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'The Real Housewives of New Jersey': Dina (and Grandma Wrinkles) bids farewell

Dina_Danielle Remember when TV crossovers were all the rage? “Beverly Hills, 90210” and “Melrose Place.” “Ally McBeal” and “The Practice.” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel.” I’m waiting for the day when Bravo finally finds a way to join the “Housewives” of NYC and New Jersey for an episode. It doesn’t seem too far-fetched. All they need is a doctor’s office with ample space for a camera crew — where’s Dr. Drew Pinksy when you need him? Seriously, with the kooky antics displayed by Kelly Bensimon and Danielle Staub this season, there should be a new screening process for “Housewives” candidates.

We pick up on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” back at Chakra as Dina attempts to sever ties with Danielle — and shushes her in the process. Danielle doesn't take kindly to being shushed and also demands that Dina never call her "crazy” — EVER! She unleashes jabs that include “you’re as fake as that hair on your  head.” (Did anyone else blurt out, "Oh, snap!” in that moment?) The episode marks Dina's departure from the show, which we learn is a decision her cats fully support. 

As Dina and her hair make their exit, Danielle’s lemmings — Danny and John — make their way inside. Danielle takes some liberties with her retelling of her meeting with Dina while poor John looks like he desperately wants to take a sip of the water Dina barely touched. 

Also in this episode, we’re starting to see the not-so-nice side of Jacqueline. Whether she's likening Danielle to a pig (I’m betting Caroline would love the ham game if that were really the case) or knowingly hurting Ashley’s feelings by saying she looks like a family member she clearly has no desire to resemble, viewers see a different side of the usually well-mannered housewife. Not to mention her budding friendship with Kim G. (who has worn out her welcome, in my opinion), the woman who is a maverick when it comes to manipulating people. Could it just be a strategy by Jacqueline to keep from looking like a pushover? 

But there’s no time to give it all that much thought because Danielle and her entourage are hogging the air time. And in this instance, she’s using it to talk about that dude from last season. You know, the one she dated who claimed to be 26 but looked more like he was 56? Well, he’s back. He’s playing poker with Chris and the boys. And he’s the subject of conversation in Danielle’s house as she gabs with her posse about how he has taped their “moment of intimacy” (celebrity sex tapes everywhere are being re-marketed as I type this). She goes on to so shyly divulge her mating habits: “I’m not calm in the boudoir.” Which raises the question, is she calm in any other room? 

As if that isn’t too much information, viewers later have to witness Danielle and her gaggle of friends as they try to work a stripper pole — as Danny ogles with glee. Kim G. struggles to wrap her legs around the pole, but it’s familiar territory for Danielle, a former “burlesque” dancer. She bumps, she grinds, and she offers this tip: “Always engage; then, suggest.” 

On that note, I suggest you share your thoughts on the episode in the comments section. Are you sad to see Dina leave? What do you think of Kim G.?

Oh! Before I forget, to the woman who said Danielle had better arms than Michelle Obama: Uh … what?

And to the dudes behind the meat counter who listened as Chris and Albie schemed over what to do to Ashley’s boyfriend at the poker game, your facial expressions were priceless.

--Yvonne Villarreal

Photo: Dina Manzo, left, hashes it out with Danielle Staub. Credit: Bravo

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I don,t care that Dina left,she was dull and uninteresting.Caroline backed off from Danielle early on,the Manzos are familiar with danger,having their fathir in law found dead in a car trunk.Recently the author of the famous "BOOK" revealed that Danielle gave evidence against a Columbian drug dealer that put him in jail for 15 years,he is about to be released.I believe that is why Dina is hitting the road at the insistance of her husband I am sure.If you saw Watch What Happens,she briefly mentioned that fact while talking to Ramona from NYHW.

Are you sad to see Dina leave?
Yep, but I understand. And, I may join her if Bravo continues giving Dirty D so much air time. Enough already! Boring. Even the disgusting stuff has become monotonous, yes?

What do you think of Kim G.? Not Much. In a word, Yuck.

I'm done. I can't listen to Danielle's voice and her twisted view of reality one more week.

I'm sorry to see Dina go. In contrast to her bubbie-loving slightly crazy decorator/event planner self from the first season, she was so sad and beleaguered this season. I hope she (and Lexi) come back next season.

And, I hope Bravo seriously takes Danielle off the air. They condone her trainwrecked misbehaviors by allowing her to remain part of the RHONJ cast. I can understand being a lightning rod like Paris Hilton, but Danielle is an old, broken person resorting to sex tapes, threats, and Botox to be cool. I find her uncomfortable to watch, and would rather see happier, funnier 40something women shake their booties on a stripper pole without the baggage Danielle brings.

I don't want to see Dina leave, but I understand.

Kim G--two faced! She needs to leave already, I can't stand people who will say one thing to your face, and another behind your back. Hello lady, there's a freakin' camera in your face that will play back what you said! Duh!

Crazy Danielle--nothing but a train wreck. Her posse is as pathetic as she is (both the men and women). She described her ex as ugly, yet she didn't mind his ugliness when she was with him so why point it out now? It only makes her look stupid. I'm glad Jacqueline finally caught on...better late than never.

Jacqueline-ploy to seem tougher? Probably but she is still a sweety in my book.

Danielle singing last night was probably the scariest moment on television ever. Gay or not gay...but to pretend and use the audience like that....so Danielle. She is PATHETIC. I only wished I could have been a fly on the wall while the Manzo's were watching...OMG...the comments must have been hilarious!! Time to leave Danielle...you are O V E R!

I guess she left the show to spend more time with Grandma wrinkles, oh well!


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