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'American Idol's' back-up plan with Jennifer Lopez not ready for delivery

Jlo We know that Jennifer Lopez's love don't cost a thing, but getting her to join "American Idol" definitely does.

Reports that the singer-dancer-actress' deal to join the judge's panel next season is done are premature, according to two insiders close to the show. Fox has a deal "in principle" with Lopez but she has not signed on the dotted line.

What's the delay? Her representatives are trying to sweeten the deal with other perks which could include a development deal with the television and movie empire. 

It's not all about incentives for Lopez. Her camp also wants to wait to gauge the public's reaction to news that she is in line to become a judge on America's most popular television show.

Although Fox executives would ideally like to present their new "Idol" panel to reporters on Monday at press tour, that's not going to happen. In fact, network sources told the Times Friday afternoon that there will be no "Idol" announcements on Monday.

Lopez's publicists have not returned phone calls or e-mails requesting comment.

--Joe Flint and Maria Elena Fernandez

Photo: Jennifer Lopez at the 2010 Apollo Theater Spring Benefit in June. Credit: Jemal Countess/Getty Images

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The last thing American Idol should be doing is promoting Scientology through celebrity scientologists such as Jennifer Lopez - What is American Idol thinking? Are they that desperate for celebrity judges? What about an inspirational artists such as Taylor Swift? For goodness sake American Idol wake up!

I think the Judging panel should consist of Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, and Sean "P.Diddy" Combs...they all clearly know Music at it's best!! And if a 4th judge was to be added then it should then be Jessica Simpson....That's my take on Fox's candidates. But really from my point of view Music's Royalty' Mariah Carey, Usher, and Eminem should sit on the panel...

I say keep Kara, sign J-Lo, and forget Steven Tyler, and let's have two female judges with one male judge. Kara's a good judge, Randy's boring and useless, and J-Lo would bring some latin fire to the show.

Or get rid of the judge's panel all together and use different guests (real musicians) each week. Once it reaches the finals, let the mentor of the week be the only judge.

Amen Shellsey! They need to get rid of ALL of those heathen rock stars, too! We need to see some gospel weeks and some hymn weeks. And while they're trying to replace that sickening Ellen Degenerate, they should bring in a good, honest, tell it like it is GOD FEARING woman named Sarah Palin. She'd be GREAT as a judge! Let's put GOD in place of the Idol!

LMAO inspirational artist such as taylor swift?! hahahahahaha! Taylor Swift is in no position to judge ppl when she is new-ish herself. Jennifer Lopez is much more motivational than Taylor Swift. In fact, she is someone that paved the way for Taylor Swift. I think you're getting them mixed up or something lol. Not a big fan of either ladies. However i do feel that Jennifer Lopez is in the right position to be a judge.
ps john: mariah carey was a good one.

Jennifer would be a great judge,since she has the music background, but i don't think the public is ready for her.

I don't care if JLo's a judge, I just hope Jessica Simpson and Gene Simmons are added to the show. Gene in particular would be great!!

What a good move for Jennifer Lopez! She is Latina and talented and represents the biggest minority in the USA. Arriba los latinos!!

J-LO makes about as much sense as Laurie Partridge.

Personally, I am glad that Kara is gone. Contrary to Ellen's personal feelings that her year as judge was a 'mistake'--I think she brought more cohesion and teamwork, esp. helping Simon to be less 'bitchy' and more like a coach who doesn't tear a contestant's self-esteem apart while they are learning showcraft, etc.

JLo--I think she's a great person -- they've long needed a Latina on this judging panel, plus she has experience in several areas of entertainment a la Fantasia and the gal who was nominated/won an Oscar in Golden Girls (sorry, don't remember the names).

I do feel, however, that Steven Tyler may be a mistake. They really need someone with entertainment biz experience esp. discovering & grooming new talent.

I've never seen American Idol IN MY LIFE (serious), but I may consider watching if J.Lo comes on. Not that I'm a huge fan, but that would be interesting to watch

I don't know about Steven Tyler but I do think that JLO will be great. As she once said, "You don't have to be the best vocalist but you do have to have feeling and understand the words in a song". To me, that is good advice she gave the contestants when she was a mentor on the show. She also has a great sense of humor, is down to earth and will be a great asset to the contestants and the show.
Personally, talented or not, I was so happy to see Kara leave. I thought she added
zero to the show. Hopefully, they will have better talent this year. Last year was totally BORING. No one special.

I think Jennifer Lopez's should be a "American Idol" thing......she is really fams cuz she play Selena quintanilla perez R.I.P called Selena move and is was good a lot of mexcans love her for doing that and so do i

I will definitely watch with all my friends if Jennifer Lopez is a judge!!!! I'd love to tune in to see all her different outfits and hair styles and judging!!!!OMG THATS SOOOO EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, you need someone such as a Neil Diamond (writer and performer with longevity), or a Carole King, Carly Simon or others who are long time and still current songwriter, performers to be judges. Not those whose careers are only recent, nor are broad spectrum artists who actually have crossed over into other areas of music through the years.

Who will see raw talent for its potential and uniqueness which over time will be marketable. And if this is truly American Idol, a crossover country artist on the panel, since nothing is more American than country music and rock and roll, both which originated in this country, and an R&B artists/songwriter.

Country, rock and r&b are America's roots.

TAYLOR SWIFT! She is the biggest fake & least talented performer touring today! Her rich parents (daddy is BMOC at Hersey's Chocolates) bought out every one of her concerts in the beginning of her "career".

Please don't force her down our throats on AI too! Steven Tyler - at least he's proven he's got talent over the MANY MANY years he's been performing!

And - rather J-lo than Mariah - Jeez! what are the BMOC's of AI thinking!


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