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More changes at Fox Business Network as Eric Bolling replaces Dave Ramsey at 8 p.m.

Eric_Bolling-007 Two and a half years into its run, Fox Business Network is looking to bolster its schedule with the launch of several new shows in key time slots. The latest move came Tuesday, when FBN announced that former CNBC contributor Eric Bolling will be taking over the 8 p.m. hour now anchored by syndicated radio host Dave Ramsey.

“Money Rocks with Eric Bolling,” which premieres June 21, is being billed by FBN as an “upbeat and irreverent take on stories that intersect among business, politics, sports and celebrity.” Bolling, a former Wall Street trader who was a panelist on CNBC’s “Fast Money” until joining FBN in 2008, last cohosted the network's 5 p.m. show “Happy Hour." It was bumped for “The Willis Report,” a consumer-oriented program anchored by former CNN personal-finance editor Gerri Willis that debuted Monday.

“Eric’s ability to boil down complex financial issues to expose their real-world implications makes him the ideal choice to strengthen FBN’s prime-time lineup,” Fox Business Chief Executive Roger Ailes said in a statement.

Ramsey may continue to make occasional appearances on FBN through the duration of his contract, which expires this year.

The network also confirmed reports that it is launching a new weekend show hosted by Andrew Napolitano, a former New Jersey Superior Court judge. “Freedom Watch,” which will premiere Saturday at 10 a.m., appears crafted to appeal to adherents of the "tea party" movement with its focus on “economic liberties and consumer rights as outlined by the United States Constitution.” Among the scheduled guests Saturday: Sarah Palin and Rand Paul, a U.S. Senate candidate in Kentucky.

-- Matea Gold

Photo: Eric Bolling Credit: Fox Business

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Not cool. Dave Ramsey is the only reason my husband and I added FBN to our programming package. Guess I'll be dropping FBN and saving some coin.

Looks like Fox Business News is following in the footsteps of Fox news...It's the place where careers go to die.

A word to aspiring news broadcasters, once you enter Fox, you'll never come out alive.

Not more "celebrity", please. I'll just listen to Dave, with his rare common sense advice, on the radio.

Dave Ramsey stands on his own. Nothing else need be said.

I starting watching FBN because of Dave Ramsey. Don Imus replaced a great morning show. FBN is turning into a worse version of FOX News. I now have little reason to watch.. except for Jenna Lee.

Dave Ramsey was the only reason I started watching Fox Business. I liked that they added John Stossel, but DR was it for me.

Sorry Fox Business, now I can drop your channel...

Eric M.

Bad Move Fox !!!!

We definately cancel fox news now!!!!!

Apparently they do not listen to their audience !!!

How sad. Fox must think we would rather hear about celebrities and well to do folks and what extravagances they indulge in. I find it more refreshing to learn that people are finding ways to pull up their big girl panties and help themselves get out of debt - with work and sacrifice - the 'good old fashioned' way. Dave has helped people understand that public assistance should not be a plan for life. His radio show, thankfully, reaches far more people, so I am thankful we still have that option.

The only reason that we added the extra channels was to be able to pick up Fox Business Channel ...ONLY.. to be able to watch Dave Ramsey.
Very, very disappointed tonight when we expected to see him.
Will be canceling this service ASAP!! Also, asking Fox to reconsider this decision.

Sad, sad, sad. Dave Ramsey has saved the lives of so many and was fun to watch. Briefly switching to Money Rocks it will not be long before they roll that show out the door. Dave was the reason I started watching FBN. :(

I will be dropping FBN since they dropped Dave Ramsey...OK...we have show after show covering the same issues, then Dave comes along for common-sense advice for the masses. Of course (sarcasm) it makes total sense to add another show that revolves the 6 "stories" of the day for 24 hours straight!!
Thanks, and....ciao!

It really is a shame you have cancelled the Dave Ramsey Show. He is the only reason I watched FBN. Today my wash machine flooded half my home but because I listened to Dave Ramsey I had a emergency fund in place. I was able to call in professionals to clean up the water damage the right way. It is very sad you cancelled Dave. I will now be cancelling FBN.

This move by FBN is absolutely, freakin' STUPID!

To use a TV term, they've "jumped the shark" by taking The Dave Ramsey Show off the air.

Now I can drop my upgraded satellite package and snowball my savings in true Dave Ramsey fashion. He is the ONLY reason I kept the upgrade and started watching FBN in the first place.

If Ramsey was getting TV ratings, he would still be on the air. That's the way it goes.

a bad decision for Fox to replace Dave Ramsey. I watched FBN every night at 8pm just to see Dave Ramsey show. Now I have no reason to watch FBN. I'll just listen to Dave on the radio or streaming via internet. Fox needs to reconsider their decision.

Well, looks like there are lots of us out here that only upgraded our Satellite package to catch Dave Ramsey on Fox Business, too bad they didn't survey their audience first, now they will loose lots of viewers and gain few. Ha, they are following in the footsteps of the Federal Government (going backward instead of progressing).

Bye Fox Business.

I feel that Dave Ramsey only catered to young couples who were starting families. Everytime I turned him on he was giving the same advise to the same type of callers. There are all kinds of people out there who need advise.

Right wing religious stay at home moms with husbands who needed to give up their toys and grow up was all I heard from him over and over and over.

Clark Howard or Suzi Orman should move to Fox Business. They are more flexible and have good advise for everyone.

OMG Get these "new" shows off and put Dave Ramsey back, whose idea was this?
When cable subscribers drop FBN, Dave would at least be proud that we saved the money on cable.He was the only real person on tv anymore. Geeze and does Fox have a mold they crank out these "newswomen" they all look alike.
Money rocks, is a very boring and pointless show, like half the shows on tv, its sad that the network doesnt understand people can use REAL information that we can us in our daily lives, but that may just be too enpowering.???

I won't watch FBN anylonger. There was absolutely nothing of interest but Dave Ramsey. I am angry because this was my favorite show. I hope another channel is smart enough to pick it up. I'll watch it instead of FBN

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