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Pilot View: Fox's new drama, 'Lone Star'

Editor’s Note:  We offer you our first impressions of the original pilots for fall shows. Keep in mind that these are not reviews and that the networks may make significant changes to these shows before they air. We reserve the right to love them or hate them more later.

"Lone Star" is a soap set against the backdrop of big Texas oil that centers on a young con artist who has constructed two different lives in two parts of Texas. In Houston, he is married to the daughter of a wealthy oil tycoon. In Midland, he lives with his girlfriend while he defrauds investors of their savings.

Who's in it: newcomer James Wolk as Robert and Bob; Adrianne Palicki ("Friday Night Lights") as Bob's wife, Cat; Eloise Mumford ("Mercy") as Lindsay, Robert's girlfriend; Jon Voight as Cat's father, Clint; David Keith ("An Officer and a Gentleman") as Robert/Bob's father; Bryce Johnson ("Popular") as Drew, Cat's brother; and Mark Deklin ("Desperate Housewives") as Trammel, Cat's other brother.

Who made it: Created by new screenwriter Kyle Killen, "Lone Star" is produced by Chris Keyser and Amy Lippman of "Party of Five."

Thumbs up: Intriguing world and the cast overall is impressive. James Wolk reminds us of a young George Clooney, but we're not sure if we like that. But he has promise. If you were a fan of Tyra on "Friday Night Lights," you'll become a big fan of Paliciki here. She's a standout. Voight and Keith are both very strong.

Thumbs down: Slow pacing and some predictable moments.

Verdict: We'd love to see more. It has potential.

-- Maria Elena Fernandez

Video Credit: Fox


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I'm curious about the show, too. I'm a big John Voight fan.

Now that you mention it, James Wolk reminds me of a young Kyle Chandler. And Adrienne Palicki played Tyra Collette on Friday Night Lights. She was a standout on that show, as well.

I'm hoping the show leans more towards the drama and less towards the soap bubbles.

P.S. I've heard Adrienne Palicki makes a return appearance in Friday Night Lights 5th season (along with many alumni), to air on Direct TV in the fall of 2010, on NBC in 2011.

"Lone Star" -- Texas personified!


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