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Alfred Molina jumps into 'Law & Order: Los Angeles'

Molina Alfred Molina will play the deputy district attorney in NBC's new "Law & Order: Los Angeles," a spinoff of the landmark police/legal drama.

"I am thrilled that Fred is 'LOLA"s deputy D.A.," said creator and executive producer Dick Wolf. "He joins a remarkable list of America's greatest character actors like Sam Waterston, Vincent D'Onofrio, Jeff Goldblum, Steven Hill, Dianne Wiest and Michael Moriarty as stars of the 'Law & Order'-branded series."

Skeet Ulrich was previously cast in the series, which debuts this fall.

-- Greg Braxton

Photo: Alfred Molina at a screening on July 12. Credit: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images.

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well you just lost me. Alfred is not a good actor and can not carry ADA office. You should have brought Sam back.
Wolf just does not get it. A good cast makes a good show and hold's people's interest. None here. Watch you rating go down down. So long Law and Order. Oh and we voted off Jeff he is not easy on the eye's and just does not have what it takes to carry a show. Wolfee you just messed up 2 great shows. Sorry to see you go go go

they should cast sharon stone. she was great in the guest spots she did.

I have the opposite reaction than beverly sexton. I think Alfred is TOO good for Law and Order. He's brilliant, and it's sad to see him doing such pedestrian fare. But hey, man's gotta eat.

Agree 100% + with both Beverly Saxtonand Steve Herrera's comments:

Bring back Sam Waterston, or the young guy on the New York version as Asst District Attorney, and just get Sharon Stone as DA or top cop! She's awesome.

Never missed a show of L&O and L&O SVU ever! But:

With this Molina guy, we will never watch it. Sorreeee.

Molina is a great actor,I am willing to give him a chance,but Jeff Goldbloom is revolting,he looks like a cadaver,with his scrawny build and black wig the guy is a joke.DeNafrio was a mental case,I used to call them Dr.Livingston and his monkey,I don,t know his partners name,but unattractive woman without makeup on HD is rough on the viewer.Sharon Stone,the young guy from the prosecuters office would give the show some heft.


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