "But right now we're celebrating with Sierra Nevada."

-- Greg Braxton and Maria Elena Fernandez (


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