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'The Bachelorette': Joshua Radin headlines a very 'musical' night

119997_5206_pre In his blog, host Chris Harrison says this was the best episode of "The Bachelorette" so far. I'm not so sure about that. Although there were plenty of awesome moments, they were outweighed by horrifying, mortifying and downright confusing scenes. Last week, I hoped that Rated R's hike would inspire th other guys to go off-script a bit, but I didn't mean to go off-script and straight to the tattoo parlor.

But let's talk about the good stuff first, then we'll get to the bad.


For her group date, an under-the-weather Ali brought the boys to the Minskoff Theatre on Broadway where "The Lion King" is performed. Perfect timing! The episode aired the night after the Tony Awards, so everyone's got Broadway on the mind. I'll admit, I'm a theater geek, so the idea of getting the chance to sit in on rehearsals and then participate in the show blew my mind. The bachelors got to "audition," singing "Can You Feel The Love Tonight." Though Roberto won, Jesse was the obvious standout. He may not have made eye contact with Ali, but his voice impressed even me.

During the usual post-date cocktail party, Ali and Frank went out in the rain, and she promised him that she's crazy about him.
He's one of my favorites, so I was pleased to hear that he's one of hers too! Though sometimes he's over-eager, they really seem to have fun together. He loves to laugh, and so does she.

Speaking of my favorites, Chris L. got a solo date for his birthday.
Ali was still ill, so he just came to hang out in her hotel suite with her. She looked about as ill as she felt, but I was impressed that she was willing to be filmed pale-faced with her hair in a messy snarl. It's refreshing. The date turned out perfect for Chris. He and Ali needed some relaxing downtime to talk about their families, which they couldn't have done suspended from a rooftop or performing on Broadway.

Ali ended up feeling well enough to take a little stroll, during which she whipped out her phone and suggested that Chris call his dad. Because the men are banned from most phone calls, it was a big deal. Chris got tears in his eyes! That's one family I'd like to be a part of. After that, they went upstairs, where Joshua Radin sang them into their first kiss. He's an amazing singer-songwriter known for his soundtrack collaborations with Zach Braff (and for his performance at Ellen DeGeneres' wedding to Portia de Rossi.)

Nobody tried to commit suicide.
Yes, if you saw the previews for this episode, you know that was a valid concern.

Weatherman got sent home.
Although I'm sure he was a perfectly nice guy, he wasn't right for Ali. I've known that since day one, but when he broke out the guitar and proceeded to serenade Ali, it sealed the deal. Enjoy your life, Jonathan. I hope you never bump into Craig M.

Not Awesome:

Kasey sang some bizarrely improvised song. Twice.
I have never had such horrible secondhand embarrassment in my life. He didn't even get any positive reinforcement; Ali clearly thought he'd gone bananas.

Kasey reminded Ali that he will protect and guard her heart. Seriously. A lot.
I don't think Kasey is a real person. I think he's a robot with a limited number of phrases programmed into his head. Protect and guard are synonyms, Kasey. You only have to choose one. Or none at all, because this whole mantra is getting creepy.

Speaking of creepy, Kasey got a tattoo. Of a heart, blocked by a shield.
Get it? Protect. And. Guard. Her. Heart. Apparently, this is his way of showing her that he's done with the grand gestures and over-the-top antics. Subtlety is obviously Kasey's strong suit. (Plus, how weird was it that he told the other Bachelors he'd gone to the hospital? If you're going to lie, make up something that's slightly believable.)

Kasey got to stay. You read that right.
He never got a chance to show Ali his tattoo, and now he gets to go to Iceland with the gang. Noooo!

Ali spread her germs all over the place.
Did anyone else notice that? She made out with Roberto, Frank and Chris L. while she was gross and symptomatic. Stop infecting my favorites, Ali!

Hot Jesse got sent home.
How his singing didn't melt Ali's heart, I don't know. Jesse, call me. I will appreciate you.

And in conclusion: Who is Chris N. and how come he keeps getting roses? It's like they've got a stowaway.

Your turn, Show Trackers! Hit me with your thoughts in the comments. Love it? Leave it? Did you go straight to iTunes to pick up Josh Radin's latest, or were Kasey, Jesse or Jonathan more your taste? Who do you think is going to end up with Ali at the end?

-- Carina MacKenzie


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Photo: Ali watches the boys "audition" at the Minskoff Theatre. Credit: ABC
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I have been thinking the EXACT same thing about Chris N. I mean we haven't seen 1 on 1 time with him and I don't think I've even heard him be interviewed. They need to seriously do some editing with some time with them together in the next episode to show us why he's still here.

That is hilarious! I thought the exact same thing about Chris N!!!!! I thought maybe I missed seeing Ali's interaction with him. Has even had a group date with him yet?

Man I missed the end, but I am soooo disappointed that tattoo boy is still in the running. Ali suspects he is as plastic as it gets...follow your instinct Ali and send him home.

Chris N should have been sent home week 3. Maybe he’s Ali’s brother, posing to spy on the others. lol

It takes one to know one – is all I could think of while watching Justin bag on Kasey. He’s such a weirdo.

Jesse relies too much on his good looks I think, and using the city girl/country boy excuse was weak because it was his lack of effort gave that gave him his ticket home. Still, he has an excellent voice.

Kasey needs to find an innocent like himself – otherwise that young man is in for years of heartbreaks. Clueless to the advice Ali tried to give him, the ink was just more of the same. Had she seen the tat, I think he would’ve been sent home. Regardless of a person’s singing abilities, I’ll give anyone credit for trying. That takes guts. I thought it was in poor taste for the producers to pimp the suicide angle though. It’s not an issue to make light of. Another fine line . . .

I’m surprised you didn’t mention the joke of the night Carina! When it was announced that Kasey was MIA, Jonathan said to put out an AMBER ALERT – I cracked up! Good one Weatherman!

Kirk, Chris L and Roberto get it – they put Ali first and she feels special around them.

As far as the germs go – it didn’t surprise me at all when the guys put intimacy before a virus. Please.

Thanks for the recap.

your bachelorette blog is possibly my favorite out there. Thank you for saying what the WORLD is thinking... with a touch of humor.

I can't wait to follow you this season.

I'm really disappointed that my comment I emailed much earlier today wasn't posted. Why are you censoring your comments? Do I have to start contacting editors so that my opinion can be posted with the others? I'm so sorry the LAT no longer has a media critic. God bless David Shaw.

I simply asked why the reporter here didn't mention that Kasey may not have been eliminated because the producers of the show wanted to keep him to add to the drama. It was extremely obvious that Ali was frightened by the guy and she cringed when she handed him the rose. Most intelligent Americans understand that these reality shows are somewhat scripted. When you fail to talk about this in your column--you can do this in a funny way that keeps the tone of the column light--you are condescending to your readers.

Omg everything u said was brilliant. Jesse is so freakin hot he can call me too. And yes Kasey is absolutely insane. As for Chris N. wtf?? Who is this dude????

ST, I think Ali kept Kasey on her own accord - not because the producers suggested it. She is well aware that he is not right for her - just like Jonathan - but I think it's a charitable act on her part to allow some to stay longer than they should. I see a kindness in Ali. Dumping them immediately after they make fools out of themselves would be more hurtful than waiting another week, and I honestly think she doesn't want to bruise their egos any more than need be. That's exactly how I would handle them too. You know, there are women who try NOT to hurt men.

Also, I don't think Ali is a bit scared of Kasey. Seriously? I think it's more of concern for him maybe, because it's obvious he is going to be crushed when he is sent packing.


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