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Alex Wong says he was 'really living' when he was injured on 'So You Think You Can Dance'



Alex Wong's Achilles tendon split in half and is up his calf. Double ouch.

It's horrible, as horrible as it is for "So You Think You Can Dance" fans that he can no longer compete.

Wong was injured Tuesday night during his final rehearsal of his Bollywood number and needs surgery, which means he's eliminated from the competition.

"I was really living," he told Zap2it. "I was having so much fun. ... I was really, really going for the goal. ... There was probably six counts left in the choreography. I was really pissed off. I was like: Seriously now? I gave up so much to be here. I don't get injured that often, and an injury like that was so annoying."

Although executive producer Nigel Lythgoe invited Wong back to the show next year, Wong said he is not sure if he will return. In the meantime, he has picked a winner for this season: his buddy Kent Boyd. The dancers have been friends from the first day of auditions in Las Vegas.

"It sucks," Wong said. "I really wanted to continue. I knew he was always going to win anyway, but, still, I wanted to be by his side."

For more of Zap2it's interview with Wong, watch the video above. You can watch the video of Wong's now-famous last dance, his amazing hip-hop with All-Star tWitch, here. 

-- Maria Elena Fernandez

Video: Zap2it.com


"So You Think You Can Dance": A rising star falls

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So Alex thinks Kent was always going to win?

Does this say something about the inevitable power of Tweens?

America's vote is a wild card. As Nigel says over and over, it's not America's best dancer we chose, but America's favorite dancer.

The girls are going down this season, that's for sure.

Alex puts his finger on the scale for Kent. When the judges do this, it never pays off. The one they judge to be the best pure dancer NEVER wins. Perhaps Alex knew he was that marked man, being the most technically proficient and also the dancer with the most career promise. Kent is certainly the most cute, most sweet and most accomplished of the darling boys competing this year. Does Alex understand intuitively the voting is capricious and rigged in favor of the sweetheart ideal?

Old fogies like me have learned to suspend judgment when watching the final episodes. This show isn't about the winner, it's about the journey. Some amazing routines are aired along the way. That's enough for me. Who gets Prom King (or rarely, Prom Queen) is something we've learned to take with a grain of salt over the years.

I think Lady Jane's review is spot on. The show rarely (if ever) has the most technical, and arguably the best dancer win. I've not payed attention to who wins for years now.

That being said, I really will miss Alex. I would love to see him back on next year, or even the year after. But no matter what, I'll always support him. He's just such an amazing dancer.

What do you win anyways? Money? A contract?

And Alex... :( I don't know how he can handle being so calm and gracious after this bitch move fate pulled on him. By that alone, he's an amazingly acomplished individual. I don't think he needs to worry about his career at all. So many companies are just gonna be fighting each other to snag him up.

I think he is being modest - i think everyone knew (including kent) that Alex was going to win the season after his hip hop number. I think this was going to be the season that the technically brilliant dancer was going to win the show - he had the personality, the technique, the whole thing to win it...i think kent would have probably been runner-up - and seeing how they're close friends, that would have been the best happy ending for sytycd. But alas, life never goes according to plan. Wishing Alex the speediest recovery and for him to be able to do whatever he wants to do after his rehab. This season lost a little of its spark with him out.


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