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'The City': Roxy, did you tell Lights that jacket was an area rug?

The-city-mtv-Roxy-Olin Poor Whitney Port. She has worked so hard on her clothing line, and she seems to be hitting some road bumps on “The City” lately. Whitney may call those bumps Roxy Olin. We call it fear of failure.

In this episode, Roxy is charged with getting Canadian singer Lights to wear something from the Whitney Eve line. The singer, though, didn’t quite take to Whitney’s “girly” aesthetic, and Whitney isn’t happy about it. And over at Elle, Erin Kaplan has finally booked a segment on “The Martha Stewart Show,” but a last-minute wardrobe pull by Olivia Palermo stole all her thunder.

The-city-mtv-olivia-palermo-joe-zee Olivia’s stock is rising
This is probably the third episode in a row depicting Olivia’s rise from slacker socialite to apple of Joe Zee’s eye. It seems after Erin’s awesome evil plan to replace Olivia as the face of Elle backfired, she has decided to take a break from dethroning the ice queen. After all, duty calls. Apparently, “The Martha Stewart Show” is a tough nut to crack, and it has taken Erin three years to get Elle on the show. The segment hit a snafu, though, when one of the five “up and coming” designers dropped out. Joe then dispatched Olivia to lure in a new one. Well, she did and ended up pulling these tuxedo pants that everyone couldn’t shut up about. So, to Erin, it seemed as if Olivia’s one day of work eclipsed her three years of hustling. Buck up, Erin! In the next episode, it looks like Olivia has gotten some kind of offer that will take her out of the country, and that may solve the problem of Olivia altogether.

The-city-mtv-whitney-port-kelly-cutrone Whitney, point the finger much?
Even after Lights didn’t take to anything in Whitney’s collection, it was quite the coup that Roxy got the singer to wear a Whitney Eve jacket at all. Is it Roxy’s fault that Lights threw it to the ground only moments after hitting the stage? No, not in our opinion. But in Whitney’s mind, it is.

We understand that Whitney put a lot into establishing her line. If it doesn’t fit the client’s style, then what more could Roxy have done? And once she got the jacket on Lights, she had no control over how long the artist would keep it on. I have to say that Lights was trying a little too hard to “rock out” by throwing the jacket on the ground, but again, how could Roxy have stopped her from doing that?

The fight really comes down to fear, and Whitney is feeling a lot of it. She wants to be a fashion designer in the long haul, and it’s clear her fear of failure is getting the better of her. Remember the calm, collected, wide-eyed Whitney of “The Hills”? We’re pretty sure she’s still in there. She was always so levelheaded about all the drama that surrounded Lauren. This just hit too close to home, we guess. Roxy has probably been Whitney’s greatest advocate outside of Kelly Cutrone, so it was harsh when Whitney told her that maybe she shouldn’t be doing “this” after the Lights incident. And Roxy has every reason to be offended by the statement. After all, she could have been working all this time on her own dreams. Maybe this is the kick in the pants Roxy needed?

— Jethro Nededog


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Photos, from top: Roxy Olin pulls some clothes for Canadian singer Lights.; Joe Zee raves about Olivia Palermo's wardrobe pull.; Whitney Port is shocked when Lights throws her jacket to the ground. Credit: MTV.

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WHO is that gorgeous and oh so stylish real estate broker showing Roxy her potential new apartment in the preview for next week's episode??? Maybe she is a new character on the show coming to spice some things up with Roxy..I hope so, the show needs some new cool chicks...so happy Roxy is finally deciding to move out of Whitney's apartment..it is about time she starts to establish her independence..Can't wait to see next week what happens.

Lights is actually the sweetest person, and according to someone who was at that show she played like 4 songs in the jacket. It must have been way hot up there, and what was she supposed to do, pause the show so she could hang up the jacket nicely on a hook? They edited the scene to make Lights look like a bitch. I only watched it because she was on, and now I regret it.

Well, that's to be expected from MTV and The City..

No, no.

I was at that show and LIGHTS wore that jacket for atleast half her set. You can even tell by what LIGHTS says while she's taking it off. They edited it to make it look like she came out and took it off, which is wrong.

Just watched this episode. I think Whitney's head has gotten too big.

Olivia can be pretty irritating, but more irritating is Erin's constant desire to see her fail. Get over yourself, Erin! Olivia isn't waiting for YOU to fail, she's just being Olivia.

lights said she wore it for at least 4 songs, and that they just made it look like she threw it off after a few moments on stage. lights is the nicest person iv met, and they are just lucky she was on their show..

i forgot to ask who the designer of the shirt lights was wearing is??

Can anyone tell me the make of the top lights was wearing which had a ghost on the front and said baddies? I really want it!!


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